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First version of Directory WordPress theme was released in January 2013 as an absolutely unique theme concept. You’re able to easily set up an online directory portal with categorized items of any type – companies, shops, websites and so on. Together with our extension plugins, you can create a very powerful, money making directory website without any development knowledge.

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Dernière Mise à JourApril 9, 2021
Développement1036 Heures
WordPress 5.x
WooCommerce 4.x
Langues Traduites 28
Nombre de Barres Latérales 2
Navigateurs Compatibles IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Présentation Adaptatif
Conforme au RGPD Oui, avec nos plug-ins RGPD
v4.0.26 April 9, 2021
- Fix: Recurring event calendar WP 5.7 compatibility issue
v4.0.25 March 12, 2021
- Update: Added core WP wp_body_open() function
v4.0.24 March 4, 2021
- Fix: Post date issue with Romanian language
v4.0.23 February 25, 2021
- Fix: Loading of GoogleMaps and OpenstreetMaps API - child theme fix
v4.0.22 February 23, 2021
- Update: AIT API key settings updates
- Update: Loading of GoogleMaps and OpenstreetMaps API
v4.0.21 January 14, 2021
- Fix: Fixed range input in admin settings
v4.0.20 December 17, 2020
- Update: WP 5.6 compatibility update
- Fix: Stripped apostrophe in search results
v4.0.19 November 26, 2020
- Fix: Draft items appears on the header map
v4.0.18 September 24, 2020
- Fix: Search form radius input was broken visually on WooCommerce pages
v4.0.17 August 27, 2020
- Fix: Taxonomy list item does not appear for mobile devices inside carousel
v4.0.16 August 20, 2020
- Fix: Contact form does not send some data after updgrade to WP 5.5
v4.0.15 August 14, 2020
- Update: WP 5.5 compatibility update
v4.0.14 August 13, 2020
- Update: WP 5.5 compatibility update
- Fix: Escaped characters in email from Contact Owner Form
v4.0.13 August 6, 2020
- Fix: Infobox in small maps is centered vertically to fit and prevent being cropped
v4.0.12 July 10, 2020
- Fix: API keys & WP Multisite
v4.0.11 July 2, 2020
- Fix: Images with anchor could not be floated / aligned in content
v4.0.10 June 25, 2020
- Added: Top Bar with tagline and soc. icons above header when tagline is set
- Fix: Admin aprove option at items did not send emails to administrator
- Fix: After creating package ( if permission manager is activated ) user cannot show profile page
v4.0.9 May 28, 2020
- Fix: Fixed WooCommerce Product Categories select in widget
v4.0.8 May 23, 2020
- Fix: Plugin Activation
v4.0.7 May 21, 2020
- Added: Support for special offer detail page
v4.0.6 May 14, 2020
- Fix: Incorrect decoding of url in advanced filter
- Fix: Incorrect displaying of special characters in the Item review user name
v4.0.5 May 7, 2020
- Fix: Registration without captha not working in user panel
- Fix: Custom class in search form element is not working
v4.0.4 April 23, 2020
- Fix: Widget Navigation Menu and its anchors were not aligned properly
- Fix: Search radius popup was sometimes not reachable in Collapsed layout and its offscreen detection was improved
v4.0.3 April 8, 2020
- Fix: Count of resources restricted also to languages in items info element
- Fix: Fixed input icons align in Login / Regsiter widget when help texts are filled
- Fix: Removed empty css styles
v4.0.2 April 6, 2020
- Fix: Fixed warnings and notices in some edge cases
v4.0.1 April 3, 2020
- Fix: Content conditions and navigation improvements
v4.0.0 April 2, 2020
- Released DirectoryPRO theme version
v3.1.0 April 2, 2020
- New: ThemeForest Theme Activation
v3.0.2 March 19, 2020
- Fix: Fixed Warning message displayed with Item Post on archive and category pages.
v3.0.1 March 12, 2020
- Fix: Fixed Warning message displayed with Item Post in some edge cases.
v3.0.0 March 5, 2020
- New: Theme Activation
v2.74 February 20, 2020
- Fix: Header Map displayed only first 100 items, ajax loading of other Item posts was corrupted.
v2.73 February 6, 2020
- Fix: Fixed javascripts for maps provider checking
- Update: Validated CSS styles to satisfy W3C validator
v2.72 January 30, 2020
- Added: OpenStreetMap implemented in Header Map Element and Item's detail page (no API key required)
v2.71 January 9, 2020
- Fix: Sign Up page on multisite installation
- Fix: Fixed frontend Warning at event pro detail page
- Fix: default false value for featured item if user dont have permissions to change this.
- Fix: Cancel upgrade process from subscriber to free role.
- Fix: Submenus on iPad were not working properly
- Update: Updated dates for events in demo content
v2.70 December 12, 2019
- Fix: Captcha improvements at registration
- Added: AggregateRating structured data
v2.69 November 21, 2019
- Fix: Reviews structured data
v2.68 October 3, 2019
- Fix: Use general wordpress date format at event element only for box layout (because lack of space at list layout). 
- Fix: If geolocation is disabled in browser go to default position
v2.67 September 26, 2019
- Fix: Contact owner form cooperate with review plugin
v2.66 June 20, 2019
- Update: Updated deprecated Wordpress function login_headertitle()
v2.65 June 13, 2019
- Fix: Fixed frontend Header Map on Item Post draft preview page
- Fix: Events pro category does not appear image if is set under events pro category settings
- Fix: Social icons warning appear at frontend
- Fix: List bullets on item detail were overlapping slider on tablet
v2.64 April 25, 2019
- Improvement: Improved Google Maps API javascripts for Header Map element
v2.63 April 11, 2019
- Added: Theme package include marketing plugin "HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat" to grow your email list, generate leads, and manage all your contacts inside HubSpot’s free CRM. Plugin can be found in theme folder ./ait-theme/plugins/leadin.zip
v2.62 April 4, 2019
- Fix: Removed undefined infobox displayed after click on geolocation map marker
- New: Revolution Slider element offer selection of slider for each language on Special Pages in Page Builder
v2.61 March 21, 2019
- Update: Return urls for AIT PayPal Payments plugin can be defined separately per each language on multilingual websites
v2.60 March 7, 2019
- Fix: List bullets were not aligned by text align
v2.59 February 28, 2019
- Update: Google+ share button in page title share buttons and Item detail page replaced with Pinterest. Google+ is going to be closed on April 2nd of, 2019
v2.58 February 21, 2019
- Fix: Removed accidental output in Login/Register Widget
- New: Default currency obtained from Theme Options -> Payments -> Currency
v2.57 February 14, 2019
- Fix: Corrected condition in AIT Requirements Checker for ICONV extension
v2.56 February 7, 2019
- Fix: Fixed special characters in website name displayed as attributes for logo
v2.55 January 10, 2019
- Fix: Fixed responsive width for Contact Owner Form in colorbox
v2.54 December 20, 2018
- Fix: Fixed duplicated on/off buttons in Page Builder
- Fixed menu description
v2.53 December 6, 2018
- Update: Wordpress 5.0 compatibility update
v2.52 November 29, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v2.51 November 23, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update in nette framework
v2.50 November 23, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v2.49 November 15, 2018
- Fix: Fixed items subtitle padding 
v2.48 November 8, 2018
- Fix: Fixed translation of payment methods in user profile page
v2.47 October 25, 2018
- Fix: Fixed decimal ordered list
- Improvement: Speed improvement for search query
v2.46 October 11, 2018
- Fix: Fixed portfolio filter for iOS touch devices
v2.45 October 4, 2018
- Fix: Fixed registration process in case the only keyboard is used to fill the registration form
v2.44 September 27, 2018
- Fix: Removed shortcodes from Item post content text displayed on Event Pro detail page
v2.43 September 20, 2018
- Fix: Fixed size of icons in Google Maps to meet the new design of buttons applied by Google
v2.42 August 23, 2018
- Fix: Registration widget - selection of packages is available only when two or more packages are available
- New: Added Tripadvisor logo to social icons selection in Theme Options > Social Icons settings
v2.41 July 26, 2018
- New: Load Google Maps on request after click on button
v2.40 July 12, 2018
- Fix: Fixed work with Items authors which username was defined as number instead of text
v2.39 June 28, 2018
- Fix: Word-break for email adress
v2.38 June 21, 2018
- Fix: Added taxonomy title as alt attribute for Category and Location icon images on archive pages
- Improve: Improved javascript logic for Contact Form element.
