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Citadela WordPress Listing plugin knows everything you need to turn your standard website into directory portal. It will allow you to add unlimited listing items, categorize them to locations and categories. You can show them on map, filter and search. Everything is nicely integrated to WordPress block editor. This WordPress Listing plugin can be used with any WordPress theme compatible with blocks editor.

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Spice up your Business Website or Blog with Directory Features

Thanks to Citadela Directory plugin, you can turn Citadela and any standard WordPress theme into Directory theme. Create Directory portal, Business directory, Listing website, Local guide and much more. Or you can add directory features to ANY ordinary WordPress website. Simply activate the plugin and start using all unique directory blocks.


“The only limit is your creativity”
Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress

Fast to set up

Easy to manage

Simple to learn for beginners

Familiar for advanced users

Standard for developers

The code follows WordPress best practices

Create Directory Website with Avada, Divi or any other WordPress theme.

Outstanding compatibility will let you add Directory Blocks to any modern, well-coded WordPress theme. Citadela Directory Plugin contains nothing but standard WordPress code and follows WordPress best practices. It lets you easily create posts and pages with pins on the map, categories & search.

Layout variability

Default arrangement of blocks can be changed as you like. Remove blocks you don’t need, add more blocks and move them around the page. With blocks, layout variability of any page on your website is truly outstanding.

Straight-forward block settings

Block Toolbar & Inspector are two places where you find most of your setting, even those previously found in Theme Options. This change has made settings easily accessible and very convenient to work with.

Directory blocks in Blog Posts?

This is something that wasn’t possible before. You can use some of the directory elements within a Blog Post. Imagine how awesome your blog would be with a map, item lists and search forms. Outrank your competitors with this new, unique and appealing approach.

Directory WordPress Blocks

Added by Citadela Directory Plugin

WordPress block editor called Gutenberg has changed the way websites are built. Better compatibility, wide universal use, more customization, great, time proven features & functionalities – all in one place, in a form of blocks. That’s amazing!

Special directory pages

Generated automatically by Citadela Directory Plugin

Search results

Item detail page

Item category page

Item location page

More reasons to get Citadela Directory Plugin


Responsive design for all screen sizes


Increase in website speed


Ready for SEO


Inspired by our epic directory themes

Directory+, Business Finder+, Event Guide, City Guide & FoodGuide

With more than 247k+ sales

We’re listening to your feedback regarding directory features since 2013, that’s when our first Directory theme has been released.

It’s 6 years of improvements based on real life experiences from people like you.

Migrations from our current directory themes

Already have a listing website filled with items? Smooth, automatic migration from FrameWork 2 Ait themes Directory+, Business Finder+, Event Guide, Food Guide and City Guide is included in Citadela Listing. There’s no risk, your original data will remain intact and you can switch back to your previous theme if you like, too.


There’ll be more soon…

Citadela Directory Plugin has started off with the most essential functionality necessary for building good quality website, whether it is business or listing. However, this plugin will grow to include blocks that will enable you to build much more sophisticated directory portals or business listings. We’re working on superior search forms & filters, block for reviews as well as more functionalities for events listing.

Citadela Directory plugin is currently not compatible with Elementor Page Builder. Plugin will be compatible with Elementor in the future.

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