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Our very first portal WordPress theme centered around events. Event Guide is ideal for founding your own online business. Maybe you would like to house event managers and their venues for a small monthly fee? Users can filter through events using our brand new interactive mini-map. Event Guide is packed with unique features like filtering events based on user’s current location and its type, custom made event filters and much more. And yes, it’s ready for any other kind of business that can utilize portal theme including events.

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Última actualizaciónApril 9, 2021
Desarrollo1682 horas
WordPress 5.x
WooCommerce 4.x
Idiomas traducidos 28
Número de diapositivas 2
Navegadores compatibles IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Diseño Auto-Adaptable
Conforme a la GDPR (nueva ley de protección de datos) Sí, con nuestros plugins del RGPD
v3.1.14 April 9, 2021
- Fix: events calendar WP 5.7 compatibility issue
v3.1.13 February 23, 2021
- Update: AIT API key settings updates
v3.1.12 January 28, 2021
- Fix: Flickering animation on mouse over event for item post on search results page
- Fix: Recurring event calendar WP 5.6 compatibility issue
- Fix: Toogles on detail of item didn't work on mobile
v3.1.11 January 14, 2021
- Fix: Javascript code displayed on single item page after click on event tab
- Fix: Fixed range input in admin settings
v3.1.10 December 17, 2020
- Update: WP 5.6 compatibility update
- Fix: Fit menu functionality in main menu
- Fix: Stripped apostrophe in search results
v3.1.9 August 27, 2020
- Fix: Misaligned button in header search form on Apple devices
- Fix: Content of header search dropdowns was invisible after first render in Safari
v3.1.8 August 20, 2020
- Fix: Fixed PHP warnings
- Fix: Item category tooltips were cropped in left-aligned carousels
- Fix: Contact form does not send some data after updgrade to WP 5.5
- Fix: Fixed wrong height calculation on cropped texts in responsive
v3.1.7 August 14, 2020
- Update: WP 5.5 compatibility update
v3.1.6 August 13, 2020
- Update: WP 5.5 compatibility update
- Fix: Escaped characters in email from Contact Owner Form
v3.1.5 August 6, 2020
- Fix: Changing Default Layout header type affect items category header
v3.1.4 July 10, 2020
- Fix: API keys & WP Multisite
v3.1.3 June 25, 2020
- Fix: Admin aprove option at items did not send emails to administrator
- Fix: After creating package ( if permission manager is activated ) user cannot show profile page
v3.1.2 May 21, 2020
- Added: Support for special offer detail page
v3.1.1 May 7, 2020
- Fix: Custom class at search form element is not working
v3.1.0 April 3, 2020
- New: ThemeForest Theme Activation
v3.0.0 March 5, 2020
- New: Theme Activation
v2.69 February 20, 2020
- Fix: Fixed order of Events Pro posts on search results page with used Advanced Search plugin.
v2.68 February 6, 2020
- Fix: Fixed PHP warnings
- Fix: Search keyword dropdown was not visible in Quick Header Search in responsive
v2.67 January 9, 2020
- Fix: Sign Up page on multisite installation
- Fix: Fixed frontend Warning at event pro detail page
- Fix: default false value for featured item if user dont have permissions to change this.
- Fix: Cancel upgrade process from subscriber to free role.
- Fix: Submenus on iPad were not working properly
- Update: Updated dates for events in demo content
v2.66 December 12, 2019
- Fix: Captcha improvements at registration
- Added: AggregateRating structured data
v2.65 November 21, 2019
- Fix: Reviews structured data
v2.64 November 7, 2019
- Fix: Switching between registration form inputs did not work correctly using TAB key with two forms on one page
v2.63 October 3, 2019
- Fix: If geolocation is disabled in browser go to default position
v2.62 September 26, 2019
- Fix: Contact owner form cooperate with review plugin
v2.61 August 22, 2019
- Fix: Draft items and events were displayed on Header Map element.
v2.60 June 20, 2019
- Fix: Fixed Timeline Map javascript error when Events Pro plugin is disabled
- Fix: Fixed frontend Header Map on Item Post draft preview page
- Fix: Social icons warning appear at frontend
- Update: Updated deprecated Wordpress function login_headertitle()
v2.59 April 25, 2019
- Improvement: Improved Google Maps API javascripts for Header Map element
v2.58 April 11, 2019
- Added: Theme package include marketing plugin "HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat" to grow your email list, generate leads, and manage all your contacts inside HubSpot’s free CRM. Plugin can be found in theme folder ./ait-theme/plugins/leadin.zip
v2.57 April 4, 2019
- New: Revolution Slider element offer selection of slider for each language on Special Pages in Page Builder
v2.56 March 21, 2019
- Update: Return urls for AIT PayPal Payments plugin can be defined separately per each language on multilingual websites
v2.55 March 7, 2019
- Fix: List bullets were not aligned by text align
v2.54 February 28, 2019
- Update: Google+ share button in page title share buttons and Item detail page replaced with Pinterest. Google+ is going to be closed on April 2nd of, 2019
