Zašto je Citadela bolji od Avade, Divi ili Elementora?

Zašto je Citadela bolji od Avade, Divi ili Elementora?

Web design agencies are already shifting their websites from Divi or Elementor page builders to Gutenberg. There are several key factors why you should be doing too.

The Gutenberg page builder has already been here for two years. With its first release, we have already seen its big future. Gutenberg is what was WordPress missing for years. We have instantly started working on the Citadela theme and plugins to create the best block-based Gutenberg solution for our clients.

Why is Citadela & Gutenberg better?


Gutenberg page builder is part of WordPress code. The way it’s developed and designed, it’s extremely fast. Working with Gutenberg is quick. Pages and posts load faster. Google loves websites built on Gutenberg.

More trusted

As Gutenberg is a part of WordPress, there are thousands of developers who take care of it. The development speed of the new features or fixing bugs is unparalleled to any other page builder on the market.

Easy to learn

Gutenberg has become a standard when creating a new website. If you already know it, there’s nothing new to learn. If you would like to extend your knowledge, there are thousands of articles or videos available.


Blocks based themes and plugins are inter-compatible. Therefore, you can use most modern plugins with Citadela or use Citadela Blocks or Citadela Directory in other block-based themes. That’s the beauty.

Pogodan za programere

As there are strict rules on how to write code for Gutenberg, everything is very standardized. You can therefore extend the theme or plugin or hire a company to do it. It’s easy to work with, and you will save time and money.

Let us know what’s your experience with Gutenberg and how it helped you with your website, guys.

3 misli o “Why is Citadela better than Avada, Divi or Elementor?

  1. Zdravo,

    the worst thing is the stick to fixed block layouts.
    No possibility to add dynamic content from custom fields in the directory items special pages.

    Loading both map variation on every page is not really optimal.

    I love CITADELA but there is a lot of work to do!


    1. Pozdrav Denis,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yeah, we are aware of some issues and therefore keep working hard on it.

      Ugodan dan!
      AIT tim

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