Verse Block

The WordPress Verse Block is a feature in the WordPress block editor, designed for adding poetry, song lyrics, or any other content that benefits from a specific, pre-formatted styling. This block is especially useful for content where the spacing and line breaks are crucial to the meaning or aesthetic of the text.

Here’s how to use the Verse Block:

  1. Accessing the Block Editor: When you’re editing a post or page, you’re in the block editor.
  2. Adding the Verse Block: Click on the “+” button (block inserter) in the top toolbar or in the body of your editor. Search for “Verse” and click on the Verse Block to add it to your post or page.
  3. Entering Text: Once the block is added, you can type or paste your text directly into it.
  4. Styling and Formatting: The Verse Block maintains the spacing and line breaks that you input. However, it doesn’t offer rich text formatting options like bold or italic. It’s meant for plain text but formatted in a way that respects white space and line breaks.
  5. Additional Settings: In the block settings (on the right-hand side), you can adjust the typography, including font size, and add additional CSS classes if you’re familiar with CSS.
  6. Preview and Publish: Always preview your post or page to see how the verse looks on your site. If everything looks good, go ahead and publish.

The Verse Block is a simple yet effective tool for poets, songwriters, or anyone who wants to present text in a more artistic and precise format. It’s particularly useful for content where the conventional paragraph structure doesn’t suffice.