v2.53 February 14, 2019
- Fix: Corrected condition in AIT Requirements Checker for ICONV extension
v2.52 February 7, 2019
- Fix: Fixed special characters in website name displayed as attributes for logo
v2.51 January 10, 2019
- Fix: Fixed responsive width for Contact Owner Form in colorbox
- Fix: Fixed menu description
v2.50 December 20, 2018
- Fix: Fixed duplicated on/off buttons in Page Builder
v2.49 December 6, 2018
- Update: Wordpress 5.0 compatibility update
v2.48 November 29, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v2.47 November 23, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update in nette framework
v2.46 November 23, 2018
- Update: PHP 7.2+ compatibility update
v2.45 November 8, 2018
- Fix: Fixed translation of payment methods in user profile page
v2.44 October 25, 2018
- Fix: Fixed decimal ordered list
- Improvement: Speed improvement for search query
v2.43 October 4, 2018
- Fix: Fixed registration process in case the only keyboard is used to fill the registration form
v2.42 September 20, 2018
- Fix: Fixed size of icons in Google Maps to meet the new design of buttons applied by Google
v2.41 September 13, 2018
- Fix:  Login widget - dropdown in registration part of widget displayed only when two or more packages are available
v2.40 August 23, 2018
- Fix: Fixed responsive design for Items columns
v2.39 August 2, 2018
- Fix: Fixed Timeline scroll edge case (corrupted scroll in timeline when visitor scrolls down during events loading or exactly in time when they were rendered on screen)
v2.38 July 26, 2018
- New: Load Google Maps on request after click on button
- Fix: Fixed search result item width
v2.37 July 12, 2018
- Fix: Used date form from Wordpress General settings for the date in search form on Events Pro search results page
- Fix: Added taxonomy title as alt attribute for Category and Location icon images
- Fix: Fixed work with Items authors which username was defined as number instead of text
v2.36 June 14, 2018
- Fix: Header map streatview lock button
- Improvement: Save button in Page Builder and Theme Options will be disabled until page has fully loaded to prevent unintended save with uninitialized inputs
v2.35 June 7, 2018
- Fix: Item and EventsPro posts are displayed in all languages once they are marked as not translatable in AIT Languages plugin
- Fix: Email notifications of Item post submitted to review by administrator
- Fix: Comments form 
- Fix: Captcha item review form
- Added: Added compatibility with Captcha in Item Reviews plugin
v2.34 May 24, 2018
- Update: Form fields reset styles in reset.css
- Added: GDPR support for contact owner form, custom notification text can be displayed within Name, Email, Subject and Message inputs
- Added: GDPR support for registration form, custom notification text can be displayed within Username and Email inputs
- Added: GDPR support for AIT Claim Listing plugin
- Added: GDPR support for AIT Item Reviews plugin
v2.33 April 19, 2018
- Added: Helper input for all Inputs in Contact Form element (GDPR requirement)
v2.32 April 12, 2018
- Fix: Fixed email notification for expired Package - can be defined in Theme Options > Packages settings.
- Fix: Fixed typo in theme admin
- Fix: Fixed default image for Events Pro posts without featured image on events category pages
- Update: Contact Owner form on Item detail page updated. Added Captcha and loader icon.
v2.31 March 29, 2018
- Fix: Woocommerce cart design
v2.30 March 15, 2018
- Update: Updated product image cropping sizes for Woocommerce 3.3+
- Update: Allowed opening of Woocommerce Product images in lightbox in responsive design
- Update: Updated Colorbox jquery library to latest version
v2.29 March 8, 2018
- Fix: woocommerce gallery detail
v2.28 March 5, 2018
- Fix: Fixed javascript error in Timeline
v2.27 March 1, 2018
- Fix: Starting position of Header Map Element is always position defined in Header Map element, instead of position 0,0
v2.26 February 22, 2018
- Fix: Responsive Search form in header
v2.25 February 15, 2018
- Fix: Fixed ordering of featured Items on search results page.
v2.24 February 8, 2018
- Fix: Fixed warning messages on search result pages
v2.23 January 25, 2018
- Fix: Fixed wrong Username displayed in Login Widget if email address used as username
- Fix: Fixed Streetview for header map on standard Pages, Streetview is displayed according to settings in Header Map element
- Fix: Fixed number of Item posts displayed in Header Resources section on multilingual website
v2.22 January 11, 2018
- Fix: Search form category dropdown responsive
v2.21 December 7, 2017
- Fix: Fixed Add Media button in admin screen for directory users
- Fix: Missing functionality from Yoast SEO plugin in SEO metabox
- Update: Updated FontAwesome library
v2.20 November 23, 2017
- Fix: Fixed error messages after deletion of Item post assigned to Event as Organizer
v2.19 November 9, 2017
- Fix: Fixed missing My Items button in login widget when administrator have to approve users Item posts.
v2.18 October 26, 2017
- Fix: Wrong redirection on password protected posts
v2.17 October 12, 2017
- Fix: Fixed responsive menu button on hover
v2.16 October 5, 2017
