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Migrate content of your Directory or Business Finder based portals with ease to City Guide theme. This plugin prevents your from copying items, categories, locations, etc. manually.

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已创建January 16, 2015
上次更新December 7, 2017
WordPress 4.9.x
已翻译语言 27
兼容浏览器 IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
遵从GDPR yes
v2.10 December 7, 2017
- Update: Fixed migration of posts and terms from WPML to AIT Languages plugin
v2.9 October 24, 2016
- Update: Plugin compatibility 
v2.8 October 10, 2016
- New: Redesign of plugin admin page
- Update: POT translation files
v2.7 June 2, 2016
- Added: Support for BusinessFinder+ theme
- Added: Migration of special offers to new format
v2.6 April 12, 2016
- Added: Migration support for foodguide theme
- Update: Updated POT translation files
v2.5 March 22, 2016
- Fixed: Post WPML translations migration to correct language
v2.4 February 4, 2016
- Updated: Plugin activation, on activation plugin checks for supported themes
- Updated: Map address, removed characters breaking javascript after migration
v2.3 January 21, 2016
- Updated: Migrating item meta for cityguide theme
- Added: Maping functions for eventguide theme
- Fixed: Fixed web address meta option. Automatically adding http:// when missing
- Fixed: Address conversion to utf-8 encoding
v2.2 November 24, 2015
- Updated: Updated automatic item counts
- Updated: Updated item queries
v2.1 November 12, 2015
- Updated: Updated log file location
- Fixed: Admin notices on plugin activation
v2.0 November 3, 2015
- Updated: Plugin refactored
- Updated: Updated migration functions
- Updated: Updated ui
- Added: Migration progress log file
v0.10 August 18, 2015
- Fix: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ait-directory-migrations/admin/migratePage.php on line 255
- Fix: Icons from Item's Categories and Locations migrates properly now
- Tweak: UI and UX improvements
v0.9 July 7, 2015
- Update: Updated pot translation files
v0.8 July 1, 2015
- Fixed: Escaping cyrilic characters
- Update: All translations are now handled by AIT Languages plugin
v0.7 June 2, 2015
- Added: Translations in 24 languages
v0.6 April 21, 2015
- Tweak: normalized names of files and text domains
v0.5 February 12, 2015
fix: featured images migration
v0.4 February 10, 2015
- skip existing post
- users migration
v0.3 February 4, 2015
- reviews migration
- fixes
v0.2 January 21, 2015
update plugin structure
v0.1 January 16, 2015
release beta version


  • 将您旧的数据从目录和企业探测器主题移动到我们新的目录主题
  • 您可以对项目、项目类别、项目位置和评论进行移动(必须已经安装过项目评论)
  • 将您现有的用户移动到新的包中
  • 从您经过 WPML 翻译的网站进行移动的 WPML 兼容性(必须已经安装过AIT 语言插件)
  • 如果出错了,整个过程的日志文件在进行移动自始至终均可以使用





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