WordPress Audio Block er en funktion i WordPress, der giver dig mulighed for nemt at integrere lydfiler i dine indlæg eller sider. Det er især nyttigt, hvis du vil dele musik, podcasts eller andet lydindhold direkte på din hjemmeside. Her'er en enkel guide til, hvordan du bruger...

  1. Access the Post or Page Editor: First, log into your WordPress dashboard and either create a new post/page or edit an existing one.
  2. Add the Audio Block: Click on the ‘+’ icon (Block Inserter) usually found at the top left of the editor or in the body of the editor. Search for ‘Audio’ in the block search bar, and click on the Audio Block to add it to your post/page.
  3. Upload or Select Audio File:
    • Upload: You can upload an audio file directly from your computer. Click on ‘Upload’ and select the audio file you wish to add.
    • Mediebibliotek: If your audio file is already uploaded to your WordPress Media Library, you can select it from there.
    • Insert from URL: If your audio file is hosted elsewhere online, you can use the URL option to embed it. Just paste the direct link to the audio file.
  4. Customize the Audio Block: Once the audio file is inserted, you can customize it. There are options to:
    • Autoplay the audio when visitors open the page.
    • Loop the audio.
    • Preload the audio when the page loads (can be set to none, auto, or metadata).
  5. Publish or Update Your Post/Page: After adding and customizing your audio block, you can publish the post or page, or update it if it’s already published.
  6. View and Test: It’s always a good idea to view your post or page after publishing to make sure the audio plays correctly.

The Audio Block is a straightforward and effective way to add audio content to your WordPress site without needing extra plugins or complicated setups. Just remember to use audio files responsibly and ensure you have the rights to share any audio content you upload.