Say goodbye to the Citadela Directory plugin

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Updated: July 23, 2021
Say goodbye to the Citadela Directory plugin

Big changes are happening to our Citadela plugin family. We’re releasing a significant update to Citadela Directory, and at the same time, we’re renaming the plugin to Citadela Listing.

Citadela Directory plugin is currently the best listing plugin for Gutenberg. It uses only standard WordPress functionality and enables you to use the full potential of WordPress editor to create pages and administer individual items.

Welcome Citadela Listing

We’re renaming the Citadela Directory plugin to Citadela Listing. Why do we do so? Citadela Listing plugin is a new update to a directory functionality that allows you to use items to create business directory websites and add ANY listing items. With the Citadela Listing plugin, you’re able to create:

  • classified website
  • job listing website
  • food listing website
  • portfolio website
  • real estate listing website
  • car dealer website
  • tour operator website
  • …..
  • and of course, business directory websites

Possibilities are endless. Again, this is just the first version of the Citadela Listing plugin, and more outstanding features are coming.

First of all, we haven’t removed any existing features nor abandoned development of new directory features such as Events or Special Offers. These complex features are currently under development and implemented in the Citadela Listing plugin in the upcoming months.

Tons of hidden under the hood changes happened during this big switch. There are also some new features that you can use straight away:

  • Each item can now have an image gallery. This is a highly requested feature and uses standard WordPress core functions.
  • You have more control over image dimensions in item lists. Your portoflio created using the Citadela Listing plugin will look amazing. Again, possibilities are now endless as you can use all these settings on your business directory website as well.

Renaming the plugin is just a cosmetic change, but this change will enable you to remember that the plugin is no longer a business directory plugin only. It’s a universal listing plugin you can use for any website.

What new features are planned for Citadela Listing?

Our goal is to make Citadela Listing plugin the best plugin for Gutenberg and the best universal listing plugin. Period. 

Shortly after this new release we will be introducing “Item Types” to the Citadela Listing plugin. With Item Types, you’ll define your item type, let’s say portfolio and job offers. These types will work separately. For instance, if you’re a marketing agency, you can display portfolio items on one page and then job offers on another one. 

The sweet thing is that you’ll be able to use all current features for all types, such as item extension, filters, advanced filters or maps. You’ll build your item type. You’ll have complete control.

I’m sure you’re excited about this great news, guys. The New Citadela Listing plugin is free for all our current customers. If you’re not yet our customer, please purchase one of our memberships for a discounted price today.