More Block

Introduction to WordPress More Block

WordPress More Block is a feature in the WordPress editor that allows you to truncate your blog posts on the home page or posts page. This is especially useful when you want to display only the beginning of posts to give readers a preview, encouraging them to click on the post to read more. The More Block is a simple, yet effective tool to create a cleaner, more engaging blog layout.

Using the More Block

Adding the More Block

To add a More Block to your post:

  1. Start by editing or creating a new post.
  2. In the post editor, click on the spot where you want to split your post.
  3. Click on the ‘+’ button (Block Inserter) and search for ‘More’.
  4. Click on the ‘More’ block to insert it into your post.

Customizing the More Block

The More Block comes with a default message ‘Read More’ that appears to your readers. You can customize this text to something more personalized:

  1. Click on the More Block in your editor.
  2. You will see the default ‘Read More’ text.
  3. Click on this text and edit it to your preferred message.

Visualizing the Effect of the More Block

On Your Website

After you insert the More Block and publish your post, this is how it will appear:

  • On your blog page, the post will show content up to the More Block.
  • A link or button with your custom or default ‘Read More’ text will be visible.
  • Clicking on this link will take the reader to the full post.

In the Editor

While you’re in the editor, the More Block appears as a dashed line with the ‘Read More’ tag. This is only a visual aid and won’t be visible on your blog page.

Best Practices for Using More Block


Place the More Block after a compelling introduction or summary. This ensures that your readers are intrigued enough to click and read further.


Be consistent with how you use the More Block across your posts. It helps in maintaining a uniform look on your blog page.

Custom Messages

Use engaging custom messages instead of the default ‘Read More’. Phrases like ‘Continue Reading’, ‘Find Out More’, or something more creative can be more effective.


The WordPress More Block is a simple yet powerful tool. It helps in organizing your content, making your website look clean and professional, while also enticing readers to engage more deeply with your content. Remember, the key is to balance the amount of content shown before the More Block to retain interest and improve user experience.