- Fix: Fixed javascript error on mobile version which caused broken datepicker in header search
- Fix: Header item slider H1 change to H2 
v2.15 September 7, 2017
- Fix: Captcha in Contact Form Element is regenerated after form submit and reset
v2.14 August 31, 2017
- Fix: Problem with untranslatable notificiation payment email. Text in the email is translated now. Make sure have also latest AIT Languages plugin.
v2.13 August 11, 2017
- Fix: fixed escaped Title text on category pages
- Fix: Fixed dropdown menus in WordPress visual editor
v2.12 August 8, 2017
- Fix: site logo fix for safari
v2.11 July 20, 2017
- Fix: Fixed toggles on taxonomy pages in responsive design
v2.10 July 13, 2017
- Fix: Number of Events on Item's page reflects to the layout without sidebars
- Fix: Duplicate events in sidebar Timeline
v2.9 June 29, 2017
- Fix: Fatal error displayed on blog page
- Fix: Buttons My Items and My Events in frontend user panel are displayed only if logged in user has permissions to manage Items or Events Pro posts
- Fix: responsive toggles bug on taxonomy locations page
v2.8 June 22, 2017
- Fix: In some cases event's datetime might not match with timezone's datetime
- Fix: Timeline, Events Slider and Events Pro Element now display events which are already happening 'today' (Date To must be specified)
v2.7 June 1, 2017
- Fix: Finished events were displayed in header map
v2.6 April 27, 2017
- Update: WooCommerce 3 compatibility
v2.5 April 13, 2017
- Update: Demo images are now downloaded via HTTPS
- Fix: Minor bugs in JS in Advertisements element
- Fix: Do not send full server directory paths to JS object in elements
- Update: Basic compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0 (resolved deprecated notices)
- Fix: Preview of Text element in Page Builder for other languages
- Fix: Missing names for sidebars in some languages caused widget administration to be unusable
v2.4 April 7, 2017
- Update: Year range from 1900-3000 for datepicker in Theme Options / Page Builder
- Fix: Proccess shortcodes in promotion element's text area
- Fix: Show Page Builder button on Admin Bar only when user has permission to access Page Builder
- Fix: Enabled fuzzy search in jquery.chosen.js selectboxes in Page Builder - able to find nested items now
- Fix: Shortcodes Generator modal window failed to load in Page Builder for Text Elements
- Fix: Use HTTPS protocol for external services - Twitter, Mixcloud
v2.3 February 23, 2017
- Fix: Header Map Items missing on category pages
- Fix: 'Events' section missing in 'toggles' on item's page
v2.2 February 16, 2017
- Fix: Horizontal tabs responsive script
- Fix: Wrong arrow position in Easy Slider Element
- Update: Bundled AIT Updater v5.0
v2.1 February 2, 2017
- Fix: User couldn't access wordpress login screen via direct link example.com/wp-admin/
v2.0 January 27, 2017
- Update: Support for free basic packages
- Update: Speed optimization for projects with large number of items
- Update: Header Map loads items asynchronously (prevents server failures and heavy loads)
- Update: php7 optimization
v1.52 January 20, 2017
- Improvement: Usability of Page Builder on smaller resolutions
- New: Collapsible Available Elements to gain more screen estate while scrolled
- Update: Bundled plugin AIT SysInfo 2.0.0 (has requirements and troubleshooting)
v1.51 January 12, 2017
- Fix: Password protected pages works correctly with Page Builder
- Fix: Position of Columns Element On-off switch
- Fix: Max 4 rows in Element Content previews in the Page Builder
- Improvement: Allows users to register with Cyrillic usernames
- Fix: Problem with malfunctioned permalinks after importing Demo Content 
v1.50 December 8, 2016
- Fix: Php warning when Event's Pro Fee price was empty
v1.49 December 1, 2016
- New: Content preview of Elements in Page Builder. You can have brief look what will Element look like on frontend when you are working in Page Builder.
- Update: Removed deprecated meta value target-densityDpi
- Fix: Responsive mode of tabs on item detail page was not detected properly
- Fix: Problem to click on My Events button on touch devices
v1.48 November 21, 2016
- Added: Locale based number formatting for price in WpLatte currency macro
- Fix: Carousel initialization conditions
- Fix: Events Pro detail content margins
- Fix: Search Events Pro within radius around geolocation
- Update: Currency formatting for Events Pro fees
- Added: Notice when only registered users can add review
- Added: Compatibility with upcoming Ait Advanced Search Plugin
v1.47 November 10, 2016
- New: Option for enabling 'Anonymize IP address' feature in Google Analytics
- Fix: TinyMCE editor fullscreen in Page Builder
- Fix: Problem with searching in other languages than default
- Improvement: Sort Font Awesome icons alphabetically
- Update: Drag&drop ordering pages and custom post types is removed, it caused some serius problems. Can be enabled back with 'Simple Page Ordering' plugin
- Fix: Margin under header in responsive when there are no site tools
- Fix: List style fix in Item and Event Pro detail page
- Fix: Long taxonomy names in header were displayed incorrectly
- Fix: 'Sort By' options on Item's and Event's Pro taxonomy pages
