Media & Text Block

The WordPress Media & Text Block is a feature in the WordPress block editor, also known as Gutenberg. It allows you to place an image or video side by side with a block of text. This block is handy for creating layouts where you want to combine media with text in a clean, aligned way. It’s often used on homepages, landing pages, or in blog posts to enhance the visual appeal and break up large chunks of text.

Here’s how you can use the Media & Text Block:

  1. Add the Block: In your WordPress editor, click on the ‘+’ button to add a new block. Search for ‘Media & Text’ and click on it to add it to your page or post.
  2. Choose Media: Once the block is added, you can upload or select an image or video from your media library to display in the block.
  3. Add and Format Text: On the other side of the media, you can type your text. This text is fully customizable – you can change its font size, color, alignment, and more.
  4. Adjust Layout: You can adjust the layout by changing the media-to-text ratio, stacking them on mobile devices, or reversing the order.
  5. Add Links and Buttons: If needed, you can also add links or buttons to the text side of the block, making it interactive.

This block is useful for creating engaging layouts without needing to know HTML or CSS, making it ideal for beginners or those who want to quickly put together attractive content.