Why is Citadela the best directory solution for Gutenberg?

Why is Citadela the best directory solution for Gutenberg?

WordPress is changing. This year will be the biggest year for WordPress in decades. If you followed a few past WordCamps, you know what I’m talking about. There will be no more WordPress as we know it. 

In 2019 Matt presented his vision of the future of WordPress. If you haven’t heard that already here’s a quick overview. Gutenberg going to be implemented in WordPress in 4 phases.

The Four Phases of Gutenberg

  1. Easier Editing — Already available in WordPress, with ongoing improvements
  2. Customization — Full Site editing, Block Patterns, Block Directory, Block based themes
  3. Collaboration — A more intuitive way to co-author content
  4. Multi-lingual — Core implementation for Multi-lingual sites

The first phase is already implemented as we know it. Everybody is already using the WordPress Editor (Gutenberg). Each WordPress version includes new features, more options, better UI. It’s just amazing how fast it is all moving. It’s all thanks to the massive community of WordPress users and developers.

The second phase is currently under development, and we can expect it to be added to WordPress in 2021. WordPress 6 is planned to be released in December 2021. We cannot wait for it. It will be possible to edit the whole website using WordPress blocks. It will be amazing.

With the third and fourth phase, WordPress will be just beyond any other content management systems.

What’s up with Citadela?

When we started working on the Citadela product family, we already had this big future in our minds. The WordPress Editor is the future. Blocks are the future. Citadela is the future.

Citadela Directory plugin is already the best directory plugin for Gutenberg in the world. It works flawlessly with the whole Citadela product family. Citadela Pro extends the free GPL Citadela theme, and Citadela Blocks is adding new unique blocks to native WordPress environment.

Non-standard page builders are a blast from the past. Blocks are fast. Blocks are secure. Blocks are the future. Citadela is the future. Start using Citadela today, and you will never look back!

One thought on “Why is Citadela the best directory solution for Gutenberg?

  1. Congrats Great Brother Martin, simply the fastest!
    Great and amazing work as always, I already LOVE Citadela Pro, we are with you and with the WordPress Super Community, THE BEST, forever!
    Of course all developers are the best, but the WordPress Community is the Absolutely BEST and the Fastest in developing, continuously improving and about overtaking any issue

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