v1.46 October 31, 2016
- Fix: Broken Ait Item's archive page
- Update: Compatibility with AIT permissions manager plugin
- Fix: Advanced filters are now included within Item's features on Item's detail page
v1.45 October 10, 2016
- New: Redesigned Page Builder, Theme Options and other admin pages related to AIT theme features
v1.44 September 16, 2016
- Added: Custom message in Google Map element if there is a problem with API key
- Fix: Timeline map was zoomed out in some edge cases
- Fix: sub, sup style was missing
- Fix: Stripe payment process possible security issue
v1.43 September 8, 2016
- Update: Bundled plugins updated
v1.42 August 30, 2016
- New: Compatibility with new membership system
v1.41 August 25, 2016
- Fix: Cases when Ait Toolkit plugin isn't active
v1.40 August 19, 2016
- Fix: Admin google map streetview initialization
- Fix: If "Date To" wasn't specified theme displayed current date
v1.39 August 11, 2016
- Update: Updated mobile.js library
- Fix: Export function fatal error when revolution slider directory doesn't exists
v1.38 August 4, 2016
- Fix: Structured Data test by Google failed on Event's detail page
- Added: Compatibility for Special Offers filters on archive page
v1.37 July 28, 2016
- Fix: Fixed comment pagination links
- Fix: Finished events displayed on category page
- Fix: Megamenu with Icon Image
v1.36 July 22, 2016
- Update: Updated Google Fonts list
- Fix: Potencial fatal error with AIT Get Directions & AIT Item Extension after their deactivation
v1.35 July 14, 2016
- Update: Updated TGM Plugin Activation library to v2.6.1
- Fix: When there are multiple version of same language like en_US, en_GB, en_CA, item search wasn't working
- Fix: Captcha in Contact Form element now works with cache plugins like WP Super Cache
- Update: Requirements checker now checks for max_input_vars param, it is recommended to set this PHP param to value at least 3000
v1.34 June 29, 2016
- New: In Theme Option you can insert Google Maps API key (requirement for all Google Maps since 22.06.2016)
- New: Added Greek, Canadian English, Turkish and Ukrainian languages to Google Maps Element
v1.33 June 23, 2016
- Fix: Woocommerce my-account pages
- New: Theme now displays also Events Pro which have already started and are still running (requires most recent version of Events Pro plugin)
v1.32 June 16, 2016
- Update: Updated ajax return messages for contact form element
- Added: Compatibility with Special Offers Plugin
v1.31 June 9, 2016
- Update: Regenerated POT file for translations containing the newest text strings
- Fix: PHP error - Undefined var $parentTheme in AitUpgrader
- Improvement: Google Maps are loaded in the WP admin and on the frontend according to selected language
- Fix: Need for "double" save of Theme Options to invoke color/design changes is gone
- Update: Response notification when required fields for wp-mail are missing
v1.30 June 3, 2016
- Fix: Streetview on empty search results page
- Improvement: Skeleton and Theme Upgrader
- Fix: Package slug and compatibility with AIT Claim Listing
v1.29 June 3, 2016
- Fix: Woocommerce checkout page wasn't displaying image for paypal payment option when progressive loading was enabled
- Update: Added response notification for wp_mail ajax in contact form element. Now there is also a notification if the mail wont send.
- Improvement: Export only images which are in media library and all their sizes. This results in reduced size of exported content.
- Updated: Widget Area element progressive page loading
v1.28 May 26, 2016
- Added: Possibility to order Events in Event Element by Event's date (requires updated Ait Toolkit plugin)
- Fix: SEO element on 404 page (and other spcial pages) is working again
- Fix: Better compatibility with Object Cache plugins and WpLatte engine
- Fix: Updated overrided templates from item reviews plugin
- Fixed: Url param escaping for search filters
- Update: Updated return headers for contact owner ajax
- Fixed: Added admin capabilities for yoast seo plugin
v1.27 May 19, 2016
- Fix: Allow language inputs for text controls on Blog special page in Page Builder
- Fix: Do not display commnets element on frontend on these special pages 404, search, archive, wc_product, wc_shop
- Fix: WooCommerce Style fix
v1.26 May 13, 2016
- Fix: Do not display comments element on irrelevant pages in Page Builder, such as 404, search page, etc.
- Fix: Post dates in Posts Element
- Fix: Responsive toggles display
- Fix: Woocommerce select display
- Fix: Dragging elements from/to columns in pagebuilder
- Fix: Problem with saving content in 2 Text Elements placed within the same Columns Element
- Fix: Responsive Toggles
v1.25 May 5, 2016
- Fix: Clean up dead captcha files
- Fix: (Related only to all directory-type themes) Our AIT Shortcodes button in the editor can use even package users. There are no restrictions for that button (aka shortcodes generator) now
- Fix: Bug in Categories Widget with double title when categories are displayed as dropdown
- Fix: Disabled conflicting selectbox library on woocommerce pages
- Fix: Category option does not show "+ Add new category" text when user hasn't got the capabilities
- Tweak: Improved item-organizer columns in responsive