v2.37 June 14, 2018
- Fix: Address word wrap on Item detail page
- Improvement: Save button in Page Builder and Theme Options will be disabled until page has fully loaded to prevent unintended save with uninitialized inputs
v2.36 June 7, 2018
- Fix: Missing share buttons in Title Element of Items, Events Pro and Special Offer archive pages
- Fix: Email notifications of Item post submitted to review by administrator
- Fix: Web address word wrap on Item detail page
- Fix: Item and EventsPro posts are displayed in all languages once they are marked as not translatable in AIT Languages plugin
- Fix: Fixed zoomed images in colorbox cloned by bxSlider jQuery plugin
v2.35 May 31, 2018
- Fixed: Special offer featured image 
- Fixed: Comments form 
- Fixed: Captcha item review formr
v2.34 May 24, 2018
- Fixed: Added missing alt attribute for featured image in Theme->Posts widget
- Update: Form fields reset styles in reset.css
- Added: Support for AIT Comments Extension plugin
- Added: GDPR support for contact owner form, custom notification text can be displayed within Name, Email, Subject and Message inputs
- Added: GDPR support for registration form, custom notification text can be displayed within Username and Email inputs
- Added: GDPR support for AIT Claim Listing plugin
- Added: GDPR support for AIT Item Reviews plugin
v2.33 April 26, 2018
- Update: Updated Promotion element, available input for image alt attribute
v2.32 April 19, 2018
- Added: Helper input for all Inputs in Contact Form element (GDPR requirement)
v2.31 April 12, 2018
- Fix: Fixed email notification for expired Package - can be defined in Theme Options > Packages settings.
- Fix: Fixed typo in theme admin
- Update: Contact Owner form on Item detail page updated. Added Captcha and loader icon.
v2.30 April 5, 2018
- Fix: Fixed sending of multiple emails after clicking on submit button in Contact Owner form on Item Detail page.
v2.29 March 15, 2018
- Update: Updated product image cropping sizes for Woocommerce 3.3+
- Update: Allowed opening of Woocommerce Product images in lightbox in responsive design
- Update: Updated Colorbox jquery library to latest version
v2.28 March 8, 2018
- Fix: woocomerce gallery detail
v2.27 March 1, 2018
- Fix: Starting position of Header Map Element is always position defined in Header Map element, instead of position 0,0
v2.26 February 22, 2018
- Fix: Infobox width
v2.25 February 1, 2018
- Fix: Fixed Search dropdown
v2.24 January 25, 2018
- Fix: Fixed wrong Username displayed in Login Widget if email address used as username
- Fix: Fixed Streetview for header map on standard Pages, Streetview is displayed according to settings in Header Map element
v2.23 January 19, 2018
- Fix: Fixed Search form category
- Fix: Fixed number of Item posts displayed in Header Resources section on multilingual website
v2.22 December 7, 2017
- Fix: Fixed Add Media button in admin screen for directory users
- Fix: Missing functionality from Yoast SEO plugin in SEO metabox
- Update: Updated FontAwesome library
v2.21 November 23, 2017
- Fix: Fixed use of special characters in visual editor
v2.20 November 9, 2017
- Fix: Fixed missing My Items button in login widget when administrator have to approve users Item posts.
v2.19 October 26, 2017
- Fix: Image widget css
- Fix: Wrong redirection on password protected posts
v2.18 September 21, 2017
- Fix: Registered user could see all Items while creating new Event Pro
v2.17 September 7, 2017
- Fix: Captcha in Contact Form Element is regenerated after form submit and reset
v2.16 August 31, 2017
- Fix: Problem with untranslatable notificiation payment email. Text in the email is translated now. Make sure have also latest AIT Languages plugin.
- Fix: Item featured image use post title as alt attribute
v2.15 August 11, 2017
- Fix: Fixed dropdown menus in WordPress visual editor
v2.14 August 3, 2017
- Fix: Fixed special characters escaping for categories title in portfolio filter
v2.13 July 13, 2017
- Fix: search filter pagination error
v2.12 June 29, 2017
- Fix: Button My Items in login widget displayed only if logged in user has capability to manage Item Posts
v2.11 June 22, 2017
- Fix: Zooming page in responsive after using search category
- Fix: Main menu hover fix
- Fix: Mobile menu
- Fix: Deprecated "add_to_cart_fragments" hook
v2.10 June 1, 2017
- Fix: Comment form style fix
v2.9 April 27, 2017
- Fix: PHP notice if price value not set
- Update: WooCommerce 3 compatibility
- Fix: Search results in Header Map and regular result list didn't match in edge cases
v2.8 April 13, 2017
- Update: Demo images are now downloaded via HTTPS
- Fix: Minor bugs in JS in Advertisements element
- Fix: Do not send full server directory paths to JS object in elements
- Update: Basic compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0 (resolved deprecated notices)
- Fix: Preview of Text element in Page Builder for other languages
- Fix: Missing names for sidebars in some languages caused widget administration to be unusable
v2.7 April 7, 2017
- Fix: Radius unit (km, mi) is now translatable (via AIT Languages plugin or your own translation)
- Fix: Blank Header Map on Event Pro detail page
- Update: Year range from 1900-3000 for datepicker in Theme Options / Page Builder
- Fix: Proccess shortcodes in promotion element's text area
- Fix: Show Page Builder button on Admin Bar only when user has permission to access Page Builder
- Fix: Enabled fuzzy search in jquery.chosen.js selectboxes in Page Builder - able to find nested items now
- Fix: Shortcodes Generator modal window failed to load in Page Builder for Text Elements
- Fix: Use HTTPS protocol for external services - Twitter, Mixcloud
v2.6 March 10, 2017
- Fix: Search sentence fix
v2.5 February 23, 2017
- Fix: Twitter referral in share buttons
v2.4 February 16, 2017
- Fix: Responsive search input fix
- Fix: Item carousel spacing fix
- Update: Bundled AIT Updater v5.0
v2.3 February 16, 2017
- Fix: Horizontal tabs responsive script
v2.2 February 2, 2017
- Fix: User couldn't access wordpress login screen via direct link example.com/wp-admin/
- Update: Bundled same demo content as on our preview website for Directory+
v2.1 January 27, 2017
- Fix: Item Features style fix
- Fix: Login Widget Last Password width fix
- Fix: Displaying remove icon in Search category
- Update: Support for free basic packages
v2.0 January 20, 2017
- Update: php7 optimization
- Fix: Footer Search Input Icon fix
- Fix: Logged in users could see only their items on map
- Fix: Items with 'draft' status were displayed on map
- Update: Updated demo-content
- Improved: Usability of Page Builder on smaller resolutions
- Added: Collapsible Available Elements to gain more screen estate while scrolled
v1.73 January 12, 2017
- Fix: W3C validation error in Search Form element
- Fix: Redirects and notifications on frontend login failure
- Fix: Radius popup remained opened after page refresh
- Fix: Messed Claim Listing form styles
- Fix: Search imput style fix
- Update: Speed optimization for projects with large number of items
- Update: Header Map loads items asynchronously (prevents server failures and heavy loads)
- Fix: Password protected pages works correctly with Page Builder
- Fix: Position of Columns Element On-off switch
- Fix: Max 4 rows in Element Content previews in the Page Builder
- Improvement: Allows users to register with Cyrillic usernames
- Fix: Problem with malfunctioned permalinks after importing Demo Content
v1.72 December 8, 2016
- Fix: Upcoming Advanced Search plugin styles interferee with original Search Form location input
- Fix: Php warning when Event's Pro Fee price was empty
v1.71 December 1, 2016
- Fix: Date-related translations in calendar on event's detail page
- New: Content preview of Elements in Page Builder. You can have brief look what will Element look like on frontend when you are working in Page Builder.
- Update: Removed deprecated meta value target-densityDpi
v1.70 November 24, 2016
- Fix: Positioning of location input in search form element
v1.69 November 21, 2016
- Added: Notice when only registered users can add review
- Added: Compatibility with upcoming Ait Advanced Search Plugin
- Fix: Item address small style fix
- Added: Locale based number formatting for price in WpLatte currency macro
- Fix: Carousel initialization conditions
v1.68 November 10, 2016
- Update: Currency formatting for Events Pro fees
- Fix: Placeholder in range input
- New: Option for enabling 'Anonymize IP address' feature in Google Analytics
- Fix: TinyMCE editor fullscreen in Page Builder
- Fix: Problem with searching in other languages then default
