Surprising deficiencies of some landing pages you can find online

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Surprising deficiencies of some landing pages you can find online

The website’s ability to convince visitors to become customers is measured by conversion. Conversion can be boosted by various tools and marketing strategies, but sometimes it is sufficient to eliminate just a few mistakes on the existing landing pages and results can arrive without any additional advertising costs.

What are the most common mistakes you can encounter? What you need to pay attention to when creating and updating landing pages?

Problems with CTA

The most significant deficiency is if user cannot find and click on CTA button (call to action button). There can be number of reasons for that – too much text on the webpage, unnoticeable button which looks like a part of the text in the page body, or its illogical position. One of the issues is often incomprehensible advertising message. It means that user doesn’t know what you’re expecting from him/her. Therefore the text in CTA button should be factual and the customer needs to be told clearly what activity he/she should do on the webpage.

Another deficiencies developers might not notice when creating landing pages:

  • Unsuitable design, too much of the content (in comparison to a standard homepage webpage)
  • Poor headlines which don’t attract enough attention
  • Little amount of pictures, original own photos and graphical elements
  • Complicated texts that cannot be understood easily in a matter of seconds
  • Lengthy purchasing process with many useless interim steps
  • Forgetting about landing page optimization
  • No tracking of events and purchasing process
  • No testing and evaluation of results

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