Why to use Cinemagraphs on your websites

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Why to use Cinemagraphs on your websites

One of the latest trends in the web design is use of cinemagraphs. What are cinemagraphs? Cinemagraphs are moving pictures inserted to the webpage. It is an eye-catching graphical element that is constantly in motion thanks to the repeating sequence (loop). Practically it’s something between gif picture, photo and video. The most important is the fact that cinemagraphs attract the visitors attention and force them (at least for a little while) to pay attention.

It is because of the fact that people intuitively prefer things that are in motion. As well as because they don’t visit too many websites where cinemagraphs are implemented thus can still catch more attention.


Image source: From Me To You

How to get cinemagraphs

The first way of getting cinemagraph is to choose one of the existing cinemagraphs. Some of them are free of charge, but most of them are paid, therefore they need to be included in the total website budget. However if you have the suitable technical equipment, you can create cinemagraphs yourselves.

This content was published originally in the article Cinemagraphs in web design by webdesignerdepot.com, where you can find further useful advices on working with cinemagraphs on your website.

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