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We will migrate your website from one server to another

Website migration requires expertise and knowledge of WordPress, databases and servers. Transfer process strictly requires following particular steps to avoid data lost, downtime or other unexpected complications. The easiest way for you to safely move your website from one server to another is to order Ait Migration Service. Take care of your core business and we’ll take care about your website. No stress, no headaches.


Reasons for website transfer can be various. You can switch to a different provider that will give you more competitive deal or you’re getting high traffic and need to move to a dedicated server.

We offer you migration of your website created from one of our WordPress themes from one hosting provider to another. Simply pick your new hosting provider, order Ait Migration Service and we’ll take care about all required steps that are necessary to migrate your website. New hosting provider needs to match our theme hosting requirements.

Service includes

  • WordPress installation
  • Backup of website and database
  • Website migration including AIT theme, content and media
  • DNS records change
  • Permalinks setup

DNS change is done with cooperation of the company where you purchased your domain. Full DNS change propagation takes usually from 4 to 48 hours, it always depends on domain name server cache settings by DNS provider.

Service does NOT include

  • Migration from other CMS to WordPress
  • Migration of website made from 3rd party WordPress themes
  • WordPress theme purchase, you need to purchase our WordPress theme separately
  • Web hosting services or email hosting services
  • New Plugin instalation
  • WordPress theme customization

After you order this service you’ll be brought to our service support center. You’ll be able to enter all your website details via secure encrypted channel. You’ll be also able to see status of your order and communicate with our support expert.

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