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Cartoon is a killer Corporate/Portfolio/Blog WordPress Theme. One theme to do it all, it’s easy to use and easy to customize to your needs. Theme has a very unique homepage concept. You can add there any items you like – pages, portfolio items or blog posts. Theme is perfect as a blog site, portfolio site or corporate site to present your products. If you don’t need grid on you homepage, simply use a slider. Just have a look on our demo site, theme looks gorgeous!

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上次更新November 22, 2018
开发499 小时
WordPress 5.x
侧边栏数量 1
控件可用 yes
侧边栏数量 1
兼容浏览器 IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
布局 自适应
遵从GDPR Yes, with our GDPR plugins
v2.27 November 22, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v2.26 May 31, 2018
- Fixed: Comments forms
v2.25 April 6, 2017
- Fix: Solved problem with multi-site installation with overriding settings in generated CSS for given theme from another site. LESS is now compiled to CSS file stored in wp-content/uploads/<sites>/<id>/css/<theme> directory.
- Update: New demo-content
v2.24 September 8, 2016
- New: Plugins AIT Updater and AIT SysInfo are now bundled with the theme
v2.23 August 11, 2016
- Update: Removed old timthumb resizer
- Update: Updated google maps api
v2.22 June 29, 2016
- Update: Compatibility with the newest WordPress and PHP
- Update: Removed 'AIT Dashboard'
v2.21 May 19, 2015
- Added: New 'AIT Updater' plugin for automatic updates of AIT themes and plugins. It replaces old updates notifications system in AIT Dashboard
v2.19 April 22, 2015
- Important security fix
v2.18 April 9, 2015
- Fix: admin branding enabled by default again
- Fix: updated capabilities for multisite admins vs single site admins
- Update: New pre-packed plugin 'AIT WordPress 4.2+ Compatibility Fix' for compatibility of the theme with upcoming WordPress 4.2
v2.17 February 6, 2015
- Updated: jQuery scrollTo library
- Updated: demo content
v2.16 September 8, 2014
- Updated pre-packed Revolution Slider to v4.6.0
v2.14 January 24, 2014
- revolution slider update
v2.12 May 10, 2013
- revolution slider fix
v2.11 March 29, 2013
- google maps fix
v2.10 March 8, 2013
- Header css fix
v2.9 February 15, 2013
- Themebox fix
v2.8 January 16, 2013
- comments for pages fixed
v2.7 January 9, 2013
- blog header fix
v2.6 December 14, 2012
- wpml bug fix
- revolution slider version 2.1.1
v2.5 December 5, 2012
- wisiwyg bug fix
v2.4 November 23, 2012
- Revolution Slider update (v2.1)
v2.2 November 17, 2012
- Revolution Slider update
v2.1 November 7, 2012
- slider alternative fix
v1.5 October 18, 2012
- twitter widget fix
v1.4 October 3, 2012
- display social icons fix
v1.1 September 18, 2012
- mobile version update
v1.3 August 16, 2012
- Pager for Grid boxes
- Slider height fix
- Sidebars controll fix
- Fix for .po .mo files
- Portfolio: detail to PopUp window
- Portfolio: fix for Video items
- Portfolio: fix for Website items
v1.2 August 3, 2012
- ait-cache directory problem fix
v1.1 August 3, 2012
- IE8 javascript issue fixed
v1.0 August 3, 2012
- Theme release


强大的管理面板可以让你改变网站的外观和感觉、颜色和背景。我们独特的定制功能和无限的布局及颜色选项会帮助你的商店脱颖而出。此主题也可用于标准的企业或商业网站。只需关掉购物车,就可以应对未来的需求了。 主题包括多层 Revolution Slider 和 Anything slider,无限色彩,不同的组合布局,自定义文章类型,自定义窗口小部件,大量短代码和 SEO 优化。建立自己的网站,一切就绪。

  • 许多管理面板选项可以让你自定义一切。无需知道 HTML 或 CSS
  • 你可以轻松地备份所有数据和管理设置
  • 可在我们的管理面板中轻松选择超过 200 种字体
  • 100% 翻译就绪。可轻松翻译为任何语言,gettext PO 文件也包含在内。看看我们的演示网站。主题已安装 WPML
  • 轻松管理,只用您真正需要的选项
  • 许多组合布局
  • 直接来自 WYSIWYG 编辑器的短代码生成器
  • 小部件准备完毕的侧边栏和页脚
  • 缓存图像和模板以保证性能更佳
  • Google Analytics 准备完毕
  • AIT 控制面板——可直接从 WordPress 管理面板访问文档、常见问题和最近更新
  • MVC 模板引擎。HTML 模板完全与 PHP 文件分开,你只需要看看吧










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