What happened to Citadela Theme? News you need to know

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Updated: September 13, 2019
What happened to Citadela Theme? News you need to know

Summer is nearly over and long awaited new WordPress theme Citadela is ready for the release. As our first estimated release date was mid summer, we’d like to say a big thank you for your patience, support & cooperation and apologies for the delay.

It’s YOU, Ait-Themes club members, our customers & fans who lead us to adapting Citadela development process to make it even more flexible and compatible than any other theme ever before.

First version of Citadela WordPress theme is now finished and will be released on 23. September 2019, once the final testing phase is over.

Thanks for your feedback

We’re happy to say that feedback form we encouraged you to fill out at the beginning of summer has delivered great results.

After the thorough analysis of your feedback and suggestions we decided to implement some of it right into the first version of Citadela.

At the same time we started preparing the grounds for further elaboration of more sophisticated features in the future.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the time to tell us what’s important to you, it really feels as if you’re part of our team!

Main Advantages of Citadela WordPress Theme


Citadela will lighten up your website and make it run faster than ever. Focusing on high speed websites is one of our main goals.


Citadela is coded with regards of general WordPress principles, without any individual framework. This ensures great compatibility with third party plugins and other components.

Why did we moved on from Ait Framework 2 to no framework? As we’ve always focused on user friendliness, simplicity of web creation and administration, we’ve developed individual framework with a page builder. It improved user experience and made website building process easier and more enjoyable for our customers. However, after WordPress 5 release, there’s no longer a need for any special frameworks as WordPress itself became more user friendly than before.

Adaptability to evolving WordPress

Citadela theme has been designed to match the current state of WordPress with it’s WordPress block editor and Customizer. It will easily adapt to any future changes WordPress will bring.

Citadela will welcome all updates and new versions of WordPress with the delight as there are great new features & options on their way.


Of course, the security of your website is an absolute priority at all times. Because Citadela has been developed respecting all WordPress principles and it’s state-of-the-art WordPress theme, you can be sure that it provides you with the highest level of security.

First version of Citadela: What’s in it?

Citadela is a 4 levels concept to match the needs of different types of customers. Here’s the list of basic features and characteristics of its first version.

1. Citadela WordPress theme

Citadela Free & Premium WordPress Theme

Free premium WordPress theme with refreshing design and basic functionalities with all amazing WordPress blocks.

2. Citadela PRO plugin

Citadela PRO WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin designed for and solely working with Citadela WordPress theme enabling further customization options:

  • 2 different theme layouts to choose from;
  • Classic or centered website header;
  • Customizable site header background;
  • Unlimited color picker with automatic font color changing based on contrast with chosen background;
  • Advanced typography with full selection of Google Fonts.

3. Citadela Blocks plugin

Citadela Blocks WordPress Plugin

Citadela Blocks is an independent and fully compatible WordPress plugin with any standard WP theme. At its first release, it’ll contain 3 special blocks. More blocks will be added in future updates.

  • Services – block that is an absolute essential of any business website. It will allow you to present services in an appealing way.
  • Custom container block – can be used as block of blocks with customized design.
  • Custom page title –  offers further setting for your page title.

4. Citadela Directory plugin

Citadela Directory WordPress Plugin

Citadela Directory is a WordPress plugin which has an ability to turn any standard WordPress website into Directory website. You do not need Citadela WordPress theme to use it.

First version of Citadela Directory plugin contains:

  • Map WordPress block
  • Search form WordPress block
  • Categories
  • Localities
  • Items
  • Fully customizable item detail
  • Search results with customizable layout
  • Customizable Category and Locality detail

WordPress theme compatible with Elementor

Citadela WordPress theme is fully compatible with Elementor. This is one of the most essential outcomes from customer feedback collected during this summer. You don’t need WordPress block editor Gutenberg to work with Citadela, you can use Elementor instead.

With Citadela, you can count on compatibility with other third party WordPress ingredients such as Yoast, WPML, WooCommerce or BuddyPress (and many more) as well.

What are we working on?

We want to make Citadela as universal as possible. As a result, creating websites with Citadela will be fast and straightforward for seasoned WordPress users and simple to learn for newbies.

Compatibility will also greatly improve. As mentioned above, Citadela WordPress theme is compatible with Elementor. Our next step will be to ensure the same level of compatibility for plugins Citadela Blocks and Citadela Directory.

This means that we’re already working on a solution that will let you add new elements into Elementor by installing Citadela Blocks and Citadela Directory plugins. You’ll be able to build better, more complex and even directory website in this great and very popular website builder.

Migration of directory website data

Many of you are wondering about the migration process of your directory website to the new Citadela theme. Citadela Directory plugin contains automatic migration of directory data.

Once you activate Citadela Directory plugin, migration will begin. All your items, categories and locations will be copied over from your previous theme and will automatically appear in your new theme.

Of course, the original data will remain intact so you can switch back to your previous theme anytime.

Migration will work for all 5 directory themes based on Ait framework 2: Directory+, Business Finder+, Event Guide, Food Guide and City Guide. We’ll provide you with more detailed information in a separate article about the migration process.


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Comments (12)

    1. Zlatko

      Hello there,

      thanks for asking. Yes, we plan to plan create this feature as well as all the rest of functionality currently used with the following plugins: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/, even more.

      We’ll add them step by step during this year and will be available with Citadela Directory plugin.

      Best regards!
      AIT team

  1. Tore78

    will “items block” give the possibility to set categories, locations AND advanced filters to show only items matching this criteria? Now is possibile to show only items for categories and locations…

    1. Zlatko


      grazie per averci ricontattato ;).

      Well, our first intention is to create and adapt all the features we used to use with our current directory themes. And yet, it mostly depends also on clients requests, therefore in addition, regarding newly prepared project and its extension features we’d like ask you to give us a minute of your time to answer 4 simple questions: https://aitthemes.typeform.com/to/vc7arn that can help our team make better products faster.
      Please note, it most likely we should decide to implement new functionalities step by step so it will take some time due to the other projects with the highest priority.

      Thanks a lot for your understanding and patience.

      Have a nice day!
      AIT team

      P.S.: How is your project Aree-Picnic doing? Please consider to participate in our showcase gallery at: https://www.ait-themes.club/showcase/

        1. Zlatko


          thanks for asking. Yes, the folliwing products will be released on the same day:
          – Citadela WordPress theme
          – Citadela PRO plugin
          – Citadela Blocks plugin
          – Citadela Directory plugin

          Have a nice day!

  2. cityguide24

    hi zlatko,

    u said ” The theme is going to be released on 23. September 2019. ”
    so it means the plugin also release same day ? bec the question of arthur was “When can we expect the Citadela Directory plugin”
    thanks for short expl. i whaiting also on the directory plugin

    1. Zlatko

      Hey there,

      thanks for asking. Theme and extension plugins will be released on the same day (23.9.):
      – Citadela WordPress theme
      – Citadela PRO plugin
      – Citadela Blocks plugin
      – Citadela Directory plugin

      Best regards!

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