Secret of the Content your Visitors want to read

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Secret of the Content your Visitors want to read

It is very difficult to attract website visitor’s attention, because there is so many distracting factors. Even more challenging is to keep the visitor’s attention. See below the following useful advices so that your visitors do not leave your web page.

Simple content

The key to success of the text is its simplicity – communicate with your visitors in natural way. What does it mean? Avoid using too “smart” (technical) vocabulary and lecturing. Just keep breaking the rules, you don’t need to express yourself in a most correct and standard way. Colon is often used as a cliff hanger : you can utilize visitor’s curiosity for your own benefit!

Using of white spaces is recommended for increasing of the text transparency and readability. Using of empty spaces can help readers to navigate the website comfortably and quickly. In general it is very important to structure the text as much as possible.

Another useful tricks are summarizing of most important points / information in the text or blog post, working with pictures/photos and especially infographics, highlighting URL links and many more…

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