WordPress Plugin för specialerbjudanden

For Business Owners

When promoting special offers there’s two things you’re most concerned about. First is communicating this offer to your targeted customers, second is the offer availability dates that are very important to follow and can boost your sales by reminding your customers of limited validity of the offer. With Special Offers Plugin, managing your special offers will be easier than ever before.

Do You Have Special Offer?

Attract your customer’s attention by listing your special offers on your website. Place offers right where you can catch most of your site visitors and let them explore where they can save some money. You can display, list and updated order of your special offers the way you want.

What’s inside?

This is the list of most exciting features this plugin offers to you. Just check it out. You can set the validity dates of your offer and you’ll never have to worry about “forgetting” offer on the site ever again. Offer will only be displayed when valid.

  • Separate custom type with special offers items
  • Connection to specific portal item
  • Number of special offers per item can be set in packages
  • Listing of all item’s special offers on its own detail page
  • Special offers element with carousel
  • Archive page with list of all special offers
  • Availability of special offer by from / to dates
  • Individual price for special item with its currency
  • Sortable by categories and locations of its portal item
  • Dynamic content on special pages