Your chance to make your own business with WordPress

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Updated: February 6, 2020
Your chance to make your own business with WordPress

We’re super happy about your feedback, guys. Thanks a lot for all your questions. Let’s get you some answers.

Q: As you said, this project has been running for eight years and you put hundreds of hours into it. But it is not enough. You need to create gut quality content and keep it up to date. That means more money. Last but not least: you have to pay for advertisement. The good texts, the original idea is not enough. You need to advertise your site in google, in Social Networks, grow your visitor’s basis to make them comeback.

A: Hey Rafael, Great comment. I definitely agree with you, your website needs to get significant traffic in order to be successfully monetized. I feel obligated to mention now that we’ve never run any ads to promote our website. The thing was that the content and niche of the website was so unique, nobody else was doing it – and supply vs. demand played in our favour, as we mentioned in parts 1 and 2. Google maps were just starting at that time and it was completely new thing for visitors. Also as we didn’t need to pay a 3rd party developer to do the programming, so yes, it was a certain value, but it was not that expensive to develop it either. After all, we consider being it a successful project. It was generating revenue for us but the most important part is that we’ve learned a lot of new things while running this portal.

Q: This continues to be a very interesting case study. Which of your themes would be best suited for a similar project nowadays?

A: Thanks a lot for your questions, Julien! This is, however, THE question of our case study. However, I invite you – and everyone else – to read our final part of our case study and you’ll get the idea 🙂

In previous blogposts, we talked about our side project that earned us passively more than $90.000. We’ve talked about Google AdSense being one of the best option to monetize your popular websites. But lets provide you with some rock-solid examples.

Check out some of our Google Analytics and AdSense examples below. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired.

Google Analytics and AdSense over years

Analytics full months

Adsense full months


Google Analytics and AdSense details

Analytics 2010 days

Adsense 2010 days

However, there’s one catch: you need to build a website that will attract people, a website that generates enough traffic. How to do that? Well, the best way of doing that is to find a weak spot on the market and make use of it, just like we did it with our camping portal. We admit, this is not so easy anymore thanks to a massive competition driven market.

Nowadays, it’s far more easier to create various product websites. Although the competition is high, you don’t have to spent unimaginable amount of hours creating a complex website that provides users with pin-point information about camps in your county – or about anything else.

“Nowadays, it’s far more easier to create various product websites.

We’ve already talked about how we’ve managed to utilize the brand new technology blooming years ago, Google Maps, to create a unique product on a non-existent market. To survive the competition, to strive and to prosper for years you must find something that’s totally unique. Something that brings new dimensions to the market you’re in.

You need to look for various ways to distinguish yourself from your competition. Maybe you can provide new and critical added value for your users, just like we’ve done it, by making our website multilingual over the years. Would you like to have your local business’ website in 12 languages? Well, that’s not such a big deal anymore. You can thank us later 🙂

“How to distinguish? Maybe you can provide a new and critical added value for your users, just like we’ve made our website multilingual over the years.

Today you don’t have to spend insane hours developing new and interesting features in order to be able to distinguish yourself from the competition. And just one such feature won’t be enough. That’s why we’ve created our Full Membership that includes all our portal themes and plugins. You can choose which one suits your business idea the most or even create multiple portals.

This is your opportunity to create your very own local or even global business. With our best WordPress directory themes, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

So, don’t waste your chance of making your very own business. If you wait too long, someone else might take it from you.

As always, don’t hesitate to leave your feedback and questions below. I’m ready to provide you with answers.

Best, Martin

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