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  1. Nicolas Bruchon


    Does the premium subcription include Directory+?
    Also after 1 year, can we still using pluggin and theme without ait subscription?

    After a subscription, where can we download theme?


    1. Zlatko

      Premium membership includes only themes , plugins and graphics that are available at: https://www.ait-themes.club/ . Directory is not a part of package due to restrictions by seller on themeforest. After subscription you can download instead City Guide directory theme /missing features are coming update in a few days, weeks/. Secondly, after 1 year you can freely using all products, moreover for unlimited projects – there is not license usage restrictions by ait-themes.CLUB.
      Have a great day,

  2. Philippe

    Hi I have already buy today Directory+ But, when I install this theme on my wordpress, I don’t have the multilanguage option (I’m interested by French and English theme minimum), WHY?
    Because in demo theme I can see the theme available in multilanguage.
    I need to buy other plugin: AIT LANGUAGES?
    If I have already buy Directory+, I need to buy also City guide (because city guide already in multilanguage), thanks for your support
    Best regards

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for asking and purchasing one of our products. AIT Languages plugin is an extension to Multilingual and Translated theme /for example Directory+, City Guide, etc/ Therefore, if you plan to create multilingual website AIT language plugin will help you as it comes fully supported with +25 languages, French included. It is mean you can have back end, front end, admin, page builder and +30 integrated elements in any language right after installation. Simply quick set up your language as it is shown at: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/work-with-languages-options-video-tutorial/
      Should you have more questions, please contact us.
      Sincerely, Zlatko.

  3. Toure

    je voudrais faire un abonnement premium mais j’ai certains nombres de questions
    prière de m’envoyer votre numéro de téléphone je vais vous appeler

    1. Zlatko

      thank you for interesting in one of our products. A common way we provide communication to our audience can be: via comments or private emails. To all of our subscribers we offer an access to our dedicated support forum where we are ready to help with any theme kind of issue during website building.
      Therefore, feel free to post your idea or any request here or via private email. We’ll be glad to hear from you again.

  4. Andre

    Hi, I sent you a message yesterday about the Single theme at $75. With this one, can we do a multilingual website? I need to have a quick response please.


    1. Zlatko

      Hello Andre,
      indeed, we have got your message /as i remember it was written in French/ – as described in page presentation, SINGLE theme /$75.00/ is in English version only.
      If you are intended to use theme in one of available languages /+26/ even as multilingual, you need MULTILINGUAL theme package /$125.00/

  5. Stephane

    Nous avons déjà un site internet ou nous utilisons wordpress.

    Comment se passe un changement de theme. Est ce que la migration vers un de vos thèmes est facile?
    Nous ne voudrions pas perdre nos pages existantes et nos articles.

    En vous remerciant par avance pour votre réponse.


  6. solene


    I’ve already sent you an email but I have others questions.
    – I’ve read in a comment that the theme directory+ is not included in the full membership package ?
    – How many maps can we used in a website ? unlimited ?
    – Visitors can add some places in the map ? Do I received a notification before approval ? Do also have a notification before approval for the comments ?
    – Is it possible with your theme to have a page talks/chat ?
    – And is it possible the visitors create their profil and can contact each other ? like a meet up ?
    – If I don’t find a plugin in your website, is it possible to add a third party addons

    Thanks a lot

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Solene,

      thanks for additional questions:
      – Full Membership includes all themes, all plugins, all graphics. Perhaps some misunderstanding. For detailed info please have a look at: https://www.ait-themes.club/full-membership/
      – you can use Google Map element for as many times as you like: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/google-map-element/
      – you can give abilities to users to manage theme capabilities -> page builder that uses google map element by using Permission Manager plugin: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/#permissions-manager-plugin , notification is sent on email
      – we are sorry, no chat and no meet up functionality is implemented by default
      – yes, you can add a 3rd party plugins/addons but as we do not perform the testing, i am not able to ensure you about the compatibility between them and the theme.
      Best regards!

  7. yas

    Hi, I’m french and i’m interesting to your product. I would like to know if all your plugins are compatible with the theme divi and the divi bulder to elegantthemes ?
    Thanks for your answers.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello and thanks for interesting in our products.
      We are sorry, we do not perform testing of our product with divi products and builder as our themes are based on our framework II that uses AIT Page Builder: https://www.ait-themes.club/doc/using-page-builder-video-tutorial/ Therefore i am not able to ensure you whether our products are compatible with divi.
      Should you be interesting to get the more information regarding our themes and plugins, please have a look also at: https://www.ait-themes.club/documentation/
      Kind regards!

  8. Matthieu Grass

    Si je prends une full adhésion à 99$ aujourd’hui, est-ce qu’en cas de satisfaction, je peux passer à l’adhésion Lifetime dans les 30 jours suivant mon achat et payer seulement la différence actuelle en promotion soit 130$ ?
    Merci pour votre réponse
    M. Grass

      1. Matthieu Grass

        Pourtant dans la rubrique “Mise à niveau en dedans de 30 jours” (https://www.ait-themes.club/tarification-et-inscription/), vous indiquez qu’il est possible de passer à un abonnement supérieur dans les 30 jours suivant l’achat initial et payer seulement la différence.
        Je peux donc passer d’une Full Adhésion à une Lifetime Adhésion dans les 30 jours suivant l’achat de ma Full Adhésion et ne payer que la différence.
        Merci de m’indiquer la démarche à suivre,
        M. Grass

  9. Matthieu Grass


    Excusez-moi d’insister mais sur la page FAQ, contrairement à votre réponse, il est bien indiqué :

    Foire Aux Questions
    Que vous achetiez un thème unique ou un Abonnement Club, vous bénéficiez de l’ensemble des avantages suivants :
    Mise à niveau en dedans de 30 jours
    Vous pouvez passer à un abonnement supérieur dans les 30 jours suivant l’achat initial et payer seulement la différence.

    Donc avec mon adhésion Full Adhésion qui est un abonnement club j’ai 30 jours pour passer à l’abonnement supérieur Lifetime Adhésion.

    Si non, je préfère que vous me remboursiez mon abonnement Full Adhésion afin de prendre directement un abonnement Lifetime Adhésion.

    M. Grass

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Matthieu,

      thanks for your reply. We are sorry, there is no such an option to upgrade from Full Membership to Lifetime package by paying the difference between the prices of both products. No problem to proceed your request and refund you, please provide us of your registration user name or email, or purchase code as by checking using your posted email i can find your profile with no subscription: https://system.ait-themes.club/admin/customers/detail/40071


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