Time-saving tricks in Theme Options – setup of Favicon and Logo in few seconds

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Time-saving tricks in Theme Options – setup of Favicon and Logo in few seconds

In one of our previous articles we focused on providing information on the various parameters that can be configured within the basic settings of Directory themes. Now we are going to show you several tricks in Theme Options that will help you to set up complicated things in a simple way 🙂 . Work with Directory themes will become more convenient.

Upload of Favicon

If you want to change the Favicon of your Directory website, you can do it via Theme Options in General Settings tab.

Theme Options Favicon

You just need to perform the following 2 steps:

  1. Upload an image
  2. Save it

Theme Options Favicon II

And that’s it – your new Favicon will be displayed on the browser tab immediately…

You can see how simple and quick process this is in our video tutorial:

Addition and change of logo

Another trick is extremely quick addition of logo on the Directory website. In Theme Options -> Header you can select the image to be your logo. Following the upload of image, you just click on Save Options and your logo is displayed on the website. By clicking on the preview button you can quickly check, if the particular image suits your needs.

Video tutorial with exact steps can be found in our clip:

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