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WordPress Theme

Citadela PRO Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Citadela Blocks Plugin

WordPress Plugin

First, install Citadela WordPress Theme

Citadela is a premium WordPress theme suitable for both commercial & non-commercial use. It’s well coded – only standard, reliable WordPress code. Citadela is fast and easy to use with WordPress Block Editor and Customizer.

The best part is: It’s compatible with just about everything that’s standard WordPress.


Use Citadela PRO plugin to unlock Citadela’s full potential

Citadela PRO plugin turns on customization options in Citadela theme.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new website or you already have a website that is up and running on Citadela WordPress theme. By activating Citadela PRO plugin, you can smoothly restyle your site with a click any time you want.

Create website the world hasn’t seen before. FAST.

WordPress Customizer lets you see how great your website looks right away.


Switch between layouts

Which layout suits your website better? Citadela PRO plugin offers you pre-designed layouts to choose from.


Adjust site’s header

Create the best first impression for your web visitors. Advanced settings for the header area of your website means more customization you can make fast.


Unlimited color picker

Use your branding color or try different color combinations to achieve the desired result. See how the font color automatically adjusts to the rest of the website in order to respect contrasts and ensure good readability at all times.


Advanced typography

Full selection of Google fonts means you’re sure to find the perfect font with style and special characters you require.

Add more blocks with Citadela Blocks plugin

Citadela Blocks is a premium WordPress plugin compatible with any standard WordPress theme. It contains unique blocks you can use to create better, more appealing website your web visitors will love.



Block of blocks you’ve been waiting for. Simple way of perfecting your web design. Group blocks into your Custom container, find it the right spot and customize the background. You can even add it to reusable blocks to save yourself a ton of time next time.



If you provide any kind of service to your clients, you’ll certainly appreciate this block. Using Service block you can make your website well arranged for your web visitors. Let them see what can you do for them in a way that encourages them to choose you.


Custom Page Title

Enjoy more freedom with our Custom Page Title block. It lets you put page title anywhere on the website to fit your web design. You can also add a subtitle, if you like. Custom Page Title block is especially handy for directory websites as it can be used to name your category and item pages.

Why choose Citadela Business?


  • Speed

    Citadela is the most advanced WordPress theme that was created especially for WordPress block editor focused on improving the website’s speed. Create a website that will be as fast as WordPress can be.


  • Flexibility

    Honestly, WordPress itself has never been more flexible than it is now. WordPress blocks together with Citadela further customization options let you create any design you like.


  • Security

    Reliable code and regular updates will make your website safe. There are no compromises when it comes to security.


  • Adaptability to evolving WordPress

    WordPress is changing and getting better. Citadela has been designed to thrive on evolving WordPress and to welcome every update with opened arms.


  • 兼容

    Install third party plugins to add functionalities you need. Clean code of Citadela provides the highest level of compatibility.


  • New Features are on the way

    Be prepared for new layouts, further options and more blocks we’re working on right now. You’ll get them in an update once they’re ready.

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