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Let your visitors or customers contact you faster. Quick Comments provides you with fixed panel visible on all pages so visitors can contact you immediately. It’s the simplest way of getting in touch while using WordPress default comments. Therefore there is no additional or separated database and everything is in one place.

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上次更新May 24, 2018
WordPress 5.x
已翻译语言 27
兼容浏览器 IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
布局 响应式
遵从GDPR yes
v3.0 May 24, 2018
- Added: User's consent with newsletter subscription logged in database
- Added: MailChimp integration - new subscribers are automatically added to MailChimp
v2.25 April 6, 2017
- Update: Fix rel paths for translations
v2.24 January 20, 2017
- Fix: W3C Validation errors
v2.23 January 12, 2017
- Added: Multilanguage support for inputs
v2.22 December 1, 2016
- Fix: Admin scripts enqueue hook conditions
v2.21 October 24, 2016
- Update: Plugin compatibility 
v2.20 October 10, 2016
- New: Redesign of plugin admin page
- Update: POT translation files
v2.19 July 14, 2016
- Update: Captcha loading by ajax because of caching plugins
v2.18 June 9, 2016
- Update: Updated captcha library
v2.17 November 10, 2015
- Update: Updated pot translation files
v2.16 November 3, 2015
- Fixed: Email notification comment link
v2.15 October 27, 2015
- Fixed: Admin comment reply notification address
v2.14 October 15, 2015
- Updated: Updated admin body classes
v2.13 October 13, 2015
- Updated: Updated admin ajax
v2.12 October 6, 2015
- Updated: Updated admin layout
v2.11 September 29, 2015
- Fix: Plugin notice on activation
v2.10 August 25, 2015
- Updated: Responsive fix
v2.9 August 11, 2015
- Updated: Frontend css
v2.8 August 6, 2015
- Fix: Fixed loading of translations on admin pages
v2.7 July 7, 2015
- Update: Updated pot translation files
- Update: All translations are now handled by AIT Languages plugin
v2.6 June 9, 2015
- Updated: Admin javascripts
v2.5 May 26, 2015
- Added: Attribute escaping
v2.4 April 28, 2015
- Added: Translations in 23 languages
v2.3 April 21, 2015
- Fixed: Settings lost on activation / deactivation
- Added: Enable / Disable private message checkbox in the form
- Added: Enable / Disable default checked state of the private message checkbox
- Added: Form classes for further styling
v2.2 April 8, 2015
- Fixed: Escaping for content
- Fixed: Content formatting
v2.1 March 27, 2015
- Added: Email notification display name from currently logged in user
- Added: Private message subject tag support [name], [excerpt]
- Updated: Style for non ait wordpress theme
- Updated: Admin subscribers export displayed always
- Updated: Captcha load by ajax on init
v2.0 March 25, 2015
- Added: Admin reply notifications
- Added: Private messaging support
- Added: Subscription functionality
v1.1 February 24, 2015
- Fixed url to ait.admin.js file.
v1.0 December 23, 2014
Plugin release.


  • 用户不必在整个网页寻找联系方式或评论表单


  • 插件使用默认 WordPress 评论系统


  • 快速评论面板完全可定制


  • 品牌


  • 管理人员电子邮件通知


  • 用户回复通知


  • 个人信息


  • 新闻资讯订阅


  • GDPR ready plugin

    In this plugin there’s possibility to explain the purpose of user’s data collection

  • MailChimp Integration

    Plugin can be linked to the MailChimp account via MailChimp API





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