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Custom made blocks for WordPress editor
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Perfectly Compatible

Citadela Blocks Plugin has been designed for WordPress Block Editor called Gutenberg. It’s compatible with all modern WordPress themes built on WordPress 5.2 and above.


Standard but New

Plugin is coded on standard WordPress principles, yet, its WordPress blocks are new and unique. They send you on a new course towards your website built block by block, tailor made to fit your needs.

Stable but versatile

WordPress block editor lets you move blocks around the page, rearrange & restyle them the way you want. At the same time it will make sure your web design beautifully holds together.

Enjoy the freedom!

Modern but classic

Building website out of blocks is a state-of-the-art approach to web creation.

Citadela Blocks are designed with your web visitors in mind.
Reflecting the most needed types of content.


Custom Page Title

Who says that a page title has to be at the top of the website? Custom page title block will let you build new layouts of your website. Use this block to add title and subtitle to your page and place it where it fits the best.



Stylish way to present your services. Service block contains icon, title and description. You can customize its background and font color, insert a link to another page or even add a custom CSS. This block is widely used.



Group of blocks that lets you wrap up several different blocks into one neatly styled section on your website. Choose alignment, background image and color and start adding different blocks into your unique Cluster block.


Price table

The block gives you a transparent form of packages presentation. Display your offer in an elegant table, show the best deal or discount price. Add package description and feature. Link to any page you need. Detail presentation or shopping basket. Color settings are available for header and button.


Responsive Spacer

This block creates space between other blocks. It has a custom setting. Choose your high unit in px, vw, rem, em or %. Set up the hight of space you would like to add. For mobile devices with a screen smaller than 600px, you can decide to hide this space completely.


Opening hours

Use this block and show business hours. Choose from the list or box layout. The hour’s format is up to you. Use text, numbers and set the box width. You can decide to hide the empty days (weekend, closed day). Color settings allow you to set separately Day title, Day hours and Lines color as well.


Responsive Text

Responsive Text block brings a perfect way how to play with typography. You can customize only one title or text with a specific font, size and spacing. Even more, you can set up this block in a different way for desktop and mobile devices.


Automatic Updates

Almost every week we release new features or bug fixes. To run a website on Citadela smoother, we have developed automatic updates for each product. You only need an API key for your domain, and everything runs smoothly.

Proven over the past decade

After more than 10 years of experience with WordPress themes development we know what features your website needs. That’s the reason why we’re creating blocks that are especially made for certain types of content and there are many more to come.

Coming soon…

Our plans for Citadela Blocks Plugin are big! We want to keep working on it over the next couple of years. However, to offer you a sneak peek, here are some blocks we’re building for you already: Job offers, Pricing table, FAQ, Testimonials, Members and Partners. We’ll be adding more blocks to Citadela Blocks Plugin soon so keep an eye on updates.

Citadela Blocks plugin is not compatible with Elementor Page Builder.

Who made it happen?

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