Next generation DirectoryPro

Next generation DirectoryPro

We have updated the article to see what features are already included in Citadela compared to the old DirectoryPRO theme. As you can Citadela already has way more features than our legacy themes. The best thing about Citadela is that it is a universal theme. You can use any 3rd party plugin to extend default Citadela functionality.

Because Citadela only uses blocks and standard WordPress features, it’s a solution that will be with us for years. We do not plan to replace Citadela with any newer theme. We will only make Citadela better and smarter. Start using Citadela today.

Short history of Directory theme

The first Directory theme we created in 2013. It was the first directory listing theme in the world. We have started the revolution and showcased to the WordPress community what is possible to achieve with WordPress.

Back then, there were no page builders. Shortcodes controlled everything. After a few years, we made a new version, the second generation called Directory+, based on our Framework 2. Directory+ had our AIT page builder. In 2020 we decided to refresh our Directory+ theme with a new design and new features. We renamed the theme to DirectoryPro. DirectoryPro is now a legacy theme.

All our Framework 2 themes have been supported till the 1st of March 2022. After this date, we only provide support, updates and new features to the Citadela product family. Citadela is a modern block-based solution for Gutenberg. It will be with us for the next decades.

New directory revolution

Now it’s 2022, and we’re happy to show you our 3rd generation of Directory theme based on Citadela theme and Citadela plugins. Citadela fully replaces all our old directory WordPress themes.

Get started now with a risk-free trial. No credit card required.

Comparison between DirectoryPRO and Citadela Directory Pack

Citadela Directory pack faster and better than our old directory themes. It has more features as well:

52 thoughts on “Next generation DirectoryPro

  1. Hey Martin,

    very nice, and I am happy being back using this nice Theme and plugins.

    For me it nearly got everything. Only small pieces are missing or I don’t find them.

    – back to top button
    – set size of the Google map (height/width)
    – customized header menu
    – show category of the items on item Page
    – social media in contact

    I am still learnings using Gutenberg ?


    1. Hello,

      that’s a great idea, Denis! We really like your example of how this particular feature would come in useful to you. We’ll definitely have a look closer once we finish the 3rd phase. Thank you again for writing in and taking the time to provide your feedback.

      Have a good day!

  2. Hello,
    Sounds good. will switch to it when event listings are available and changing from events theme to citadela is easy.

    1. Hello Aussie,

      Thanks a lot for writing in and for asking. Yeah, CSV Import / Export plugin is planned and should be available in a few weeks (April/May).
      It will allow you to transfer bulk data of portal items, item categories and locations quickly. There will be implemented features like:
      – import data from CSV file to your portal theme
      – export data from your website in CSV format to do local changes in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers
      – plugin will automatically generate sample CSV file for the current theme
      – etc.

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

  3. does it have a gallery option (upload extra images)? or add our own gallery block?

    also would be nice to have the option in the setup to have our own permalinks for items, events without the need to tweak plugin files.


    1. Hello there,

      Thanks for writing in.
      Gallery block can be added right from the latest Citadela plugin release v 4.0.0:

      A standard permalinks settings available in the panel administration -> settings -> permalinks. Furthermore we’ll consider it as a possible update in the future.

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

  4. Hi

    You are mentioning about migration from previous directory themes: Items, categories and locations.

    What happens with reviews and ratings? Can these be migrated to from DirectoryPro to Citadela?

    1. Hello Lea,

      Thanks for writing in. The content like Item reviews or rating can’t be migrated by using CSV Import Export plugin. After import Citadela Layout will be lost. Perhaps some 3rd party developer plugin might help.

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

  5. Добрый день! Подскажите, пожалуйста, есть ли такая опция каталога для странички ресторана или кафе, как меню? То есть, чтобы клиент мог посмотреть (или скачать) меню с ценами. Может быть в формате PDF, как вариант.

    1. Zdravstvujte Татьяна,

      Thanks for additional question. In fact you use Citadela directory pack or Food Guide directory theme. I would like ask you to have a look at the comparison table in order to see the the differences between both products (Food Guide theme is represented by DirectoryPRO)

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

  6. Hi,
    I translated about 100% of Citadela in italian language.
    Could you approve it?

    1. Thank you Tore, you’re a star.
      I have sent a request to WordPress translation managers to approve your translations.

        1. Hello Tore,

          Thank you for getting back on this. The translation approval procedure takes some time, and it depends on how active the local team is. Fewer people as translation editors might take a longer time to get to validate plugins and themes.

          AIT team

        2. Hello Tore,

          please find hereunder the comment we have received from WordPress community:
          “Hi @tore78mo and @aitthemes

          Thanks for your contribution!
          I’ve reviewed the strings you translated, and most of them were ok, so they are now approved. However, there are still some minor inconsistencies with our glossary, which I invite you to check at this address.