- Fix: Empty fields in event-pro recurring dates caused broken frontend maps
- Added: Email validation during registration of new users
v1.24 April 29, 2016
- Fix: Missing sidebars on frontend
v1.23 April 29, 2016
- Fix: Fixed map input "NaN" value breaking map in administration
- Fix: Some edge cases in Import/Export processing were fixed
- Fix: Detect correct locale for cloned item label in Page Builder
- Fix: Special edge case whean footer area has title "Footer 1"
- Added: OrderBy Title option for posts element
- New: WooCommerce breadcrumbs with categories on shop pages
- New: UI indication for delete theme cache and images cache buttons when deleting was finished
v1.22 April 19, 2016
- Fix: datepicker time zones caused wrong time in admin inputs
- Update: Updated POT files
- Fix: Broken header menu on item's detail page
- Added: Item Extension plugin style
v1.21 April 12, 2016
- Updated: New theme implementation for Ait Get Directions plugin
- Fix: Some compatibility fixes for AIT plugins
v1.20 April 5, 2016
- Fix: Pagination with many pages didn't update on Location taxonomy page
- Fix: Some compatibility fixes for upcoming WordPress 4.5
- Fix: Compatibility fixes for upcoming AIT Languages v2.1 plugin
v1.19 March 30, 2016
- Fix: RSS widget title does not display 'h3' tags anymore
- Fix: jQuery Waypoint does not throw error anymore
- Fix: On special pages some elements with categories (e.g. advertisements spaces) didn't work correctly with translations
v1.18 March 22, 2016
- Fix: Search by category
- Fix: Scrollwheel map option
v1.17 March 16, 2016
- Fix: Quickfix for map input in the admin
- Update: New version of Slider Revolution - v5.2.2
v1.16 March 15, 2016
- Fix: Map input crashing javascript when no location is found
- Fix: Date input problem with different timezones
v1.15 March 8, 2016
- Update: Regenerated POT files
- Fix: Reset Layout Options functionality works again
- Tweak: CSS is now generating on "Theme/Page Builder Options" save instead on the frontend
v1.14 March 1, 2016
- Fix: Sidebar Map and Timeline if specific category selected in pagebuilder
- Fix: Php notices on Events Pro archive page
v1.13 February 23, 2016
- Fixed: Item couldnt be trashed by single user
- Update: Reduced number of DB queries about 59%
- New: Custom CSS in Theme Options can be written in LESS syntax (it's disabled by default, intended for advanced users)
v1.12 February 9, 2016
- Fix: Page with event or item slider bouncing in responsive
v1.11 February 4, 2016
- Update: WooCommerce default cart layout
v1.10 January 26, 2016
- Added: Added captcha validation for registration widget
- Fix: Compatibility of comment form fields with WP 4.4 (Reverts the "comment" field position to below the other form fields.)
- Tweak: Minor internal tweaks of the framework
v1.9 January 14, 2016
- Fix: Events starting on 'today' are included in taxonomy pages
- Fix: Rich snippets error with multiple fees
- Fix: Search form element doesn't remember selected values
v1.8 December 9, 2015
- Fix: (Critical) Theme Options couldn't save changed values, there were still default values after page refresh
- Fix: Reset button on Default Layout admin page works correctly now
v1.7 December 9, 2015
- Fix: Blog page menu item highlighting, if blog is currently opened page
- Fix: Category filter in timeline
- Tweak: Today's events included in timeline
- Fix: Advanced search on directory themes when polylang is enabled
- Fix: PHP Notices in Shortcode Generator Modal Window
- Fix: Amongst some categories (e.g. Portfolios) there was incorectly listed language name from AIT Languages
v1.6 December 1, 2015
- Added: Contact owner form options to define the sender of email
- Fix: DateFrom and DateTo were same if starting date is older than today's date
- Fixed: Package item count when item trashed
- Fixed: Package event count when event trashed
- Fix: Corrected behaviour of WP custom queries (mostly in Elements) when some CPT is set as non translatable in AIT Languages settings
- Update: Font Awesome v4.5.0
v1.5 November 24, 2015
- Fix: Warings if date or category wasn't selected
- Fix: Single Item gallery (if gallery is in first active/tab)
- Fix: Alt attribute in category icon image
- Fix: Fixed all dates where they were displaying current date and time
- Fix: Issue with missing texts in widgets after updating to AIT Languages 2.0 is now fixed
- Fix: Fullscreen option for youtube video element
v1.4 November 18, 2015
- Fix: Package upgrade process failed to change package
- Fix: Paths to "parts" folder in child theme
- Fix: Login tab didn't display in Login Widget
v1.3 November 10, 2015
- Fix: Multiple tel. numbers on item detail page
- Fix: Contact Form element z-index
- New: Google Street View in Google Map Element
- Update: Various updates for upcomming new AIT Languages 2.0 plugin
- Fix: Improved compatibility of Advertising Spaces Element vs. Ad blockers
v1.2 November 3, 2015
- Update: Updated author metabox display
- Fixed: Stripe gateway user upgrade
- Fix: Notice in header map on search page
v1.1 October 27, 2015
- Fix: Responsive menu
- Fix: Sidebar script browsers compatibility
v1.0 October 25, 2015
- Theme Released

