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Customize Citadela colors, fonts and layout
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上次更新July 23, 2021
WordPress 5.x
已翻译语言 27
兼容浏览器 IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
布局 响应式
遵从GDPR yes
v4.2.1 July 23, 2021
* Fix: Functionality for collapsible footer widgets area.
* Update: Collapsible footer widgets area can be enabled or disabled from Customizer options.
* Update: CSS updates for widgets
v4.2.0 July 21, 2021
* Updade: Compatibility updates with WordPress 5.8
v4.1.2 July 15, 2021
* Updade: Compatibility with upcoming WordPress 5.8
* Update: Updated Google Fonts library
v4.1.1 July 8, 2021
* Update: Block examples in editor block inserter
v4.1.0 July 1, 2021
* New: Fullwidth header setting in Customizer
* New: Collapsible widgets settings in Customizer
* Update: Internal updates related to renamed Citadela Directory plugin to Citadela Listing plugin
v4.0.5 June 18, 2021
* Update: Compatibility update with PHP 8 version
* Update: Woocommerce product variations included in layout export
v4.0.4 June 4, 2021
* Update: Layout importer error catching
v4.0.3 May 27, 2021
* Update: Internal update of importer
v4.0.2 May 6, 2021
* Fix: Fixed permalinks structure for blog posts
v4.0.1 April 30, 2021
* Update: Updated description text and CSS styles in plugin admin
v4.0.0 April 29, 2021
* New: Layout Exporter - one click export Citadela settings, posts and pages.
v3.4.0 April 9, 2021
* New: Support for Gutenberg editor available for Item Posts in Citadela Directory plugin
v3.3.2 March 25, 2021
* Fix: Fixed Google Fonts selection in WordPress Customizer
v3.3.1 March 19, 2021
* Update: CSS Styles update
* Update: Layout import functions update
v3.3.0 March 12, 2021
* New: Import and Export for Item Extension fileds in Citadela Layouts
* Update: Updated Google Fonts library
* Update: Updated translation .pot file
v3.2.12 March 5, 2021
* Update: Compatibility with upcoming WordPress 5.7
v3.2.11 February 25, 2021
* Update: Footer widgets width
v3.2.10 February 19, 2021
* Update: Citadela API settings updates
* Update: CSS Styles update
v3.2.9 February 3, 2021
* Update: Citadela API settings updates
v3.2.8 January 21, 2021
* Update: Internal updates in Citadela activation screen
* Update: Translation POT file
v3.2.7 January 14, 2021
* Fix: Javascript fix for adding products into WooCommerce minicart in header
* Update: Fixed deprecated components in block editor
* Update: CSS Styles update
v3.2.6 December 16, 2020
* Fix: SSL error in API Key checker
* Update: Updated "Tested up to" WordPress version to latest
v3.2.5 November 26, 2020
* Update: CSS styles updates
v3.2.4 November 20, 2020
* Update: Layouts import include processing of Item Reviews from Citadela Directory theme
v3.2.3 October 29, 2020
* Update: Compatibility with Item Reviews
* Update: Compatibility with WP CLI
v3.2.2 October 15, 2020
* Update: CSS styles updates
v3.2.1 October 1, 2020
* Update: Automatic theme installation and activation for Themeforest package
* Update: CSS Styles update for block controls
v3.2.0 September 17, 2020
* New: Automated installation of required plugins before Citadela Layout import
* New: Uploaded media files are deleted before Citadela Layout import
* Update: Blog Posts Locations taxonomy displayed on frontend via Posts and Blog Posts blocks, in use with Citadela Directory plugin
* Update: Citadela Dashboard updates
v3.1.4 September 3, 2020
* Fix: CSS styles fixes
* Fix: Admin body classes fix for edit pages if used Half Layout
v3.1.3 August 27, 2020
* Update: CSS styles updates for WooCommerce 4.4.1
v3.1.2 August 20, 2020
* Update: CSS styles updates for Half Layout feature in Citadela Pro and Citadela Directory plugins
* Update: CSS styles updates for sidebars
v3.1.1 August 18, 2020
* Fix: Automated Citadela Layouts import
v3.1.0 August 14, 2020
* New: Automated Citadela Layouts import
* New: Half Layout page template available in Pages and Special Pages settings
v3.0.1 August 6, 2020
* Fix: Fixed broken Special Pages import in some edge cases of Layout import process
v3.0.0 July 23, 2020
* New: Automatic updates & activation
* Update: CSS styles update
v2.6.0 June 11, 2020
* New: Ability change content width in Customizer
* New: Ability customize content width for Pages and Special pages - will override width defined in Customizer
v2.5.3 June 4, 2020
* Fix: Layout importer for Elementor blocks
* Fix: Small CSS fixes
v2.5.2 May 28, 2020
* Fix: Special Pages menu shows only own pages in the list if Citadela Pro plugin is deactivated
v2.5.1 May 21, 2020
* Fixed: Importing Layout packages
* Update: Updated translation .pot file
* Update: CSS styles updates
v2.5.0 May 7, 2020
* New: New option General Border Radius in customizer to define rounded corners through website design
* Update: CSS styles update
v2.4.1 May 1, 2020
* Update: Build Custom Header javascript files
v2.4.0 April 30, 2020
* New: Custom Header functionality for Pages and Special Pages
* New: Support for Woocommerce data import in Citadela Layout
* Update: Updated Customizer settings structure
v2.3.1 April 23, 2020
* Update: Updated Google Fonts library
* Update: CSS styles for WooCommerce
* Fix: Fixed PHP notices in less css compilator
v2.3.0 April 2, 2020
* New: Option to define font-weight for titles in WP Customizer
* New: WooCommerce cart in header
* Update: CSS styles for WooCommerce
* Update: HTML markup on Special Pages
* Fix: Pagination on Blog Page
v2.2.1 March 26, 2020
* Update: WooCommerce CSS styles
v2.2.0 March 19, 2020
* New: WooCommerce CSS styles
* New: Buttons radius option in WordPress customizer General Layout options
* New: Posts and Blog Posts blocks shows date on the frontend
* New: Posts and Blog Posts include Order options
v2.1.2 March 12, 2020
* Update: Plugin code improvements related to Citadela Theme update
v2.1.1 February 13, 2020
* Improved: Upload / Import JavaScript for Safari and no more admin full-page reloads
* Fixed: Some response CSS
v2.1.0 January 30, 2020
* Added: Special page for Blog page
* Added: "Block Posts" and "Posts" blocks
* Fixed: Cluster block CSS for third party themes
v2.0.3 January 22, 2020
* Fixed: We managed to improve import of Layout packs with Elementor even more. Import is faster now
v2.0.2 January 17, 2020
* Fixed: When importing Layout packs one after another, Customizer settings from former Layout pack was not reset
* Fixed: Increased time limit to 5 minutes for Import proccess, mainly for Layout packs with Elementor
v2.0.1 January 10, 2020
* Fixed: In some circumstances Citadela Item Categories & Locations (eventualy even Post categories) could appear as non-hierarchical in WP admin after Layout Pack import
v2.0.0 January 9, 2020
* New: Reworked Citadela Layout packages import. Better user experience, faster import. Uses new export format which is not compatible with older Citadela Layout packages. Be sure to download the updated packages from your AitThemes account.
v1.4.1 December 12, 2019
* Update: Minor code updates for better usability
v1.4.0 November 28, 2019
* Added: Announcements Bar functionality
* Update: Minor code updates for better usability
v1.3.1 November 21, 2019
* Fixed: Import of duplicated Citadela Directory Special Pages
v1.3.0 November 14, 2019
* Added: Integrations - Google Analytics code, custom header and footer JavaScript
* Added: Importing Layout packages
v1.2.0 October 17, 2019
* Added: Comments Extension functionality
v1.1.0 October 10, 2019
* Added: Infobar functionality
* Update: Minor code updates for better usability
v1.0 September 23, 2019


