Hva er Citadela-spesialsider?

Hva er Citadela-spesialsider?

Citadela plugins extend the default WordPress CMS system with what we call “Special Pages”. These pages are automatic pages that can be configured with Gutenberg and work with dynamic data sets. It might sound not very easy, but it’s not. Please let me explain further.

Many websites include pages that hold similar information. Almost every website has a blog. The blog post is one of the information you wish to display similarly, but you would like to have some control over the layout.

And this is why we invented “Special Pages”. You can configure the “template” how every blog post detail looks like. Special Pages use special dynamic blocks to print, for example, blog post title or blog post content. 

Citadela currently has 6 special pages:

  • Detaljside for varen
  • Søkeresultater i katalogen
  • Directory Category Page
  • Directory Location Page
  • Søkeresultater for innlegg
  • Bloggside

I think that names are pretty self-explanatory. If you wish to set how the Directory item detail should look, edit “Item Detail Page”. Because Citadela is a proper block-based WordPress theme, everything can be set and configured with WordPress Blocks. 

Documentation for Citadela Pro plugin – Special Pages

Documentation for Citadela Directory plugin – Special Pages

I think you all know where WordPress is heading. Everything that is you the website will be a block and will be controlled with WordPress block editor. Citadela is a modern WordPress theme that is already prepared for future WordPress releases.