Updated CSV import/export plugin for bulk data management

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Updated: January 15, 2020
Updated CSV import/export plugin for bulk data management

As you already may know CSV Import/Export plugin is a great way to effectively manage your bulk data of items on your website. If you use it regularly you will be happy to learn that this plugin got even better. Let me walk you through the most significant enhancements our team has prepared for you.

  • Available under the Theme Admin section. CSV import/export plugin has been redesigned to be more user friendly and easier to use. After the update installation it will be available for you under Theme Admin section, not in the main menu as before.
  • Changed sample file, separator & using. It has never been easier to create the import file. Our new CSV Import/Export plugin will automatically detect the csv separator type from the file so there is no need to insert it manually. Forget about long, time consuming ticking of all the columns you wanted to import. New import file contains all the columns, you only fill out the ones you need. There will be no more confusion about content of each column. Check the information table with the list of columns and follow the link provided to read more about the column content with examples.
  • Huge file as separate request. From now on CSV Import will automatically split your request into blocks of 50 items. Each of them will be run as separate request to ensure smooth and even faster import of your data, avoiding failure due to import of huge file which might have taken too long or overloaded RAM of your PC.
  • Doesn’t break live site. Import through Ajax is designed to protect your live website. If for any reason error occurs during the import process this will not affect your currently loaded website nor crush the server. All it does is inform you about unsuccessful import in a red box.
  • Language field tag. If your website uses “Ait Languages” you will be happy to find out that after you update your CSV Import/Export plugin you will be able to link each item on the import file to any of your languages. When you need to update data in one language only you can do it by exporting items from selected language and there will be no need to link items to Ait Language after the import.

For new documentation please click here.

We’ve also added a progress bar to this plugin, which is more of a “cosmetic” improvement but it sure feels great to see that your data is being loaded and how close it is to an end. Please keep in mind that NOT ALL the data you can enter to your website using dashboard can be imported via CSV Import/Export plugin. Some data types are simply too complex for csv import such as categories/locations containing pin map, header type etc.

While using Ait Updater, please update plugin via Dashboard or

Download From My Account CSV Import/Export plugin
In case you haven’t used this plugin yet, please visit detail presentation site & read more about this plugin. It is available as single product for only $45 exc. vat. Alternatively it is available under the Premium Membership.

Hope you will enjoy our new CSV Import/Export plugin and that it will make the administration of your AIT Themes Website even faster and easier. We will be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions for further enhancements of our plugins.