Kuvien galleria ja kohteiden galleria lohko

You can display the images gallery on Item Detail Page. The images gallery shows additional images in addition to Item Featured Image. The process has two steps.

  1. Add images gallery: Items -> Item Options -> Images gallery
  2. Show images gallery: Citadela Special Pages -> Item Gallery block

How to add image gallery for items?

You need to add images for items and also the Item Gallery block in the Special Pages section for Item Detail Page, which is automatically generated for each item.

Go to Items and press Add New or Edit you can add information. Images can be uploaded while editing the item into Item Options section. Once you save changes you can move to second step.

How to display images gallery for each item?

Once you have added the item’s images, you can display the gallery on any position on Tuotteen yksityiskohtainen sivu. The specific Kohteen galleria block shows the image gallery of the Kohteen viesti.

  1. Siirry osoitteeseen Citadela Erityissivut
  2. Muokkaa Tuotteen yksityiskohtainen sivu
  3. Add Kohteen galleria block and make adjustments

Gallery block has various layout and design settings. For example image size, color configuration, carousel options etc.

Item Gallery Block is available only on Erikoissivu kohteen yksityiskohdista or inside Item with Gutenberg editor turned on.