What should all the UX designers pay attention to

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Updated: September 6, 2018
What should all the UX designers pay attention to

When a designer is creating interfaces, he knows naturally, how the web pages should work. Where the individual elements and buttons should be placed, what the various icons mean, or what action should the user perform by CTA. This point of view is very intuitive for the designer, as he is very experienced and forgets often that users can be different and not everyone can be so competent when browsing on the website. What should the designers pay attention to?

  • non-technical users
  • those who will be using website’s control elements for the first time
  • the text which is too long and extensive forms (they can drive away the user who leaves the page completely)
  • general stock photos
  • enquiry for personal and financial data without any relevant reason
  • requests made by the superior or customer who wants to make changes that he/she believes are the right ones, but which can negatively influence the website’s goal

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