Support Forum Migration – Important notice to all our Themeforest customers

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Support Forum Migration – Important notice to all our Themeforest customers

At AitThemes we continuously look for new ways to make our services better for you. By adding new themes, plugins and improving functionality of those already existing, developing new features, the need for better support system has arised. Number of support requests has increased significantly in the past year therefore we’ve created new support system. All your queries will be dealt with more efficiently and faster than ever before.


Effective 22nd January 2016: your customer account has been migrated to our new support system. You can login any time by using your current username and password at this link: Please write your new support queries into this new system it will more comfortable for you.

Effective 1st February 2016: please note that all new support requests are being received via new system only. Old support system is no longer being updated. You can still login and review your old queries there however you won’t be able to add new questions. All opened (remaining) questions will be answered by our support team.


Please note that from now on all your new queries will be received via new support system only at the following link:

What has changed?

  1. New categorisation of support requests. Each item is being labeled as it arrives to us which helps us to deal with it faster than ever before. You can be sure your question is being looked at by one of our specialists right away.
  2. Better search options – easier to find documentation you’re looking for. There’s no faster way to get an answer then read it before submitting the question. Yes, there is high chance that you’ll find documentation or knowledge base document about what you need to know. Just scan through our new support site and you might find the answer really quickly.
  3. Private questions. Most of the questions in an old support system have been public. We found it was overloading our sites as you could keep scrolling down endlessly and get lost in all the posts at the end. To prevent this we’ve decided to go for private questions instead. It might give us a little bit more work to keep everyone informed of all the answered questions there is but again, it will be easier for you to find your answer through better categorisation and search options.
  4. Enlarging knowledge base. Our new dedicated team will be working on adding all repeating questions to the documentation or knowledge base. This way all our customers will be able to discover the full potential of our products and services just by reading the step-by-step guide.
  5. Your feedback is most appreciated. Please always leave a feedback for us to learn how we’re doing and what can we improve. We’re more than happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

How can I submit a support request?

If you already have an AitThemes account, this is now migrated to site. You should have received your login details by e-mail. Let us know if you haven’t. There’s no need to do any extra work for you, just log in with your existing details, follow the menu and submit your question.


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