          Before granting PTE access, we always run a quick mentoring: this means that one of the most experienced Italian WordPress translators will assist you in resolving your doubts and ensure translation consistency.
          Please join the Italian Polyglots community channel on Slack, so we can give you a quick tour and start the mentoring process.

          Have a good day!”

          Hope it will help you.

          AIT team

      1. Salve Enrico,

        thanks for writing in. Here is the link how to implement the new language localisation. Once the translation managed by Tore is approved you’ll be able to manage Italian translation, too.

        Have a good day!
        AIT team

          1. Once the translation is approved on, it will be available automatically. If you switch your WordPress language to Italian, it will download italian translation for Citadela. That’s pretty sweet. If you wish to make any translations to our other plugins, feel free to check out our documenation

    1. Hey Denis,

      If the themify page builder supports Gutenberg, you can use it. Citadela is a 100% standard block-based theme. That means that if the plugin is programmed to work with modern themes, it will work without any change to our theme or plugins.

      That was our goal right from the beginning. At the end of the day, all themes and plugins will have to follow the WordPress route and be Gutenberg compatible. It’s pretty hard to guess what will happen to Divi or Elementor. Maybe they will separate from WordPress one day and make their own CMS system. Who knows.


  7. Hi guys, sorry to bother you again with some questions about the near feature.
    You had some roadmaps earlier, but it looks like the timepath is abandoned.

    Could you please share a new roadmap with us, about the new item types, the phase 3 functions that we are still waiting for. As stated earlier by Emily on the 22nd of June, these functions should release within weeks and two months, we are allready in the thirth month. 🙂

    Classified listings, importing tool, job offers, special offers, food menu, seo improvements and events which have been added by using an external plugin.
    For me it’s no problem to wait a little longer, but I would like to know when we can expect certain functions.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello there,

      many thanks for writing in. Yes, there were a lot of tasks that we had to solve as a priority. We’ll be adding a new plan soon with new features, which we’ll be adding soon.

      Thanks for your patience.

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

  8. Would you say that DirectoryPro takes over the job from the Foodmenu? No need to have both?

    I notice in your comparison list you talk about “Woocommerce” being the answer for Foodmenu listings, can you expand on that please?

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for asking. Yeah, you can create online menu and ordering system with ad-on Restaurant for WooCommerce. For detailed info please check out the following link:

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

    1. Hello there,

      Thanks for asking. Citadela product pack supports different options in order to create multilingual website. We have never tested WPML plugin, anyhow please have a look at detailed instructions in the following article:

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

  9. Hi,
    there are important missing features about migration process from Framework2 to Citadela.
    For example item gallery doesn’t migrate! Only featured image appears on new items detail page. Reviews are all lost and new review system doesn’t have any custom or Gdpr field. Item filters are lost too! After automatic migration process, we need to add all filter manually again.

    Migration process is very important and is the only (?) way to avoid to waste search index and rank. But if we have to operate an hard work to have a complete migration, we may think to switch to other theme or dedicated plugins that offer much more features, like GeoDirectory, Wilcity etc.

    So, we hope you think about all our needs and avoid to lost many unhappy customers.


      1. Hello Tore,

        Thanks for asking. You should go to panel admin -> Citadela Listing -> Data Migration -> click on the button for restart migration.
        Should you have further questions, feel free to post your request directly via our dedicated support ticket system. Please login into your account at
        Our technicians are ready to answer you most efficiently even as quickly as possible when you decide on a priority question (obviously within a few working hours). Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.

        Best regards!
        AIT team

    1. Hello Tore,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Usually, we recommend using one of the third-party developer plugins. For example, “WP All Export” plugin exports data from the original template or another export plugin. Either the free version or the paid version will suffice.
      These import-export plugins also export CPTs and can be imported into various CPTs.
      If you manage to export all the data, importing it should no longer be a problem.
      It is not a problem to migrate posts and pages. We also relocated the club page like this.

      You can replace your current theme with Citadela, and yet you can also start by importing one of the available layouts:

      Mantanation of URLs (SEO reasons): You need to edit two fields in the database. Under wp_options, the site URL and home, under wp_options (if it’s only displaying 25 rows per page, it will show the home page on the 2nd page). Edit them to https://localhost/wp or whatever you chose to name your folder, and your cloned site will be ready to use.

      Hope it will help you.

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

      1. Hi Zlatko, I just finished total migration process from old Framework to Citadela.
        I used WP All Import/Export Pro plugin and It hasn’t been easy.
        You changed reviews system (now Comments), you changed the way you store Item Gallery (now serialized field), you changed the way you store Item Extension (before serialized, now one field for one record).
        I don’t know why you choose to change way you save records, may be for Gutenberg data structure, but I know that this made migration very hard and too long.
        I hope you will try to create a complete migration tool in next future.

        1. Hi again,

          Many thanks for your feedback. We’ll consider it in order find a better solution.