¿Por qué debería comprar?

  • Cree su propio negocio:

    Event Guide no es simplemente un tema más para WordPress; es un juego de herramientas que hemos creado para proporcionarle la oportunidad de empezar su propio negocio.

  • Promocione su lugar para eventos:

    Eleve su lugar para eventos hasta un nuevo nivel. Event Guide le ofrece acceso a características y funciones que redefinirán el modo en el que sus clientes exploran eventos en línea.

  • Precio imbatible en el mercado:

    Benefíciese de esta oportunidad para ahorrar mucho dinero. Hemos dedicado miles de horas a su análisis, diseño y desarrollo. Una solución a medida le costaría más de 10.000 $.

Características del tema Event Guide

  • El tema es completamente personalizable (colores y disposición) e implementa nuestro constructor de páginas
  • Diseño interactivo
  • Implementa optimización para SEO y fragmentos enriquecidos de Google
  • Buscar y filtrar por palabra clave, ubicación, categoría o fecha
  • Geolocalización y radio disponibles
  • Registro de usuarios, gratuito o de pago: cree sus paquetes personalizados
  • Registro extendido a través de nuestros plugins - pagos y suscripciones mediante PayPay y Stripe
  • Perfil organizador de eventos con lista de eventos, horarios de apertura, galería, características, opiniones, contactos, dirección e información personalizada
  • Navegación al lugar del evento u organizador
  • Mostrar anuncios fácilmente

Características del plugin Events Pro

  • Elementos personalizados, y ubicaciones y categorías de eventos con configuración personalizada de color e iconos
  • Los eventos pueden ser creados por usuarios registrados
  • Promueva todo tipo de eventos (promoción en un restaurante, cine, encuentros deportivos, conferencia en directo, etc.)
  • Personalizar la dirección del evento o usar la del organizador
  • Eventos recurrentes con fechas de finalización opcionales
  • El evento tiene su propio calendario con fechas programadas
  • Las fechas del evento se pueden exportar al calendario externo (Google, iCal, etc.) fácilmente por parte de los visitantes
  • Múltiples tarifas
  • Venda sus entradas de cualquier proveedor de su elección o use WooCommerce
  • Comparta eventos fácilmente en las redes sociales
  • Muestre cualquier información de evento o suba archivos
  • Un montón de opciones para contactar con el organizador del evento
  • Mostrar y filtrar organizadores o eventos en Google Maps
  • Promocione cualquier evento (por categoría, localización, total) en cualquier lugar de la página
  • Opción de promocionar a organizadores destacados por separado
  • Calendario con mapa que muestra todos los eventos futuros, que pueden filtrarse por categoría

Complemento Events Pro a mano

Permite que sus usuarios creen sus propios eventos y los enlacen al perfil de su local de eventos u otro negocio. El plugin Events Pro enriquece las páginas de los eventos con información clave sobre la fecha, hora, lugar y precio del evento. Los usuarios pueden crear eventos recurrentes, y los visitantes pueden compartirlos con facilidad.

Aunque ya tiene prácticamente todo lo que necesita, planeamos seguir actualizando Events Pro con muchas más características.

El plugin Events Pro no se incluye con el tema Event Guide. El plugin debe adquirirse de forma independiente.


Events Pro Element

Gracias a Page Builder puede mostrar fácilmente todos los eventos en cualquier sitio. Puede elegir si desea mostrarlos individualmente o en grupos de cierto tamaño, según su categoría o emplazamiento, o sin ningún filtro. Puede incluso gestionar qué información quiere mostrar. Tiene a su disposición varios efectos visuales ya listos.

Todo esto a sólo unos clics.

El componente Events Pro forma parte del plugin Events Pro, que debe ser adquirido de forma independiente.


Creado en un soporte multilingüe

Consiga acceso a nuestro original sistema multilingüe y a traducciones. Estas soluciones listas para usar le ofrecen la opción de crear un sitio web realmente multilingüe, en múltiples idiomas. ¿No utiliza el inglés? Puede traducir su sitio web a cualquier idioma disponible. Lo demás depende de usted.


Diseño interactivo

Event Guide responde al 100 % y funciona a la perfección en todos los dispositivos. Sus visitantes pueden acceder a cada elemento clave utilizando sus teléfonos móviles, tabletas, portátiles y ordenadores de sobremesa. Testado y validad en cada nuevo dispositivo inteligente e incluso en tabletas y teléfonos más antiguos.

Funciona en todos los dispositivos


Elementos que componen este web de directorio

Los módulos están diseñados para hacer tu trabajo más simple y lo más rápido posible. Puedes predefinir opciones en la sección por defecto e incluirlos en cualquier sitio. La información que fijes en los tipos se puede reutilizar en cualquier página, sin necesidad de escribirla de nuevo.


Hemos diseñado el encabezamiento de Event Guide para proporcionarle acceso a varias características clave tanto para administradores como para usuarios. Puede habilitar una búsqueda de encabezamientos más sencilla en cada página respectivamente.

Páginas lo suficientemente ricas

Gracias a page Builder y los elementos predefinidos usted es libre de cambiar el contenido de las páginas del modo que desee. La función de disposición está especialmente diseñada para mostrar eventos.

