What can help you sell product even without Google ads?

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Updated: September 6, 2018
What can help you sell product even without Google ads?

Marketing trends are changing every day. Some strategies are so effective that marketers keep updating them with the newest and most recent know-hows. One of the theories how to promote WordPress product or service is a strategy according to which you should describe product, show it to customers and let them try it beforehand.

If you’re selling some product online, sometimes it’s too difficult to let customer try it before they pay. One of the time-proven ways is a free trial, thanks to which client can test functionalities and decide if the product suits his needs so it’s worth to pay the price for. You can apply the same principal to demo version of website or you can create a demo environment for users with limited functionalities.

Money back guarantee

Another option is to offer Money back guarantee. This means that customer can buy, try the product (theme, plugin, graphic, etc.) and in case he doesn’t like it, he will get his money back. This alternative is helping the WordPress developer to gain the trust because his customers don’t need to worry if he’s making the right choice at first.

Potential customers of AIT Themes have demo content at hand – preview of website built with every single of their themes, as well as Money Back Guarantee on all products.


This post has been inspired by WordPress Marketing Trends article: A Focus On Higher Touch Sales Process by wpexplorer.com.

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