- Improvement: Sort Font Awesome icons alphabetically
- Update: Drag&drop ordering pages and custom post types is removed, it caused some serius problems. Can be enabled back with 'Simple Page Ordering' plugin
v1.67 October 31, 2016
- Fix: Portfolio Archive Page Title style fix 
- Update: Compatibility with AIT permissions manager plugin
v1.66 October 10, 2016
- New: Redesigned Page Builder, Theme Options and other admin pages related to AIT theme features
v1.65 September 22, 2016
- Fix: Page share on event archive page
v1.64 September 16, 2016
- Added: Custom message in Google Map element if there is a problem with API key
- Fix: sub, sup style was missing
- Fix: Stripe payment process possible security issue
v1.63 September 8, 2016
- Update: Bundled plugins updated
v1.62 August 30, 2016
- New: Compatibility with new membership system
v1.61 August 25, 2016
- Fix: List style fix in Item detail page
- Fix: Text width when item has no image 
- Fix: Cases when Ait Toolkit plugin isn't active
v1.60 August 18, 2016
- Fix: If "Date To" wasn't specified theme displayed current date
- Fix: Admin google map streetview initialization
v1.59 August 11, 2016
- Fix: Events order on item's detail page
- Update: Updated mobile.js library
- Fix: Export function fatal error when revolution slider directory doesn't exists
v1.58 August 5, 2016
- Fix: Search results populated in breadcrumb
- New: Theme now displays also Events Pro which have already started and are still running (requires most recent version of Events Pro plugin)
- Added: Compatibility for Special Offers filters on archive page
- Updated: FontAwesome icons v4.6.3
v1.57 July 28, 2016
- Fix: Fixed header resources link when translation exists
- Fix: Megamenu with Icon Image 
- Fix: Fixed comment pagination links
v1.56 July 22, 2016
- Update: Updated Google Fonts list
- Fix: Potencial fatal error with AIT Get Directions & AIT Item Extension after their deactivation
v1.55 July 14, 2016
- Update: Updated TGM Plugin Activation library to v2.6.1
- Fix: When there are multiple version of same language like en_US, en_GB, en_CA, item search wasn't working
- Fix: Captcha in Contact Form element now works with cache plugins like WP Super Cache
- Update: Requirements checker now checks for max_input_vars param, it is recommended to set this PHP param to value at least 3000
v1.54 June 29, 2016
- New: In Theme Option you can insert Google Maps API key (requirement for all Google Maps since 22.06.2016)
- Fix: Widget Background Color is changing from Website to Page Background Color
- Fix: Left Sidebar Woocommerce Widgets Style fix
- New: Added Greek, Canadian English, Turkish and Ukrainian languages to Google Maps Element
v1.53 June 23, 2016
- Fix: Woocommerce my-account pages
v1.52 June 16, 2016
- Added: Compatibility with Special Offers Plugin
- Fix: Carousel Arrows in Narow layout style Fix 
- Update: Updated ajax return messages for contact form element
v1.51 June 9, 2016
- Update: Regenerated POT file for translations containing the newest text strings
- Fix: PHP error - Undefined var $parentTheme in AitUpgrader
- Improvement: Google Maps are loaded in the WP admin and on the frontend according to selected language
- Fix: Need for "double" save of Theme Options to invoke color/design changes is gone
- Update: Response notification when required fields for wp-mail are missing
v1.50 June 3, 2016
- Fix: Streetview on empty search results page
- Improvement: Skeleton and Theme Upgrader
- Fix: Package slug and compatibility with AIT Claim Listing
v1.49 June 3, 2016
- New: Item's features are now included in search by keyword
- Fix: Search Type 3 Icon Text in Responsive showing now 
- Updated: Widget Area element progressive page loading
- Fixed: Package name now accepts special symbols
- Fix: Woocommerce checkout page wasn't displaying image for paypal payment option when progressive loading was enabled
- Update: Added response notification for wp_mail ajax in contact form element. Now there is also a notification if the mail wont send.
- Improvement: Export only images which are in media library and all their sizes. This results in reduced size of exported content.
v1.48 May 26, 2016
- New: Item's subtitle included in search by keyword
- Fixed: Url param escaping for search filters
- Update: Updated return headers for contact owner ajax
- Fixed: Added admin capabilities for yoast seo plugin
- Added: Possibility to order Events in Event Element by Event's date (requires updated Ait Toolkit plugin)
- Fix: SEO element on 404 page (and other spcial pages) is working again
- Fix: Better compatibility with Object Cache plugins and WpLatte engine
v1.47 May 19, 2016
- New: Included recurring events in Events-Pro Element
- Fix: Dates translations on single Event Pro page
- Update: Updated demo-content
- Fix: Allow language inputs for text controls on Blog special page in Page Builder
- Fix: Do not display commnets element on frontend on these special pages 404, search, archive, wc_product, wc_shop
v1.46 May 13, 2016
- Update: Updated demo-content
- Fix: Do not display comments element on irrelevant pages in Page Builder, such as 404, search page, etc.
- Fix: Post dates in Posts Element
- Fix: Responsive toggles display
- Fix: Woocommerce select display
- Fix: Dragging elements from/to columns in pagebuilder
- Fix: Problem with saving content in 2 Text Elements placed within the same Columns Element
v1.45 May 5, 2016
- Fix: Missing image for items without Featured Image on Items Archive Page
- Fix: Header Map address on event-pro detail page
- Added: Email validation during registration of new users
- Fix: Clean up dead captcha files
- Fix: (Related only to all directory-type themes) Our AIT Shortcodes button in the editor can use even package users. There are no restrictions for that button (aka shortcodes generator) now
- Fix: Bug in Categories Widget with double title when categories are displayed as dropdown
- Fix: Disabled conflicting selectbox library on woocommerce pages
- Fix: Category option does not show "+ Add new category" text when user hasn't got the capabilities
- Fix: Map Info Box Title hover 
v1.44 April 29, 2016
- Fix: Description on Categories and Locations detail pages
- Fix: Item Review Button Loader Fix
- Added: Option "Nofollow Web Link" from Theme Options > Item Detail Options is applied also for links on taxonomy pages now
- Fix: Missing sidebars on frontend
v1.43 April 29, 2016
- Added: Lost Password button in Login Widget
- Updated: Updated new demo content
- Fix: Months translation of Events Pro posts in Events Pro Element, Category pages
- Fix: Fixed map input "NaN" value breaking map in administration
- Fix: Some edge cases in Import/Export processing were fixed
- Fix: Detect correct locale for cloned item label in Page Builder
- Fix: Special edge case whean footer area has title "Footer 1"
- Added: OrderBy Title option for posts element
- New: WooCommerce breadcrumbs with categories on shop pages
- New: UI indication for delete theme cache and images cache buttons when deleting was finished
v1.42 April 19, 2016
- Fix: Items with coordinates [1, 1] were displayed on header map
- Added: Item Extension plugin style
- Fix: datepicker time zones caused wrong time in admin inputs
- Update: Updated POT files
v1.41 April 12, 2016
- Fix: Empty infowindow on geolocation pin
- Fix: Default category pin didn't load from Theme Options
- Fix: Map Infowindow phone number position
- Added: Burger style menu wrapping
- Updated: New theme implementation for Ait Get Directions plugin
- Fix: Some compatibility fixes for AIT plugins
v1.40 April 1, 2016
- Fix: RSS widget does not display 'h3' tags anymore
- Fix: jQuery Waypoint does not throw error anymore
- Fix: On special pages some elements with categories (e.g. advertisements spaces) didn't work correctly with translations
- Added: Possibility to enable/disable whether map items will be paginated or not (Theme options > Item Category > Sorting Options)
- Added: Search Form Inputs On/Off Functionality
v1.39 March 22, 2016
- Fix: Events without Image not showing
- Fix: Search pagination linked to 404 page in some cases
- Tweak: Search optimization
- Updated: Google Maps library
v1.38 March 16, 2016
- Fix: Quickfix for map input in the admin
- Update: New version of Slider Revolution - v5.2.2
v1.37 March 15, 2016
- Fix: Carousel arrows in Job Offers Element
- Fix: Items List Subtitle no-wrap fix 
- Fix: Map input crashing javascript when no location is found
- Fix: Date input problem with different timezones
v1.36 March 8, 2016
- Update: Regenerated POT files
- Fix: Reset Layout Options functionality works again
