Citadela Directory Lite WordPress Plugin

Adds basic directory blocks & features to any WordPress theme
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Citadela Directory Lite plugin allows you to add map with listing items to your WordPress website. Lite plugin is fully functional but only includes basic functionality. You can start with Lite version and use it without any limitations.


Differences between Lite and full version of Citadela Directory plugin

You can start with Lite version and use it without any limitations. If you need more features, simply upgrade to full version of the Citadela Directory plugin. You will not loose any data during upgrade process.


Listing items
Item detail page
Grid with items
OpenstreetMap with items
Carousel with items
Google map with items
Google Street view
Google Business view
Google 3d view
Colorized Google map
Editable item icon and color
Google Rich Snippets
Item search by keyword
Item search by category & location
Item Categories
Item Locations
Blog Posts on map
Editable item detail in Gutenberg
Featured item
Opening hours
Contact owner form
Easy Admin
Paid listings
WooCommerce payment integration
Subscription payments
Special listing widget areas

Citadela Directory Lite

Citadela Directory Full version

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