AIT Updater WordPress Plugin

Automatic WordPress Theme & Plugin Updates

This plugin simplifies the process of updating AIT themes and plugins. By using this plugin there is no more necessity to download install packages and upload them via wp-admin or FTP protocol manually. This way, automatic updates save your time and prevent you from doing boring routine. Thanks to them you are quickly informed about a new version and with just only one click will be your theme up to date. All important information can be found in Updates section of WordPress Dashboard.

All important information at one place

You can find here all information such as:

  • Actual version of your website
  • Latest available version and its release date
  • Compatibility with WordPress versions
  • Changelog of themes and plugins

Compatibility with AIT Themes

Plugin is compatible with the latest AIT themes. Those which are presented as “Translated and Multilingual” and older ones, presented as “WPML ready” which were build on our older framework v1.
AIT Updater is compatible with themes or plugins, which are beeing sold at our Club but also via other 3rd-party providers.

  • Translated & Multilingual WordPress Themes build on AIT Framework 2
  • WPLM Ready themes build on AIT Framework 1

How your website knows a new update is available?

With help of username and API key your website communicate with a server, where is source package stored.
Depending on where you have bought your theme is necessary to enter following credentials right into settings of AIT Updater:

Theme bought on Ait-Themes.CLUB

  • Username – which you are logging in to with
  • API key – can be found under “My Account”

Theme bought on Themeforest

  • Themeforest account username
  • Envato API key – can be found in your account profile under Settings