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We'll install our theme on your hosting

We’ll save you time and offer you stress-free WordPress theme installation. After ordering this service we’ll install any Ait WordPress theme to your server or hosting that matches our hosting requirements. Our support staff will make sure everything is working and you can start inserting your own content and images into your new website. You can use this service if you have hosting for example with,, or any other provider of your choice.


WordPress theme installation is usually very straight forward process. If you’re not a technical person it might sometimes take long time to understand everything you need to do and to solve all possible issues.

Factors that can affect hassle-free WordPress theme installation can be:

  • Wrong hosting server settings
  • Knowledge of all required hosting parameters. Testing of settings and required changes to PHP configuration files
  • Not enough technical skills or experience with hosting and PHP
  • Dealing with WordPress theme installation is beyond hosting provider support center

Which-ever is your reason, we’ll save you time and offer you stress-free WordPress theme installation.

We will install our Ait WordPress theme on hosting provider of your choice. Most popular hosting providers:

Service includes:

  • Installation of newest version WordPress CMS system
  • Installation of newest version of selected Ait WordPress Theme
  • Demo content import including placeholder images

What do you need to do

  • Purchase domain
  • Order suitable hosting service
  • Set up all DNS settings in your hosting account
  • Give our experienced team of developers all access codes via secure and encrypted channel

Service does NOT include

  • WordPress theme purchase, you need to purchase our WordPress theme separately
  • Web hosting services or email hosting services
  • Plugin instalation
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Content, logo or images creation
  • SEO

Money back guarantee

If installation of our WordPress theme won’t be successful for any reason, we’ll guarantee full refund for this service.

After you order this service you’ll be brought to our service support center. You’ll be able to enter all your website details via secure encrypted channel. You’ll be also able to see status of your order and communicate with our support expert.

Ait WordPress Themes hosting requirements

We always test our themes on most standard hosting set ups, however make sure your hosting match the following requirements.

  • WordPress 4.0 or later
  • PHP 5.3 version or later
  • PHP Extensions:*

    GD/ImageMagick extension, Reflection extension, SPL extension, PCRE extension, ICONV extension, PHP tokenizer

  • PHP Functions:*

    flock(), gzcompress(), gzuncompress()

  • in php.ini file on your server have set up values:

    memory_limit set up at least 96MB, upload_max_filesize at least 20MB, post_max_size at least 20MB - the best same value like upload_max_filesize, displaying of Notices & Warnings turned off

  • we recommend mod_rewrite enabled
  • write permissions to wp-content/uploads folder

* PHP extensions and functions mentioned above are available on most common hostings

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