Is the success of content marketing only a myth?

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Is the success of content marketing only a myth?

There is so many articles on the importance of content marketing and various tips for its improvement. What are the common methods? What can help you to achieve the given target?

Universal strategies for customer acquisition

The priority in the content marketing area is the setting of short-term aims that content marketing is to help to achieve. It can be a number of new likes, followers, subscribers to newsletter etc. If we are talking about strategies for planning and work with content marketing, certainly focus on content that is up-to-date (share the same thing even several times, it will improve the traffic and bring new readers).

Content should be also timeless – this means it can be varied during the whole year and it doesn’t lose the currentness and attractivity. You should also adjust the content based on the channel type. By slightly rewording the content, it can be used several times within the same social network.


Don’t forget: The highest traffic can be achieved by sharing information accompanied by pictures and infographics. Good optimization is also a must.

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