- Tweak: CSS is now generating on "Theme/Page Builder Options" save instead on the frontend
v1.35 March 1, 2016
- Fix: Php notice on events pro archive page 
- Updatad: Escaping characters entered to the search preventing possible xss
- Added: Dependencies for modernizr js lib
v1.34 February 23, 2016
- Added: Added "Expired" word to title on single job-offers page when item has expired
- Updated: Page share conditions for items and locations pages
- Fixed: Item couldnt be trashed by single user
- Fixed: Items element item count condition when item reviews plugin is enabled
- Fix: Deleted non-functional Features Icon Color Picker 
- Update: Reduced number of DB queries about 59% 
v1.33 February 17, 2016
- Added: Color Picker for featured Items
- Fixed: Nothing Found message on Item's detail page
v1.32 February 9, 2016
- Fix: Breadcrumbs style fix
- Fix: Event in Item Detail Style Fix
- Added: Style for featured Items
v1.31 February 4, 2016
- Update: All WooCommerce styles separated
- Update: WooCommerce default cart layout
- Added: Compatibility for Events Pro Plugin
- Updated: Item address javascript fix
- Fix: Official Revolution Slider, when you purchase it by yourself, not our custom bundled version, is supported by our theme framework (Page Builder)
- Fix: PHP error - redeclared class in WpLatte (occurred in Event Guide theme)
- Tweak: Compatibility tweaks for upcoming more performant AIT Toolkit plugin
v1.30 January 27, 2016
- Added: Added captcha validation for registration widget
- Tweak: Implemented small performance tweaks
- Fix: Compatibility of comment form fields with WP 4.4 (Reverts the "comment" field position to below the other form fields.)
- Tweak: Minor internal tweaks of the framework
v1.29 January 15, 2016
- Fix: Undefined variable wp_version
v1.28 December 22, 2015
- Fix: Widget Login Style fix
v1.27 December 16, 2015
- Fix: Prevent css import missing file error
- Added: Compatibility with Ecwid Shopping Cart plugin
v1.26 December 9, 2015
- Fix: (Critical) Theme Options couldn't save changed values, there were still default values after page refresh
- Fix: Reset button on Default Layout admin page works correctly now
v1.25 December 9, 2015
- Fix: Blog page menu item highlighting, if blog is currently opened page
- Added: Styles for Ecwid store
- Fix: Advanced search on directory themes when polylang is enabled
- Fix: PHP Notices in Shortcode Generator Modal Window
- Fix: Amongst some categories (e.g. Portfolios) there was incorectly listed language name from AIT Languages
v1.24 December 1, 2015
- Added: Contact owner form options to define the sender of email
- Fixed: Package item count when item trashed
- Fixed: Package event count when event trashed
- Fix: Corrected behaviour of WP custom queries (mostly in Elements) when some CPT is set as non translatable in AIT Languages settings
- Update: Font Awesome v4.5.0
v1.23 November 25, 2015
- Fixed: Register Widget Style Fix
- Fixed: Woocommerce Detail Item Page Style Changes
- Fixed: Embed URLs for YouTube and Vimeo videos were generated incorrectly resulting in not loading the videos
- Fixed: Fixed all dates where they were displaying current date and time
- Fixed: Issue with missing texts in widgets after updating to AIT Languages 2.0 is now fixed
- Fixed: Fullscreen option for youtube video element
v1.22 November 18, 2015
- Fixed: Package upgrade process failed to change package
- Fixed: Re-enable map drag when geolocation is enabled
- Fixed: Weblink Labels on taxonomy and search pages
v1.21 November 10, 2015
- New: Google Street View in Google Map Element
- Update: Various updates for upcomming new AIT Languages 2.0 plugin
- Fix: Improved compatibility of Advertising Spaces Element vs. Ad blockers
v1.20 November 3, 2015
- Update: Updated author metabox display 
- Fixed: Stripe gateway user upgrade
v1.19 October 27, 2015
- Fix: Removed http protocol from embed code in header video element 
v1.18 October 20, 2015
- Fix: Condition when question is not in use, matching empty review rating will not be displayed
- Fix: Responsive Category Filters Style
- Fix: Get Directions Button Style Fix
- Fix: Review Stars Style Fix
- Fix: When adblocker extension in a browser blocked Advertising Spaces Element whole web page was broken
- Added: Added streetview functionality to google maps element 
v1.17 October 13, 2015
- Fix: Item Gallery Style Fix
- Fix: Archive Page Style Fix
- Update: Contact form element form submit button disabled while form submitting
- Fix: No more huge amount of old cache files (mainly old .css) in uploads/cache/ folder
- Fix: Some forgotten text are now included in POT file
- Update: demo content - fix with missing images in Media Library
v1.16 October 6, 2015
- Added: Header map dragging disabled while page loading
- Fixed: Changed zoom and street view map controls position, weren't clickable on touch devices
- Fix: Widget Login Style Fix
v1.15 October 2, 2015
- Added: Package feature to enable / disable Yoast seo plugin metabox on item detail
- Update: Yoast seo compatibility with AIT Easyadmin plugin 
- Fix: Removed "Login failed" notification on successful login
- Fix: Updated metabox save callback preventing infinite looping
v1.14 September 29, 2015
- Added: Lost Password feature in Login Widget
- Updated: Updated new demo content
- Fix: Header Resources style
- Updated: Admin author change feature
v1.13 September 24, 2015
- Fixed: Register compatibility with wordpress 4.3.1
v1.12 September 22, 2015
- Updated: Register compatibility with wordpress 4.3.1
- Added: Frontend notification on login fail
- Added: Item author change functionality
- Fixed: Map input verification
- Updated: Ajax emails formatting
v1.11 September 16, 2015
- Fixed: Duplicate featured image for pages in page title
- Fixed: AIT Claim Listing plugin claim conditions
- Updated: Category / Locations header image responsive display
- Fixed: Single item contact owner mail form
- Update: Updated facebook element
- Update: Font Awesome v4.4.0
- Update: Framework compatibility with upcoming improved AIT Languages plugin
v1.10 September 8, 2015
- Updated: Package on/off option for comments
- Fix: Typo in variable name in jquery.portfolio.js
- Tweak: Theme Admin: if switched section contains map preview trigger resize to re-render map
- Update: Font Awesome icons v4.4.0
- Update: Updated condition to show / hide item description in services element
- Update: Updated google map element
- Update: Updated capabilities for ait-item cpt
v1.9 September 3, 2015
- Fix: Header map default position on location pages
- Fix: Translatable Label in Item Image
- Added: Preparation for stripe payments plugin
- Fix: Overleaping Title/Subtitle in Item List Pages
- Fix: Footer Login Widget Title displaying fix
v1.8 August 28, 2015
- Fixed: escaping of special characters in Item gallery titles
- New: Active/Deactive button now works with streetview
- New: Added Active/Deactive button for small item map
- New: You can set custom link for Header Resources Button for non-registered users
- Fixed: Removed header menu
- Added: Support for updated ait claim listing plugin
- Fix: When Visual Editor is disabled in user settings, Text Element in Page Builder doesn't work.
v1.7 August 20, 2015
- Update: Fixed version of Revolution Slider v5.0.4.1 compatible with WordPress 4.3
v1.6 August 19, 2015
- Fix: Breadcrumbs Visual changes in Responsive
- Fix: Demo Content - broken map on Search Page
- Fix: Social Icons (PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach())
- Fix: Allow special characters in Member custom post type Title
- Fix: Video element - fixed some PHP errors
- Fix: Posts element - fixed some PHP errors
- Fix: Added Sender parameter in Contact Form - some hostings didn't send emails from Contact Form
v1.5 August 11, 2015
- Added: Close button for streetview on header map
- Updated: Header map element not showing item on default 1:1 coordinates
- Fix: 'Notice:  Array to string conversion'
- Fix: Missing some text elements on non-english WP installs after demo content import
- Fix: PHP notice on 404 page
- Fix: One letter of text string displayed in metabox text fields
- Update: Removed "Dev mode:" menu in Admin Bar and dev mode is disabled
- Update: Updated javascript for content element on woocommerce pages
v1.4 August 4, 2015
- Fix: Fixed typos in English language
v1.3 July 28, 2015
- Fix: Compatibility of demo content with non English WordPress install
v1.2 July 27, 2015
- Fix: Demo content updated
v1.1 July 27, 2015
- Fix: Theme incorrectly required AIT Languages plugin. The plugin is optional.
v1.0 July 26, 2015


