Najbolja Craftsman WordPress tema

Najbolja Craftsman WordPress tema

Citadela Craftsman WordPress layout is our best craftsman WordPress theme. It includes easy to use portfolio features and galleries ideal for craftsman websites. Please have a look at the live preview to see how it looks.

This post will walk through all craftsman web pages that will help you create a perfect craftsman web presentation.

Homepage of Craftsman WordPress Theme

The header section of the craftsman WordPress theme comprises a large image of artisans at work with a strong call-to-action button. Your visitors can call you directly from the browser if they are browsing the craftsman website via mobile devices.

Craftsman homepage header

Below the header section, there are craftsman website sections where visitors can learn more about individual products or services. You can also showcase projects on the WordPress theme for craftsman using the Citadela Listing portfolio feature. We will talk about it later.

Craftsman website categories

The Craftsman WordPress layout also uses WooCommerce to sell products. Citadela theme fully supports the WooCommerce plugin and payment gateways. Everything is nicely styled. The only thing you need to do to sell via WordPress theme for craftsman is to install the plugin.

Craftsman WordPress theme products

Showcasing services on the craftsman website

The Services craftsman page is pretty unique. There are various layout styles that you can use to present craftsman service. The Craftsman WordPress theme uses Gutenberg and WordPress blocks. You do not need to learn anything new. You do not need to read any long manuals or watch instruction videos.

Craftsman WordPress theme services

Projects & gallery on craftsman website

Citadela Listing plugin together with Citadela theme is an ideal solution to present projects. It will make your craftsman website easy to read and administer. Each project has an Item with a detailed page. You can add a gallery to each project, add information such as price, year of construction and so on.

Craftsman WordPress theme projects

Showing project detail craftsman website

Citadela Listing plugin is a universal plugin that you can use to create a listing website. Because your projects are individual items, each project on a craftsman website has its page. You have complete control over the layout structure. Using Citadela special pages, you can define the portfolio item layout once, and all portfolio items will look the same.

Craftsman WordPress theme project detail

Craftsman Online shop

WooCommerce plugin with Citadela theme is the best eCommerce solution you can use for your craftsman website. WooCommerce is modern and has many plugins that you can use to make your craftsman website.

Craftsman online store

Product detail page on craftsman website

Standard WooCommerce product page nicely adapts to your craftsman website. It inherits the colours and styles of your website. Everything in the Citadela Craftsman website layout is straightforward to use. You do not need any coding or web design knowledge to make a beautiful craftsman website.

Craftsman website product detail

Craftsman contact page

The contact page of your craftsman WordPress theme shows all critical contact information right in the header. Below the title section, there is an interactive map and links to social networks.

Blog in WordPress theme for Craftsman

Today, blogs should be a part of all craftsman websites. You can post to your blog information about your new products or any cratsmanship related information. The left-hand side of the blog is dedicated to featured products from your online craftsman shop.

craftsman WordPress theme blog

Blog post in WordPress theme for craftsman

Writing blog posts is thanks to Gutenberg and WordPress blocks very easy. You can compose your blog posts of text, images, gallery or even interactive maps. Your craftsman website will be a good source of information for your visitors and customers.

Craftsman WordPress theme blog post

As you can see, Citadela is the BEST Craftsman WordPress theme. The best part is that Citadela WordPress theme is a free theme you can download and use without any limitations, even for commercial websites. You can test our Citadela WordPress theme for free and then extend it with premium plugins such as Citadela Pro, Citadela blokovi i Citadela Listing.

Our entire premium Citadela package only costs a few $$. It includes everything you need to create a successful craftsman website.