Universal design – how to correctly understand customer needs

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Universal design – how to correctly understand customer needs

When creating websites, designers must take into account the wide spectrum of potential site visitors. Universal design is a design created by following the standard principles and simultaneously taking into account individual needs of users with limited abilities. Often the universal design is associated with accessibility and that’s a mistake. The reasons for this are better explained on uxbooth.com.

Prior commencing designing of new UX interface with the aim to create a universal design, you should consider the audience, who the website, portal or application will be dedicated to. If it will be dedicated to multiple persons, possible restrictions of target users need to be defined (whether these are physical or mental disabilities). Thanks to the testing of usability you will find out, if your website meets all the required attributes. Of course, in order to achieve the most relevant results, the focus group must contain the whole spectrum of testers, i.e. people of various age, experience, disabilities and different way of thinking.

Universal design requires lot of other aspects to be considered in advance too. Luckily, there are various tools for simulation of certain disorders available now, e.g. Colour Blindness Simulator, as well as tools for testing the usability for users with some medical restrictions.

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