Columns Block


The Columns Block in WordPress is a versatile tool allowing you to create multi-column layouts within your posts or pages. This feature is part of the Gutenberg editor, which uses a block-based approach to content creation. The Columns Block enables you to organize content side by side, enhancing layout design and presentation.

How to Add a Columns Block

To add a Columns Block, you start by editing a post or page. Click on the ‘+’ button to bring up the block library. Search for “Columns” and click on it. WordPress then inserts a Columns Block into your page with a default two-column layout.

Customizing Columns

After adding the Columns Block, you can adjust the number of columns and their layout. Click on the block to reveal customization options. You can select predefined column patterns or manually adjust the number of columns. Each column within the block can be further customized independently.

Adding Content to Columns

Each column acts as a container for other blocks. You can add text, images, buttons, or any other blocks into your columns. Simply click inside a column and then add the desired block from the block library.

Styling Options

The Columns Block comes with various styling options. You can adjust the column gap, vertical alignment, and background colors. These settings are found in the right-hand sidebar under ‘Block settings’ when you have the Columns Block selected.

Responsive Behavior

One important aspect of the Columns Block is its responsiveness. The layout adjusts automatically for different screen sizes. On smaller screens, like mobile devices, columns typically stack vertically.

Advanced Customization

For more advanced users, additional customizations like custom CSS classes can be applied to the Columns Block. This allows for more precise control over the appearance and behavior of the columns on your website.

Best Practices

When using the Columns Block, it’s important to consider readability and mobile responsiveness. Avoid overcrowding columns with too much content. Also, regularly preview your layout on different devices to ensure it looks good and functions well across all platforms.


The WordPress Columns Block is a powerful feature for creating dynamic, multi-column layouts. Its ease of use and flexibility make it a valuable tool for website creators looking to enhance the design and functionality of their WordPress sites. Remember to experiment with different layouts and styles to find what works best for your content.