Assistance Multilingue Intégrée

Les premiers thèmes WordPress en Français avec système multilingue et traductions intégrés. Vous pouvez obtenir votre site web dans n'importe quelle langue ou créer un site web multilingue en plusieurs langues. Le thème est prêt à l'emploi. Tout est déjà traduit. Tapez simplement votre contenu dans votre langue et c'est tout.

Chargemente en cours de…

Design Adaptable

Ce Thème WordPress est 100 % adaptable et fonctionne parfaitement sur tous les appareils. Les clients sont en mesure de faire des achats en ligne depuis leur téléphone mobile, leur tablette, leur ordinateur portable et ordinateur de bureau. La totalité du site web s'adaptera automatiquement à la taille de l'écran. Le thème a été testé sur de nombreux téléphones et tablettes modernes ou plus anciens, tels que l'iPhone, l'iPad, et les appareils Android et Windows.

Fonctionne sur tous les appareils


Éléments Composant Le Site Annuaire

Les éléments de site web sont conçus pour rendre votre travail aussi simple et rapide que possible. Vous pouvez prédéfinir les réglages dans la section de mise en page par Défaut et les utiliser n'importe où. Les informations que vous configurez dans les Types Personnalisés peuvent facilement être réutilisées sur n'importe quelle page. Inutile de taper et retaper de nouveau.


L’en-tête est munie d’une fonctionnalité rapide pour que les utilisateurs ou l’admin ajoutent un nouvel élément. Il contient également le nombre de tous les éléments répertoriés.

Map & Recherche

La principale caractéristique de l’annuaire thématique. La carte présente une épingle de tous les articles listés avec des informations importantes présentées en cliquant dessus.

