List Block

The WordPress List Block is a feature in the WordPress editor, often referred to as the Gutenberg editor, that allows you to create and format lists within your posts or pages. It’s a handy tool for organizing information in a clear, easy-to-read manner. Here’s a simple guide on how it works:

  1. Accessing the List Block:
    • When you’re editing a post or page, click on the spot where you want to insert a list.
    • Click on the “+” (plus) button to add a new block.
    • Search for “List” in the block search box, or find it in the Common Blocks category.
    • Click on the List Block to add it to your post or page.
  2. Creating a List:
    • Once you’ve added the List Block, you can start typing your list items.
    • Press “Enter” to create a new list item.
    • If you want to create a sub-item (nested list), press “Tab” on your keyboard while your cursor is at the start of a new list item. To reverse this (outdent), press “Shift+Tab”.
  3. List Types:
    • The List Block allows you to choose between unordered lists (bullets) and ordered lists (numbers).
    • You can switch between these two types by clicking on the block toolbar that appears above the List Block when you’re editing it.
  4. Formatting Options:
    • You can also format your list text using the block toolbar, such as making text bold, italic, adding links, or changing the text size.

The List Block is a simple yet versatile tool, great for creating step-by-step instructions, summarizing points, or organizing information in a structured format. It’s particularly useful for enhancing the readability of your content and making it more engaging for your readers.