Citadela PRO plugin

WordPress plugin that turns our Citadela theme into superior web-building tool


Citadela PRO plugin activates:

– prominent customization options 

– multiple layouts

– unlimited color selection

– best fonts for all kinds of websites or any language


Why choose Citadela WordPress Theme with Citadela PRO Plugin?

Color Autocalc

There’s a whole science around using colors on websites to make sure it looks good overall. To make things easier for you, we developed the colors auto-calc.
Auto-calc adjusts complementary colors on your website (such as a font color) to respect contrast of your chosen colors and other site’s elements.


Google Fonts

Typography will reflect your individual style and needs better than ever with a wide choice of fonts from Google fonts database. This is especially handy if language of your website requires the use of special characters.

Standard WordPress code

Citadela consists solely of a clean, standard WordPress code. No framework, no funny code, no mess.
Just standard WordPress functionality

It’s simple to learn for newbies. -- Pleasure to work with for experienced WordPress fans and developers.

Excellent compatibility

Citadela PRO plugin unlocks Citadela’s full potential. It only works with Citadela WordPress theme. This plugin gives you advanced customization to create a professional website. Enhance Citadela theme and build your next awesome website.


Look forward…

Citadela PRO plugin will only get better. We’ll be adding more layouts, increasing number of options and settings in Customizer. So each website you build with Citadela WordPress Theme could be unique, beautiful and astonishing.





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