Quote block

The WordPress Quote block is a feature in the WordPress editor, which allows you to highlight text as a quotation in your posts or pages. It’s particularly useful for drawing attention to a specific piece of text, like a notable saying, testimonial, or an excerpt from a book or article. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Accessing the Quote Block:
    • While editing a post or page, click on the “+” button to add a new block.
    • Search for “Quote” in the block search field, or find it under the ‘Text’ category.
  2. Using the Quote Block:
    • Once you add the Quote block, you can type or paste the text you want to quote directly into it.
    • The block usually differentiates the quoted text from the rest of your content by using italics, a larger font size, or a different font style.
  3. Styling Variations:
    • The Quote block may have different styles or variations. You can explore these by selecting the block and then looking for ‘Styles’ or ‘Block settings’ in the sidebar.
  4. Preview and Publish:
    • Always preview your post or page to see how the quote looks within your content.
    • Once satisfied, you can publish or update your post/page.

The Quote block is a simple yet powerful tool to make certain parts of your text stand out and give your content a more professional and engaging look.