Next generation of directory functionality

What do you need?

Citadela Worpress Theme

+ Citadela Directory Plugin

+ Citadela PRO Plugin

+ Citadela Blocks Plugin

WordPress block editor

Directory features are implemented via special WordPress blocks. Add them to your website and customize them the way you like. WordPress block editor lets you create your website easily, effectively and without any coding knowledge.

WPML compatible

Add more languages and localize your website. Multi language listing portal can be created with a little help of the WordPress multilingual plugin WPML.


Citadela Listing is as fast as a WordPress website can be. Unique way of building your directory website through installing Citadela WordPress theme and then activating plugins Citadela Blocks & Citadela Directory ensures there’s nothing to slow your website down.

SEO friendly

Your website created with Citadela Listing is ready to be optimized for search engines. It’s well coded and transparent. It’s also fully compatible with YOAST plugin which can give you some practical SEO tips for writing better content.


Listing websites are often used on the way. They need to look great anytime, anywhere. Don’t worry, with Citadela Listing, you’ve got all devices covered!

Wonderful features that attract web visitors

Citadela Listing will guide you through the process of building an awesome website. Using block for directory features is a more convenient way of building a listing portal. Directory blocks can be arranged, customized and styled. Many of them you can add to any page or even into a blog post on your website.


List an unlimited number of items. Easily searchable, with all important information at hand.


Item location is the most essential piece of information in order to deliver relevant search results.


Organize your items into categories & subcategories. Create category pages with the description.


Map, nicely styled & colored, with displayed items improves web visitor’s orientation – one more reason to love your website.

Special directory blocks

Directory search form, items list, categories list, item detail or search results and more.

Directory features for “ordinary” websites?

Enrich your website with directory features even if it’s not a listing portal nor business directory. Every website could benefit from items, categories and locations. Well arranged detailed information add a great value to your website.

Business website

List your branches and show them on the map.

Travel Blog

Show all the places you’ve been to and wrote about.


Schools, evening classes or courses? I’m sure people would like to find the nearest location to study their favourite subject.

Community projects

Tell us who collaborated and what you’ve accomplished. Put it all on the map to build up positive feelings about your local community.


Chain of hotels that need to be listed on the map? Or want to show your guests nearby places to see? We have a solution…


Display upcoming events by locations and add more information about each event in Item Detail.

Food Blog

Recommend your favourite restaurants or display places where you like to shop for the best ingredients.


Wedding venue and ceremony or church location will shine right at the visitors of your perfect wedding website.

There’s more on the way...

We’re constantly developing new features and improving existing ones in order to bring you better web-building solution for your Directory or Listing website. At the moment, we’re working on full compatibility of Citadela Directory plugin with Elementor Page Builder. Our next step will be adding more advanced features such as item extensions, reviews, get directions, advanced filter, advanced search and more. As soon as a new feature is ready you’ll get it in the next update.

Migrations from our current directory themes

Already have a listing website filled with items? Smooth, automatic migration from FrameWork 2 Ait themes Directory+, Business Finder+, Event Guide, Food Guide and City Guide is included in Citadela Listing. There’s no risk, your original data will remain intact and you can switch back to your previous theme if you like, too.

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