Website portal themes comparison

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Updated: December 21, 2020
Website portal themes comparison

We have put together a comparison table for a better overview of our portal themes. You can learn here the main differences between our products.

For our 3rd WordPress product generation, we put attention to speed, multipurpose content usability and compatibility.

New Citadela Directory Pack

Last year we released a new Citadela WordPress theme. It is built on plain WordPress, and it is customisable using Gutenberg Editor. Citadela theme can also use our three main plugins to create a listing website. They are Pro, Blocks and Directory (Listings). For our 3rd WordPress product generation, we put attention to speed, multipurpose content usability and compatibility.

FAQ section

Where we would like to answer the most frequent topics related to our products.

1. How to decide which directory theme to use?

It depends on your project. If you are going to build a brand new portal, we would recommend you to use Citadela solutions. Why? Because it is fast and based on pure WordPress. You have a lot of blocks that are easy to use in the Gutenberg editor. Furthermore, Citadela products have unique directory functions also for non-traditional catalogue sites. We develop new features only for this theme from now on. See the comparison table.

2. I use DirectoryPRO, should I change the template and plugins to Citadela Directory Pack?

Individual decision-making applies for the change from DirectoryPRO to Citadela directory. Items and Items Reviews are sufficient for some of you. Other customers need more features than Claim listing or Advanced Search.

3. What are the plans with the Citadela products?

The new Citadela template and plugins have fewer classic directory features than DirectoryPRO but are continually evolving. It already contains functions that are unique and will serve not only to catalogue websites. We are gradually adding new features to cover everything DirectoryPRO can do. Subsequently, the development will continue focused on such functions that were not part of DirectoryPRO either.  …

4. What is the future of DirectoryPRO?

We released the last features for DirectoryPRO in March 2020. We’ve added the much-needed OpenStreetMap.We also made a new modern design.

We believe in the future of WordPress associated only with the Gutenberg editor. If we want the created pages to serve their visitors primarily, we must look at key features.

Unfortunately, these will not be achievable by DirectoryPRO. Software is constantly evolving, just like everything around us. We flexibly adapt to current conditions so that we can deliver you the highest quality products for the next ten years of AitThemes’ existence. It is the code principles we have chosen for Citadela products that assure us that they will be more flexible and less maintenance-intensive for our customers.

That’s why we’re continually working on new features for all Citadela products to bring them to the level of old templates and plugins. We are also adding new unique features. Our company will continue to do so for another ten years. Don’t worry. We issue security updates for all old products as long as we achieve this goal.

Update 21.12.2020

Custom Item Extensions feature is ready and the new update will be released today.

Update 11.12.2020

This week we published another listing feature. Now you can use Clam listing in Citadela Directory plugin.

Update 10.11.2020

We update the information in this article regularly. In addition to our quarterly progress reports on the development, you can also see what’s new in the Citadela Directory package compared to DirectoryPRO and older directory templates.

Since the first edition of this article, the following have been added:

  • Automatic updates for the Citadela Pro, Directory and Block plugins
  • Automated import of pre-designed layouts directly from wp-admin
  • Item reviews
  • Get directions

Multipurpose content

We have expanded listing features to have more ways how to display data. Besides that you can create portal content as classic Page, now you can show listings data inside your Posts as well. And it is so easy, drag the block in between of text paragraphs. The content is a king, and therefore listing data integration plays a considerable part. Let’s get new ideas for a new type of content on your website. Now Citadela Directory Pack with WordPress and its Gutenberg editor offers better work with Posts and Pages. Get some flash about how to build micro portal site.

During past months we enhanced some of the portal features and new are coming each month. Citadela Directory Pack features growth is our primary goal for next months. We plan to match our older portal products.

Website Monetization

We added a Subscription Plan feature. We decided to use WooCommerce as a basement. The package parameters are modular, and you can configure your own. Also, you have a big choice for payment gateways. WooCoomerce offers variable payments methods. The full documentation can be found under our Documentation section.

Easy admin feature brings a more elegant environment for listings owners while editing their items. Next, you can expect some data display enhancements and also some new major features coming soon.

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