Nous avons également conçu une barre de recherche plus intéressante pour les utilisateurs avec une toute nouvelle approche, mais nous continuons de fournir une recherche classique pour les conservateurs.

La géolocalisation est une valeur sûre.

Liste taxonomique

Catégorie affichée : Catégories d’articles

C’est une autre partie importante du site d’annuaires. La liste taxonomique des éléments montre la liste des catégories ou des emplacements.

Vous pouvez définir n’importe quelle icône pour chaque catégorie ou emplacement ou leurs sous-catégories et définir leurs descriptions.

Connectez-vous & Enregistrez un widget

Assez simple. Mais le widget ne doit pas être seulement dans la barre latérale. Vous pouvez le placer dans n’importe quel contenu avec un élément de la zone de widget.

Il existe également des forfaits d’inscription et des comptes payés pour les utilisateurs.

Liste taxonomique

Catégorie affichée : Emplacement des articles

Vous pouvez choisir parmi trois types de mises en page : boîte, liste ou icône

Infos sur les articles

Cette bannière peut être utilisé pour afficher des infos sur le nombre d’articles, de catégories, d’emplacements et d’avis sur les articles qui sont répertoriés dans la base de données.

Widgets de pied de page

Vous pouvez facilement configurer les colonnes de la zone des widgets de pied de page, changer la couleur, ajouter un message de droit d’auteur et même copier & coller le code javascript au moyen de l’administration du thème


Recherche et Résultats

Vous pouvez rechercher par mot clé, catégorie et emplacement. En outre, vous pouvez activer la géolocalisation et le rayon de recherche autour de votre position. Nous prenons en charge deux unités, kilomètres et miles. Il existe trois types de barres de recherche. Classique , les champs formés sous forme de phrase ou catégorie, emplacement et géolocalisation arrangés sous forme de boutons . Le résultat montre les éléments correspondants de la liste avec des options de filtrage.

Vous pouvez filtrer la liste d'articles par nombre, par date et par ordre croissant ou décroissant.

Catégories et Lieux

Les articles sont classés par catégorie et lieu. Vous pouvez disposer d’autant de catégories et de sous-catégories que vous le souhaitez. Vous pouvez leur associer n’importe quelle icône, icône de carte et description. Les lieux fonctionnent de la même façon. Dans la partie administration vous pouvez définir un nombre de colonnes. Le détail de la catégorie peut disposer de 3 types d’en-tête : carte, image ou aucun.

Élément Articles et Détail

Grâce à cet élément vous pouvez afficher des articles sur n’importe quelle page. Ils peuvent être présentés sous forme de liste ou de grille et dans un carrousel. Vous pouvez afficher l’ensemble des articles ou une catégorie particulière. Dans les réglages des articles vous pouvez définir le titre, la description, les catégories, l’adresse, les coordonnées, les horaires d’ouvertures et créer une liste personnalisée de services. Davantage de contenus personnalisés seront disponibles dans la prochaine version.


Vendez vos produits en ligne en utilisant le meilleur plugin de e-commerce pour WordPress disponible. Vous pouvez installer le plugin WooCommerce gratuitement et créer votre boutique en ligne en quelques instants. Insérez vos produits, téléchargez des images et c'est tout. Tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour créer un site web de e-commerce est inclus dans le thème.

Produits de la Page d'Accueil

Vendez vos produits facilement

Vous pouvez afficher les produits mis en vedette ou les plus récents sur votre page d'accueil. Les clients peuvent accéder aux détails du produit ou mettre des produits dans le panier d'achat.

Le panier d'achat est accessible depuis chaque page. Vos clients ne pourront jamais se perdre sur votre site. Ils peuvent aller à la page de paiement à tout moment.

C'est un thème rempli de fonctionnalités

Voir ci-dessous pour une description des fonctionnalités principales.

Déjà inclus dans le thème

Immédiatement prêt à être utilisé

  • Comptes

    Les administrateurs disposeront de plus de paramètres pour définir des limites pour chaque utilisateur. Par exemple, pour limiter le nombre d'items qu'un utilisateur peut ajouter, les prix et les dates de validité, la possibilité de renouveler un abonnement expiré, activer ou désactiver le processus de validation, ou la possibilité de définir les articles vedettes.

  • Google Rich Snippets

    Les snippets sont les quelques lignes de texte qui apparaissent sous chaque résultat de recherche et qui sont conçus pour donner aux utilisateurs un aperçu de ce qui se trouve sur la page et en quoi elle est relative à leur recherche.

  • Widget Articles

    Afficher les Articles de l'annuaire dans la barre latérale grâce au Widget.

Extensibles avec les plugins

Disponible à la vente

  • Avis

    Possibilité pour les utilisateurs de noter et donner leur avis sur le contenu liste. Un système de notation par étoiles sera inclus avec les articles. Chaque catégorie disposera de ses propres critères de notation.

  • Easy Admin

    Le plugin permet une meilleure administration pour l'utilisateur, la façon d'ajouter des articles et la gestion de son compte.

  • Plugin d'Importation et d'Exportation

    Possibilité d'importer et d'exporter le contenu du site avec facilité.

  • Passerelles de Paiement

    En tant qu'administrateur vous êtes en mesure de configurer des prix multiples pour l'enregistrement du compte. Ce plugin permettra d'accepter des paiements au moyen de passerelles intégrées pour que vous n'ayez pas à vous en occuper de votre côté.

  • La Migration des thèmes Directory et Business Finder

    Plugin de migration depuis nos précédents thèmes annuaire ayant rencontré le plus de succès.

  • Get Directions

    Ce plugin ajoutera une fonctionnalité de recherche plus intelligente avec laquelle vous pouvez définir un lieu A et un lieu B et obtenir l'affichage du contenu désiré sur la carte avec des informations de navigation.

  • Réclamer une Liste

    Si l'administrateur liste des entreprises qu'il ne possède pas, le propriétaire peut le contacter et prendre le contrôle de l'administration de sa page de présentation sur le site.

  • Events Pro

    Laissez vos utilisateurs créer leurs propres événements et les relier au profil du lieu de leurs événements ou d'une autre entreprise. Le plugin Events Pro enrichit les pages d'événement avec des informations clés sur la date, l'heure, le lieu et le prix d'un événement. Les utilisateurs peuvent rendre les événements récurrents et les visiteurs peuvent partager avec facilité.

Extensible grâce à des Plugins

Qui a rendu tout ceci possible ?

Cet objet a été crée et développé pour vous par cette équipe de designers et développeurs géniaux :



Position : Concepteur et Développeur Front-end


Position : Concepteur et Développeur Front-end


Position : Programmeur


Position : Fondateur et Concepteur Principal

Et de Nombreuses Autres Fonctionnalités Incroyables

Chaque thème comprend des fonctionnalités et des éléments spécialement conçus pour sa catégorie spécifique. En plus de cela, vous obtiendrez toutes les incroyables fonctions standards ou commerciales que vous pourrez utiliser n'importe où sur votre site web. Jetez un œil ci-dessous pour plus de détails.

