Responsiveness of Directory themes – How are they displayed on smartphone or tablet?

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Directory & listings themes are specific type of templates because they contain many items that are linked to a large number of corresponding information. No matter what theme you choose and whether your Items will be restaurants, events or museums, you always have to assume that there will be lots of data that needs to […]

A complete list of updates for GDPR

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Because GDPR has entered into force, we have made a number of changes to our templates. All of these updates are designed to help you collect, process and store personal information. Our priority is to provide customers with useful tools through which it is possible to implement all the necessary GDPR obligations. You can read […]

GDPR changes we’re working on: New GDPR ready plugins

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What is GDPR and why does it affect you? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is legislation update made by European Union in order to tighten up the rules for data protection of EU citizens. This European regulation will affect millions of businesses, non-profit organizations and websites all around the world – not only in […]

Everything you need to know about Membership Subscriptions

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There are few questions that you are most interested in. That’s why we looked closer to Pre-Sale questions and we’re bringing you answers to most common ones. In this post, you will find all the practical information on the validity duration of Full Membership, updates to our templates and our pricing policy. Validity of Full […]

Step-by-step Tutorial for creating Directory & Listings website

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Did you know you don’t have to waste so much time for reading documentation for Directory themes? Watch the video tutorial from well-known blogger instead! This guide helps you understand how to proceed if you want to build your very first Directory website. Every step necessary for website development is explained through Business Finder+ Theme […]