          Kind regards!
          AIT team

  10. Where do we put links to the listings’ social media accounts? I don’t see that option as a built-in feature. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc…

    1. Hello Michael,

      Many thanks for writing in. Feel free to use 3rd party developers block “Social Icons block” thanks to which you can set up desired social media with the URL link.
      Should you have further questions, please post your request directly via our dedicated support ticket system. Please login into your account at
      Our technicians are ready to answer you most efficiently even as quickly as possible when you decide on a priority question (obviously within a few working hours). Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

  11. I am able to successfully migrated from old directory to new citadela directory. I installed new staging citadela theme in fresh wordpress site. I also installed the new layout directory pro. Then in my previous wordpress website I have migrated from old to new citadela. So my previous wordpress has now Citadela but no layout as it will delete the existing item. So what I done is from old wordpress site I run wordpress exporter for my items and which i imported in new wordpress staging. All items imported successfully. I was trying for many months but not able to migrate.

    1. Hello Mujtaba,

      Many thanks for sharing your experiences. Enjoy your new website!

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

      1. Hi there, we have a huge website with DirectoryPRO, we bought the new Citadela license and also want to initiate a migration, is there anywhere a tutorial on how to migrate?

        1. Hi, please see our doc here

  12. Hi there,
    what about Event Listing in the permission manager?
    I bought Event Calendar Pro but everyone subscribed on my website can manage events and see them on backend (even if they hadn’t bought a Subscription Package!).
    So, I would like to manage events in the permission manager in woocommerce product page, like other items options.
    Is it possible?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Salvatore,

      Thank you for your comment. First of all I apologize for delayed answer.
      You should manage the user permission and settings according the procedure described in the following page:

      Have a good day!
      AIT team

  13. Hey AITThemes – where is the latest documentation on how to migrate from DirectoryPRO to Citadela? None of the topics I’ve found appear to be up-to-date. For example, the “CSV Export / Import” plugin doesn’t work anymore.

    I have an existing DirectoryPRO site, and I’ve just created a brand new Citadela PRO site, and I need to know how I can migrate my “users”, “items”, “item locations” and “item categories” from my DirectoryPRO site to my Citadela PRO site.

    1. Hi Aaran,

      Many thanks for your message. You can find all information on the following url:
      If you run into difficulties feel free to create a support ticket at

      1. Thanks for the reply Martin, but it’s not quite enough information.

        I am exporting from my old site, and importing to my new site using the excellent free WP Import Export plugin, but I have to map some of the termmeta and postmeta values in order to make sure I get all of the information across.

        Is there a document anywhere that lists which DirectoryPRO meta fields correspond to the new Citadela Listing fields?

        1. Hi Aaran,

          Old and new meta fields are pretty self explanatory, there’s no official mapping document. I suggest you to work on localhost or resting domain to migrate your website.

  14. There’s something I don’t see… by exporting Items with WP All Export and reimporting them with WP All Import, I don’t see all the item options that are crucially important: address, latitude, longitude, phone, email, web, social links… we spent years updating all those fields, how can we import them in the Citadela Framework?

    1. Hi Xavier

      please have a look at video tutorial here, it shows in detail.

      Kind Regards

      1. Hi Emilia, as mentioned in my post, I don’t see ALL of the item options being exported. When I use WP All Export, it’s supposed to export all the fields associated with the items right? But here’s what the csv header looks like: ID,Title,Content,Excerpt,Date,”Post Type”,Permalink,”Image URL”,”Image Title”,”Image Caption”,”Image Description”,”Image Alt Text”,”Image Featured”,”Attachment URL”,”Advanced Filters”,”Item Categories”,”Item Locations”,Status,”Author ID”,”Author Username”,”Author Email”,”Author First Name”,”Author Last Name”,Slug,Format,Template,Parent,”Parent Slug”,Order,”Comment Status”,”Ping Status”,”Post Modified Date”

        I don’t see any of the other fields I mentioned above: address, latitude, longitude, phone, email, web, social links…

        Did anybody at AIT try to migrate a legacy directory to the new one? I simply want to make sure we’re not losing years of accumulated information, that’s all.

        1. Hi Xavier,

          The process is pretty straight forward:
          1. Click “New Export”
          2. Select Specific Post Type “Items”
          3. Click “Customize Export File”
          4. On the right hand side you have “Custom Fields” where you can find latitude, longitude and other custom fields

          Process is very universal, that means you need to play with it a little bit but on the other hand you can do magic things with your data. You won’t loose anything for sure 🙂

          1. Hi Martin,
            Thanks for the reply, so I looked into it and it looks like in order to import custom fields, the WP all import PRO is required and in order to deserialize the _aititem_itemdata that holds all the information during the export, the WP all export PRO is required which means that in order to just start the migration, we need to shell out another $299, is that correct?

          2. Hi Xavier,
            Sorry for my late answer. I think this is more question to WP All Import guys. I guess they have also other offers like import/export standalone packages.

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