Des Options Uniques pour votre Commerce

Les Éléments pour Entreprise suivants vous sont accessibles en permanence. Vous pouvez acheter un thème Individuel ou un Abonnement. Ces éléments et fonctionnalités universels sont très utiles pour les sites web personnels et d'entreprise.


Compte à rebours








Offres d’emploi




Heures d’ouverture




Tableaux de Prix








Espaces Publicitaires






Formulaire de contact


Easy Slider




Google Maps




Titre de page






Revolution Slider




Plan du site












Liste des taxonomies


Informations d’objets


Zone de Widget

Tous les thèmes sont adaptatifs et fonctionnent parfaitement sur les appareils mobiles. Tous nos thèmes sont fourni avec une assistance multilingue intégrée. Le panneau d’administration & le Page Builder sont entièrement traduits dans plusieurs langues. Tous les thèmes fonctionnent avec le plugin WooCommerce.

Plus de détails lire plus sur les fonctions du thème

Reconnu par des gens extraordinaires

Nous concevons des thèmes WordPress depuis 2008. Regardez ce que nos clients disent à propos de nos thèmes et de l'assistance après-vente.

Chargemente en cours de…

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Commentaires (44)

    1. Zlatko

      Hello again,
      we do not offer promo code, please kindly be aware of the source or domain, we do not offer promo codes.
      Best regards,

  1. jos


    Possible de créer 2 accès de compte, l’un customer et l’autre provider et de faire des abonnements en fonction des services proposés aux providers, job, booking….? exemple http://aonetheme.com/demo/

    Est-il prévu plus tard un système de réservation pour les annonceurs et devis en ligne par catégorie et ville exemple http://www.idgarage.com



    1. Zlatko

      Hello Jos,
      thanks for asking. am sorry, there doesn’t use such a functionality of the marketplace. Feel free to check wc-vendors.com plugin developed by a 3rd party /but not tested with our theme, we do not provide the support for this product/ You might find it useful.
      Secondly, advertisements can be added and managed by admin /we are intended to release Permission manager plugin that will allow to post ads by users/ and for detailed info please check pre-made custom post types: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/advertisements-post-type/
      and the element to display it: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/advertisements-element/
      Hope this will help.
      Kindest regards!

    2. jos


      merci beaucoup mais cela ne m’aide pas, vous répondez pour la marketplace et moi j’ai pas écrit de marketplace. Mais avoir la possibilité de plus d’option pour les annonceurs (Service providers) : Job, Booking, quote?

      Dommage que vous n’avez pas créé 2 comptes, un pour l’annonceur, l’autre pour le client.

      Beaucoup de bug 503 avec vos thèmes, voir un autre message.

      Vous indiquez theme traduit en 26 langues (26 langues : chaque thème est livré prêt à l’emploi dans votre langue ) https://www.ait-themes.club/fr/, dans mes thèmes j’ai que la langue EN en ficher po et mo. Donc ou sont les 26 fichiers de langues?


      1. Zlatko

        I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation
        https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/ | https://www.ait-themes.club/knowledge-base
        or post technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account https://system.ait-themes.club/support/
        Our technicians can answer most efficiently even much more quickly when you decide for priority question.
        If you bought Ait Themes product on Themeforest? Then you would need to register it on our Club to get support. At first you need purchase code from Themeforest. This has to be validate in our system. This is done automatically during the registration. Then you can post your technical question. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form: https://system.ait-themes.club/join/tf
        Ait-Themes team is ready to help you with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
        Thanks for understanding.
        theme is multilingual ready WITH Ait Languages plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/multilingual-support/ which is not included with the theme.

  2. jos


    La mise à jour a échoué : 503 Service Unavailable Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

    Que des bugs avec vos themes?

    Pas de problème sur le serveur


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Jos,
      please check hosting requirements or your hosting provider, we obviously do not have such an issue with the theme. Should you have further theme-regarding questions, please contact us via support forum!
      Best, Zlatko



    Je cherche à créer un site o je répertorie tous les coiffeurs afro de Paris. Avez vous un template qui me permet de réserver en ligne (agenda en ligne) pour une cliente et de payer aussi en ligne.
    Merci de votre réponse. (style macoiffureafro)
    fonctionnalité géolocalisation ou peut t’on tomber choisir directement son département (comme le bon coin)

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for interesting in Directory+ theme. We are sorry, there is no booking available – not possible perform reservation. Geolocation functionality is built-in theme.
      Thanks for understanding.

    1. Zlatko

      you can have Directory+ theme with AIT Languages plugin when you choose Directory membership, currently we offer the package for a special price 99,-USD. Here is how you can set French language in a few steps: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/work-with-languages-options-video-tutorial/
      Best regards!

  4. Marc

    I would like to buy this plugin which looks great.
    In fact, I am looking for a collaborative map for the users of my website. I would like them to upload locations and pictures of a specific area. Would this plugin be adaptable to my WordPress website (Theme: Evolve+)? Thanks

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Marc,
      Directory+ listing wordpress themes uses google maps only and we do not perform testing on compatibility with the other themes, in fact you can have working one theme /when multisite doesn’t run/. For import mass data /items custom post type/ we have CSV Import Export plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/csv-import-export
      Thanks for understanding.
      Best, Zlatko

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Jacky,
      thanks for interesting in our products. We have only Special Offers plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/special-offers/
      Please kindly have a look also at the documentation: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#special-offers-plugin

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Freddy,
      how could we help you?
      A common way we provide communication /in English/ to our audience can be performed by posted pre-sale questions via comments or private emails only on http://www.ait-themes.CLUB. To all of our subscribers we offer an access to our dedicated support forum where we are ready to help with any theme kind of issue during website building. Customer Support is provided Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Central European Time. The ticked system offer ajax search during writing the words throughout our knowledge base and documentation.

      Therefore, feel free to post your idea or any request here or via private email. We’ll be glad to hear from you again.

  5. Achille

    Bonjour, je veux créer un site web qui sera un annuaire de géolocalisation de magasins , de restaurants/hôtels et d’immobilier ou le visiteur peut faire des réservations du genre booking.com. Quel thème me proposez vous ?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Achille,

      thanks for interesting in directory products. We are sorry, no one of our directory themes use booking functionality. Perhaps you could customize theme with wcvendors.com plugin.
      Thanks for understanding.

      Kind regards!

  6. maziel

    On your site, I find only the full English version of directory +
    Can you tell me how to buy the full French version (not the full adesion)?

    Also, can you tell me if it is possible to add my own currency in addition to the official currencies in directory +? I would like to add a French local currency as (G1)

    thank you

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Maziel,
      thanks for asking. Yeah, each of our product comes in English version by default. Multilingual and Translated themes as well as Directory themes can be extended with AIT Languages plugin thanks to which you can have your website in any of available and supported languages (French is included):
      – https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-themes/#translated-multilingual-themes
      – https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-themes/directory-themes/
      AIT Languages plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/multilingual-support/
      How to set your language localization without performing the translation: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#multilingual-options . All you should translate is your content, images, etc.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards!

