Themes and Features we issued in 2016

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Updated: January 15, 2020
Themes and Features we issued in 2016

Now we have 67 unique Themes

This year has been an extraordinary one for AIT as we managed to develop a number of unique themes and useful functionalities for our customers. Which are these?

8 specific Premium themes with trend design and distinctive features

All our themes we released during the year are multilingual ready which means that they are fully translated into 26 the most commonly used languages in the world. Multilingual extension is provided by AIT Languages plugin which is being continually enhanced and updated. Furthermore each of the themes is fully responsive.

At the beginning of the year we issued Aqua WordPress Theme especially designed for plumbers, handymen or craftsmen and any other small business. This theme is tailor made for the attractive presentation of services and contains lot of different elements e.g. Opening hours, Services, Testimonials and many more.

Aqua WordPress Theme

Memorial is an unconventional single purpose theme developed for funeral home service companies. For the purposes of this specific topic we built a custom functionality Obituaries available for this theme only. Colours and the whole visual layout of the website are designed in the most decent way so that it does not disturb the website visitors.


Another theme is Hair. We designed the visual layout and functionalities so that these meet needs of hairdressing and beauty salons. The unique element is Icon menu – customers can highlight those services the website visitors should not overlook. One of the key functionalities in this area of services is the possibility for making a reservation, therefore this theme fully supports one of the most used third-party plugins for booking appointments – easyReservation plugin. Find out more about Hair.


In April we released the Brick – theme for builders. This theme has its own specific design and Promotion element for promotion of services with big accompanying images.


Have you seen our Farmworld WordPress Theme that is developed for local producers and farmers yet? The Farmworld Theme has a fresh looking design, products display and blog. Thanks to the implementation of WooCommerce it is possible to include also e-shop functionality. Intuitive for beginners, powerful for advanced users.


One of our themes oriented on a specific industry is also Cargo. Cargo is a WordPress Theme for logistic companies, mainly for presentation of their services. Therefore you can find here elements for creation of service sections – Promotion element, Services, Toggles and more. The individual elements are programmed in such a way so that WordPress administration is as simple as possible.


During summer we released Beachclub theme for promotion of clubs, pubs and restaurants with the possibility to integrate easyReservation plugin (with 100% compatibility with our theme). Your clients can therefore book a table or any kind of event in your facility. There are various elements included in the theme such as Price Tables, Opening hours, Testimonials or Job Offers.

The very first OnePage theme

Our latest, but certainly not the last theme of this year is OnePage – Theme for business & startups. OnePage has a unique concept, as it is completely different from other themes. The first thing you certainly notice is a Video Header element. It enables the addition of eye-catching video to the background, thanks to which you gain visitors attention immediately. Countdown is another of the features (very good functionality for the enrollment of new products/startups), as well as Burger Menu with the customizable width and Anchor Menu for quick orientation of website visitors.

Together with this year’s themes we offer now 61 Premium WordPress Themes. View all

+ 2 additional extraordinary Portal Themes

Our portal themes family grew by another two themes – FoodGuide aimed for the restaurant portals and the Business Finder+ theme – significantly enhanced version of the original Business Finder theme.

New plugins for WordPress Themes

One of our newly created plugins is AIT SysInfo. This tool is for collection and generation of system information regarding the WordPress installation and hosting. This information can help with the prompt identification and resolution of various issues. We’ve also developed Special Offers plugin for portal templates. It facilitates the creation of targeted special offers for customers during the limited timeframe. This effectively means that you can set up the offer validity in advance and the offer gets automatically deactivated when reaching the expiry date.

A very special element is FoodMenu for FoodGuide Theme. Following the plugin installation you’ll have the complete management of all your food menus at your hand (a la carte, daily menu, special seasonal as well as repeated offers), which you can administer directly from your portal website.

New Page Builder

In order to make our AIT Page Builder even better, we created its enhanced version which significantly simplifies the everyday work with the WordPress administration. There are new visual icons for elements and the changes in the structure of elements. All of this contributed to the faster orientation and more comfortable webpage creation. Detailed information on everything that has changed in our AIT Page Builder can be found here: New AIT Page Builder simplifies the creation of WordPress websites.

New Ait Page Builder

New visual layout of administration and plugins

Also our plugins Get Directions and Item Extension were visually updated thus achieving the unified administration design. We have re-designed also Easy Admin plugin by making the interface more attractive and user friendly.

New packages since September 2016

Our offer changed as well. Memberships were amended so that our customers get everything what they need for the creation of professionally looking website in one single package. For example the content of Full Membership is specifically designed for customers who want to be creating both business and portals. In this package you can find all Portal and Premium products – themes, plugins and graphics. You gain access to all themes and functionalities that will help you to create eye-catching website. Individual features are custom made and reflect the specific portal customer needs.

What’s next? Themes & plugins under construction

We’re currently working on two new templates. One theme will be tailor-made for photographers and the other one for restaurants. Surely you will enjoy them both!

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