Blok med fodnoter

WordPress Footnotes Block er en funktion i WordPress-editoren, også kendt som Block Editor eller Gutenberg, der er designet til at hjælpe dig med nemt at tilføje fodnoter til dine indlæg eller sider. Fodnoter er nyttige til at give yderligere oplysninger, referencer eller citater uden at forstyrre hovedindholdet på din side. Her's...

Here’s how you can use the Footnotes Block in WordPress:

  1. Åbn editoren: When editing a post or page, you are typically in the Block Editor.
  2. Add the Footnotes Block:
    • Click on the “+” button to add a new block.
    • Search for “Footnotes” in the block search bar.
    • Click on the Footnotes Block to add it to your content.
  3. Add Your Footnote Content:
    • Once the block is added, you can type in your footnote text directly into the block.
    • Format the text as needed using the block’s toolbar (e.g., bold, italics).
  4. Referencing Footnotes in Text:
    • Typically, you would reference a footnote in your main content by adding a superscript number or symbol.
    • This reference isn’t automatically linked to the Footnotes Block, so you need to manually keep track of which footnote corresponds to which reference in your text.
  5. Placement of the Footnotes Block:
    • You can place the Footnotes Block anywhere in your post or page, but it’s conventional to put it at the end of your content.
  6. Forhåndsvisning og udgivelse:
    • After adding your footnotes, preview your post or page to see how they appear.
    • When satisfied, publish or update your post/page.

The Footnotes Block is a simple way to add extra information without disrupting the flow of your main content.