Cronología de eventos

La cronología muestra los próximos eventos en orden cronológico. Está disponible en cada página y se ajusta a su contenido. Si decide usar la cronología en una página que esté en la categoría de música, se mostrarán solo los eventos respectivos.

Lista de clasificación

El elemento “Lista de clasificación” muestra las listas de categorías y ubicaciones. Depende de usted si quiere mostrarlas juntas o separarlas en ciertas páginas.

Miniaplicaciones para pie de página

Puede configurar fácilmente columnas para miniaplicaciones para pies de página, cambiar su color, añadir un mensaje de copyright e incluso copiar y pegar un código javascript con un administrador de temas.

Búsqueda y resultados

Puede realizar búsquedas por palabras claves, categoría y ubicación. Además, puede activar la geolocalización y el radio de búsqueda alrededor de su posición. Es muy sencillo encontrar eventos cercanos. Ofrecemos las unidades en kilómetros y millas. Hay dos tipos de barra de búsqueda disponibles: la clásica y una en la que los campos forman una frase. Los resultados muestran los elementos que concuerdan en la lista con opciones de filtrado.

Puede filtra la lista de elementos según la fecha, título, valoración y el orden ascendente o descendente.

Categorías y ubicaciones

Los elementos y eventos se agrupan en categorías y ubicaciones. Pude tener tantas categorías como desee, además de sus subcategorías correspondientes. Puede asignarles cualquier icono, color, icono de mapa y descripción que quiera. Las ubicaciones funcionan del mismo modo. Los detalles de categoría tienen 3 tipos de encabezamiento: mapa, imagen o nada.


Elemento 'artículos' y detalle

Con este elemento puede mostrar objetos en cada página. Estos objetos pueden mostrarse como una lista o una tabla, y en carrusel. Puede mostrarlos todos o solo cierta categoría. Puede además establecer un título, descripción, categorías, dirección, información de contacto, horario de apertura y una lista personalizada de características en los ajustes de cada objeto.

Ampliable mediante complementos

¿Quién lo ha hecho posible?

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Lista de taxonomía


Información de elementos




Espacio para anuncios






Formulario de contacto


Easy Slider




Preguntas frecuentes


Google Maps




Título de la página






Tablas de precios


Revolution Slider


Reglas de estilo












Área del widget

Todos los temas están adaptados y funcionan perfectamente en dispositivos móviles. Y todos vienen con soporte multilingüe. El panel de administración & y el editor está totalmente traducido a muchos idiomas. Los temas también están integrados con el complemento WooCommerce.

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Comentarios (18)

  1. Natxo


    We need to create a portal for a city events guide. Basically there will be a website to promote bars, restaurants, etc.. from my city (in the future maybe mora tha one) and that they could post there own events throught a mini private back office area. Also we need that the visitors of the web could rate the places and the events to without registration.

    I think that this could be posible with your theme:


    And some of your pay plugins but i need that you confirm it before purchased and tell us what pay plugins we need also to make this project possible.

    There is any way to see a demo back office of a register user of the theme???


    1. Zlatko

      Hey there,
      thanks a lot for interesting in our products.
      Event Guide theme with Events PRO plugin allows your users to add items and events basis on packages you’ll create. Consequently you need also PayPal Payments plugin /if you plan recurring payments, pls consider PayPal Subscription plugin/. Another one plugin is Item Reviews, but please also kindly note the plugins allows rate only Items/. Event Reviews Plugin is a planned feature.
      AIT Languages plugin comes also as a part of Multilingual bundle for a discounted price /$125.00/ . Single theme is available with English version only.
      Perhaps, you might be interesting also in Easy Admin plugin thanks to which you can modify WordPress administration in order help to also non-wordpress users to work with the content comfortably.
      Here is the list of all plugins compatible with Event Guide: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/#event-guide
      The link to all Icons created for Event Guide: https://www.ait-themes.club/graphics/#event-guide

      Demo admin is not available, but you can have theme (from http://www.ait-themes.CLUB) at no risk as we offer 30 days of money back guarantee if you buy SINGLE theme/plugin /not Business, nor Premium membership/. You can play around with the theme, you can contact our support forum where we help you to solve any theme-regarding issue, and if you are not satisfied you can ask for money refund – no problem.
      Should you be interesting, after purchase SINGLE theme you can also upgrade your subscription to a higher package within 30 days. You will get an access to all of our themes (+63), plugins (+19) and graphics (+168) for a reduced price – you will be prompted to pay the difference between prices of Premium and Single. Please have a look at the following article for detailed info: https://www.ait-themes.club/upgrade-membership-terms-and-conditions-update/
      In addition – all of our products – themes, plugins are kept always compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

      Hope this will help,
      Best regards,

  2. Jaime Cuenca


    They are going to put this theme on themeforest? I wonder why there forever and updates give me interested in this theme but must be renewed each year

    How much is renewed every year?

