Amazing Theme Features

Compose any website with a professional look. Our Responsive Wordpress themes contain multi-purpose universal elements and also unique features specially developed for given business. You can create all pages of your website easily with powerful admin & easy to use page builder. Check bellow the complete list of elements and features that you can start using straight away. Our Responsive WordPress themes include everything most business websites will ever need right out of the box.


We keep adding new theme features & improvements on a regular basis. We listen to our clients, follow web industry trends & always try to bring new ideas for you and your clients.

Website Layout and Colors at ONE PLACE

Customize look&feel of your website using various color pickers. Upload your logo, change the background and choose one of many predefined headers. You can customize everything without knowing any HTML&CSS.

  • General layout and colors for your website
  • Several header types are fully colorable by color pickers
  • Footer settings and colors
  • Sidebars & widget areas manager
  • Social icons generator for your social accounts
  • Admin branding for your clients

And many more…

Discover The Ait Administration

Everything was made to make your life easier. Write your content and focus on your core business. You don't need to be a web designer to compose a nice looking website. We've done this work for you.

Intuitive Website Settings

Layout & Main Dimensions

 Layout & Main Dimensions

Change your website width and left&right sidebar widths from the admin panel. Set up background, turn on/off effects. Without opening the CSS file or changing the template.

Colors & Styles

Color of almost every part of the website can be changed via admin panel. Use intuitive color pickers or upload custom backgrounds.

Colorize Your New Website


Widget Areas Manager


Sidebars & Widget Areas

Create an unlimited number of widget areas and sidebars. You can also place widget area into columns using Page Builder. No messy 3rd party plugin required as it’s all nicely integrated.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Intuitive for beginners, powerful for advanced users. Drag & drop available elements from the right hand side to your page. Build your content and adjust sidebars height. Everything is changeable from one place.

Most powerful Page Builder on the market. Everything on your page can be customized from one place. You can turn on/off sidebars, configure page title and page SEO. Build your page content using many available elements. Upload images or include videos.

  • Individual Page for Customization

    Every page can look differently and you can also customize pages like blog or 404 page.

  • 30+ Sortable Elements

    Over 30 useful business Elements beautifully styled and ready to be used anywhere.

  • Page Layout Settings

    Turn on/off left and right sidebar, enable or disable comments. Everything is manageable by Page Builder.

  • Columns for Your Page

    Structure your website content into up to 6 columns. Drag&drop element and it's done.

  • Unsortable Elements

    Configure eye catching Multi-layer Revolution Slider or various Page title options.

  • Basic & Advanced Settings

    Element settings are separated to Basic and Advanced tabs. You'll never get lost there.

Basic & Advanced Element Settings

All essential settings can be found in Basic Settings. All elements have default pre configuration, but you can however change those settings easily in the Page Builder. Advanced Settings can be used by web professionals to set up required margins or paddings, background colors or images.

How it Works?

  1. Choose the page in the list of Special and Normal Pages
  2. Drag the chosen element into the Sortable elements area or into the column of Columns element
  3. Set the layout of Columns and basic settings needed for dragged elements in the Basic tab
  4. Colorize your new element and set other advanced settings in the Advanced tab

Easy & Powerful

Intuitive for beginners, powerful for advanced users.


Comfortable Columns

You can create up to 6 columns of different width. Drag&drop elements into columns or move columns right or left.

Drag Element Into the Column

Columns element can be used anywhere on your page. You can for example create two 1/2 columns with text, then create three 1/3 columns with images. It’s only up to you what you need. No more messy shortcodes to learn, use your mouse to compose your page.

Basic Settings

Most basic settings anyone can configure in few clicks. Every element comes preconfigured by default. You can change all those settings.

Fast and Easy to Use

Choose category, select image dimensions or number of items you’d like to show. Turn on/off carousel or grid. You’ll instantly see the result. No need to contact a web designer or go into CSS file.

Advanced Settings

Professional web designers love these settings. You can configure various padding and margin settings or change color and backgrounds.

Colorize What You Need

Manage Your Sidebars as You Need for Perfect Layout

You can configure where left and right sidebars begin and end. Which elements will be full width and which will be inside them. Every page can have different sidebars. You can also turn them off completely. You can create unlimited number of sidebars in few clicks.

Truly great features and essential tools available only inside Ait Elements Toolkit plugin.

Empower your website with Full membership.

Who made it happen?

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