Colouring images in Gutenberg using Duotone filters

Colouring images in Gutenberg using Duotone filters

WordPress 5.8 will be once again full of new and innovative features. One of them is for sure Duotone filters. What are Duotone filters?

Duotone is not a filter, as we know from Instagram. Instagram filters only adjust colours. Duotone, on the other hand, completely replaces image colours.

Using Duotone, you can easily create black&white images, add sepia filters or use any colour you like, such as “black” and “white”.

Duotone will work not only on all images in the content but also on header images and videos. Duotone will not overwrite the original image. It’ll only add an SVG filter and some CSS properties.

The best thing is that Duotone filters will be available for theme and plugin developers. We are already testing beta versions of this feature. You can be sure that the Citadela theme and plugins will 100% support Duotone.

It’s clear where WordPress is heading. Gutenberg is the only page builder every WordPress user will ever use. It’s fast, secure and innovative. If you’re building a new website today, make it with Gutenberg.

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