    There are some combo for this:
    Theme Event Guide + Plugins: Events Pro, Get Directions, Advanced Filters, AIT Languages, Paypal Subscriptions, Paypal Payments


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Jaime,
      thanks for asking. Yeah, Event Guide theme should be available also on Themeforest in the future, as it depends only on Themeforest approval procedure, we are not able when it happen /possible in one or two months etc./
      After 1 year, you are free to decide to prolong your subscription, so you can renew for the same price. The price includes:
      – in case of Premium membership: all the themes, plugins and graphics /icons, PDS’s,…/ on http://www.ait-themes.club
      – product updates – we continuously add new features/languages, keep theme/plugin compatible with WordPress and the other plugins that are implemented with the theme, security updates, fixing the bugs
      – semiautomated updates thanks to our AIT Updater plugin /free/: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#updater-plugin
      – access to premium customer support https://system.ait-themes.club/ , where our Ait-Themes team is ready to help your with any theme-regarding issue: Customer Support is provided Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm Central European Time.
      – unlimited license usage – for as many as you like domains or web projects
      – access to all new products /themes, plugins, graphics/ that we are going to add on http://www.ait-themes.CLUB during validity of Business or Premium membership
      – after the period of 12 months you can still continue using our products – no restrictions

      The price doesn’t include:
      – theme customization or modification (due to capacity reasons)
      – an additional service: https://www.ait-themes.club/services/

      Best, Zlatko

  3. Jaime


    I am very interested in your theme EVENT GUIDE, but before buying have some questions:
    1) Go up this theme on ThemeForest?
    2) ThemeForest topics Business Finder + (which I bought) have updates after year, that in place only actualize one year? It has a cost after those the acualizaciones the theme?
    3) Theme Event Guide is compatible with the LocoTranslate plugin?
    4) It is necessary PAYPAL PAYMENTS, Paypal does not work with WooCommerce to install the theme?
    5) Are there any bundle for EVENTS PRO + EVENT GUIDE
    6) their themes in Themforest cost less?


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Jaime,
      please find underneath my answers on your questions:
      1) as mentioned before – it depends on Themeforest approval procedure, a good notice is that we have added /themeforest has approved/ City Guide theme recently.
      2) After 1 year you can renew for the same price /any product at ait-themes.club/
      3) LocoTranslate plugin was not tested, moreover we have not feedbacks from our clients, i am sorry, we are not able to guarantee full compatibility with between the products.
      4) No, you can choose WooCommerce plugin /that is fully integrated with the theme – design, functionality, multilingual ready/ that comes with many add-ons, paypal gateway also.
      5) For the moment there are no special offers except common packages that you can find at: https://www.ait-themes.club/pricing-sign-up/
      6) The main differences between market place and ait-themes.club is in Price and License usage policy. If you are intended to create the more web projects you should consider unlimited license usage when you choose theme from ait-themes.club. The price includes also access to support forum by comparing with themeforest offer that seems to be cheeper. As mentioned above, it depends on your needs.

      Hope this will help.
      Kind regards,

  4. juan

    saludos, esta platilla me sirve para cualquier contenido aunque no sea para eventos? Quisiera usarlo para noticias o promocionar equipos de cine en renta. Gracias

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Juan,

      yes, you are right. Theme is compatible with Events PRO thanks to which you can let your users add and manage events, you can search by events or by items etc. Please kindly have a look a the following article that will help you to better understand the theme parameters: https://www.ait-themes.club/directory-wordpress-themes-club/
      Best regards,

  5. juan

    Saludos, dispuclpa pero mi pregunta es si la plantilla sirve para una página de noticias y otra de renta de equipos. NO la quiero para promocionar eventos… También quisiera saber si la de 75$ viene con el multilingual o toca comprar la de 125$ para tenerla con varios idiomas…. Gracias

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Juan,
      thanks for asking – we have created a new package that includes the previous /theme+ait languages plugin/ + we have added 12 plugins, icons, PSD’s to directory theme. If you prefer the previous one package, please contact us back.
      Best regards,

  6. Fco Javier


    mi intención es hacer un directorio de las casas que tenemos en alquiler en la provincia y estaba buscando un tema en el que después la gente pudiera hacer una búsqueda por características (por ejemplo marcar WiFi y garaje y que la búsqueda le retornase los que tengan ambas características), ¿alguno de los temas permite esto?

    Gracias, espero que lo haya ya que me parecen muy interesantes vuestros temas.

    1. Zlatko


      thanks for asking. Yes, you can use Advanced filters plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/wordpress-plugins/advanced-filters/
      – documentation: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#advanced-filters-plugin

      Best regards, Zlatko

  7. RatM

    I am interested in buying the Event Guide Theme. The current offer is 99$. Includes all the plugins that appear in the DEMO page? Such as the EVENTS PRO PLUGIN (Includes EVENTS PRO ELEMENTS). And once bought and installed, I can import the complete template from the DEMO VERSION?

    Let me Know. Thanks.

    1. Zlatko

      yes, Full membership comes with all graphics, plugins and themes. For detailed info please visit: https://www.ait-themes.club/full-membership/
      After theme installation you can import the demo content: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/import-demo-content-video-tutorial/
      Have a great day,

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for asking. The speed of the theme installation procedure takes some ten’s of seconds, it mostly depends on server performance. For the detailed info please have a look at the documentation:
      – hosting requirements: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/hosting-requirements/
      – theme installation: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/theme-installation-instructions/

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