    1. Zlatko

      Please, check your theme/plugin versions with the latest one: You can get an access to supported theme/plugin version by using AIT Updater plugin for free -> https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-updater/ , the documentation you can find at https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#updater-plugin

      If it doesn’t help, I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/ | https://www.ait-themes.club/knowledgebase

      Should your issue still persists, Ait-Themes team is ready to help you with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form: https://system.ait-themes.club/join/tf and post your technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account https://system.ait-themes.club/support/ . In general support covers mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, if there is a bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are not capable working on user’s custom websites.
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible if you decide for the “priority question” service /you’ll get an answer within a few working hours/.
      Thanks for understanding.
      Kind regards!

  7. David


    I cannot configure the search engine. Whatever I write it’s always the same result.

    Where and how can I configure it to work ?

    Thank you very much for your help

    Best regards,


    1. Zlatko

      Hi David,
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation with video tutorials:

      for more detailed info please visit:
      https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/ | https://www.ait-themes.club/knowledgebase


      feel free to post technical question directly in our dedicated support ticket system. Please login into your account at https://system.ait-themes.club/support/.
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few working hours). Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      If you have bought Ait Themes product on Themeforest you should register on our Club to get support. First of all the purchase code from Themeforest should to be validated in our system. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form: https://system.ait-themes.club/join/tf

      Thanks for understanding.

  8. damien


    please make me your best proposal for https://www.ait-themes.club/themes-wordpress/directory/ with translation in french.

    I have to choose between yours and another solution.



    1. Zlatko

      Hello Damien,
      thanks for interesting in our products. Directory+ theme is extendable with AIT Languages plugin thanks to which you can have your website in French language. Once you are interesting to use the more compatible plugins from our portfolio you should consider to choose Full Membership package that is available for a special price $99,- excl. VAT if applicable.
      Kind regards!

  9. Ludovic


    quelle est la différence entre la version gratuite et la version payante ? car je ne comprends pas bien, je pensais qu’il y avait les plugins en plus mais à priori non 🙁

    merci d’avance

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Lufovic,
      thanks for asking.
      Free version of the theme doesn’t use AIT Toolkit plugin as well as AIT Shortcodes and can be used for non commercial purpose for unlimited time:
      – https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-elements-toolkit/
      – https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-shortcodes/
      (which means: no pre-made custom post types, no Elements to show them in Page Builder, search form without some functionality, no sidebars etc). All you can do with free theme version is setting of colors and some basic functionality, in fact theme is suitable for personal use only (not ready for commercial purpose, no technical support).
      Therefore, feel free to have a try our framework – administration of the theme -> i hope you’ll find the following article as useful. https://www.ait-themes.club/how-do-the-best-free-wordpress-themes-work/

      If you are interesting in the differences between the directories themes, please have a look at the article:
      Many useful information can be found also in the following article: https://www.ait-themes.club/step-by-step-tutorial-for-directory-listings-website/

      Thanks for your understanding.
      Have a great day!

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for asking. Yes, it is possible.
      After creating registration form: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/how-to-create-submit-listing-page/
      or https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/how-to-create-registration-and-login-page-using-directory-type-theme/ and setting the user’s packages: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/users-registration-packages-options/
      Once users are registered you give them an access to create and manage Items custom post type: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/items/
      You can help to all of your users when you introduce a nicer design of the WP administration by using Easy Admin plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/how-to-enable-easy-admin-in-directory-type-theme/ you can create an user friendly admin’s feel of look and comfortable navigation, which helps especially to all non-wordpress users in order simplify their work in WordPress administration. Please have a look at documentation files also at: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#easy-admin-plugin
      Should you be interesting to give your users the more ability in order to manage even the more custom post types, elements etc, please consider Permission Manager plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-permissions-manager/
      If you are interesting to learn a little bit more about how to run directory business, please have a look at the following articles: https://www.ait-themes.club/category/directory-features/
      Last but not least – Claim listing plugin was designed to give users ability take control over their listing: http://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/claim-listing/
      Many useful information can be found also in the following article: https://www.ait-themes.club/step-by-step-tutorial-for-directory-listings-website/
      Hope it will help.
      Kind regards!

  10. Emilie

    I don’t know where i can put my API key in Directory to fix the Google map problem.
    In the theme options there is a tab “Google” but just for Google analytic.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Emilie,

      thanks for contacting us. Please find the useful information available in our knowledge database:

      Should your issue still persists, please provide our Ait-Themes team with AIT SysInfo report: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-sysinfo/. Our technicians are ready to help you with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided during working days from 8am to 5pm Central European Time. If you have not created Ait Themes Club account yet, please use this form: https://system.ait-themes.club/join/tf and post your technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account https://system.ait-themes.club/support/ . In general support covers mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, if there is a bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are not capable working on user’s custom websites.
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible if you decide for the “priority question” service /you’ll get an answer within a few working hours/.
      Thanks for understanding.

  11. Emilie

    J’ai une vieille version de Directory Plus (1.32) et je ne peux pas la mettre à jour ni accéder au forum de support car je n’ai pas les codes (un webmaster – injoignable – avait installé le thème). http://www.lecollectifdesfestivals.org/annuaire/
    J’ai un problème de clé API Google Map : dans les options de thème, je n’ai pas de champs pour écrire ma clé, seulement celui de Google Analytics.

    Merci de m’aider à régler ce problème.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Emilie,
      thanks for contacting us back. We are sorry, the License is not transferrable to another person. Customer must not allow access of other persons to the login and password they received. Customer may only use the Theme for their client in case the Customer provides it to their client as a part of a project, not as an independent product.
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation with video tutorials:
      https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/ | https://www.ait-themes.club/knowledgebase

  12. David


    i bought directory theme last year. All was ok since few weeks. Now when I try to see EvenTPro, it is impossible to show them in categories, however I can seen them in the preview. Do i need to renew my account in fullmembership in order to fix this ?

    1. Zlatko

      Hi again,
      please check out my previous answer posted a while ago. Once you have expired account and you decide to update your website it would be better to renew your account thanks to which you’ll get an access to the further product updates valid for a 1 year.
      Best regards!

  13. David

    I Bought a year ago directory+ with fullmembership. All was ok since few month. Now, Impossible for me to see eventPro or specialOffer. Tell me if I need to buy fullmembership. It is important for me.


    1. Zlatko

      Hello David,
      thanks for contacting us back.
      Please, check your theme/plugin versions with the latest ones if you can: You should be able to get an access to supported theme/plugin version by using AIT Updater plugin for free -> https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/ait-updater/ , the documentation you can find at https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#updater-plugin
      Best regards!

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Clement,
      thanks for interesting in Directory+ theme. Yes, you can have this theme in French version by using AIT Languages plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/multilingual-support/
      Here you can find the step by step very easy procedure how to set up your French localization: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#multilingual-options
      Best regards!

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Clement,
      thanks for your comment. I am not sure whether i have understood you correctly, the theme comes as a single product in English version only. Once you are intended to create website in French, please consider AIT Languages plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/multilingual-support/
      The settings and documentation you’ll find at: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#multilingual-options
      Best regards!

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