Big changes coming this summer: New Theme + new pricing policy

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Updated: January 26, 2020
Big changes coming this summer: New Theme + new pricing policy

In this article you’ll find detailed information about upcoming news we’ll be introducing this summer. How will the changes affect existing customers? What pricing bundles will be introduced?

Over the past year, WordPress has released many new functionalities that have greatly changed the way we use it. With the release of our new WordPress theme we’re moving forward, bringing you better web creation opportunities.

When WordPress 5.0 was first released, our main goal was to make sure all our themes were functioning well with this new, significantly different version of WordPress based on blocks. Of course, we’ve accomplished this goal without any delays and moved on to a much bigger task:

Developing Citadela – new WordPress theme designed for WordPress block editor – Gutenberg.

Citadela WordPress theme will be released this summer. However, our vision is to keep working on it for upcoming years. We’ll be constantly adding new features and blocks until it becomes the ultimate tool for creating ANY WordPress website.

How does new WordPress block editor work?

WordPress has introduced blocks alongside with a visual editor – Customizer.

Each block can be edited individually, moved around the page, added or deleted… You can even save blocks after you customize them and reuse them elsewhere on the website.

WordPress Customizer or visual editor lets you make changes to your website and see how they look right away.

Citadela WordPress theme will leverage both of these new WordPress features.

Citadela will offer:

  • Multiple theme layouts which you can switch between and preview how they fit your website.
  • Different types of headers with customizable header background.
  • Endless color options, and even the automatic calculation of matching colors.
  • Unique blocks you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Portal functionality for creating listing websites, business portal or any website that holds thousands of items: neatly categorized & easily searchable.
  • Many other great functionalities.

Multipurpose theme or Portal WordPress theme?

Ait-Themes have been on the WordPress market for over 10 years. We are designing themes and plugins for wide range of customers. Professionals, bloggers, businesses of different sizes and structures, non-profits, web agencies etc.

We’ve came with a concept of portal WordPress theme as one of the first WordPress developers ever.

It was a unique idea of creating business listing website with WordPress – originally a simple blogging platform – now used for a complex solution with thousands of categorized items, advanced search, pinned map and much more.

People loved the idea and to this day, new version of original portal theme is one of our best selling themes, as well as featured theme on Themeforest.

When we were deciding what kind of theme we’re going to build on WordPress block editor, we were standing in front of a tough decision:

Do we want to build multipurpose theme or portal theme?

We decided to build both.

New WordPress blocks and visual editor – Customizer is so easy to use, it’s really up to you what website you’ll build. Our part of the job is to prepare design, blocks and features you can work with.

We let YOU choose: 4 levels of Citadela

Let me introduce you our concept for this new and great WordPress theme, which will be a perfect fit for all our customers.

You can choose what you need for your amazing website. Here are your options:

1. Citadela WordPress theme

Citadela will be released as FREE premium WP theme, beautifully designed and coded based on standard WordPress principles to ensure highest compatibility with third party plugins. Free version of Citadela will be extendable by plugins for further customization.

2. Citadela PRO plugin

WordPress plugin that adds customization options to Citadela.

  • More theme layouts,
  • Header customization,
  • Unlimited colors with color autocalc,
  • Typography with any Google font you like
  • More styles
  • Wider choice of alignment of WordPress blocks

3. Citadela Blocks plugin

WordPress plugin that adds unique blocks to any WordPress theme. such as:

  • Services
  • Events
  • Job offers
  • Team Members
  • Testimonials
  • Price Tables
  • Counters
  • Countdown
  • Opening Hours
  • Portfolio

4. Citadela WordPress Directory plugin

Citadela WordPress Directory plugin turns Citadela or any other standard WordPress theme into Portal WordPress theme.

Plugin will include all the great features that our customers use to create their portal websites, such as:

  • Migrations from our current portal themes
  • Easy Admin
  • Item Extension
  • Item Reviews
  • Get Directions
  • Advanced Filters
  • Claim Listing
  • CSV Import/Export
  • Paypal payments
  • Special Offers
  • Advanced Search
  • Permissions Manager
  • Stripe payments

Feel free to help us decide what features YOU would like us to include in Citadela theme and plugins.

What can you build with Citadela?

As you can see, there are no limitations to what you can build with Citadela. Start by downloading free WordPress theme. Premium design and default WordPress blocks with a guaranteed continuity, support & future updates.

Citadela WordPress theme has been designed by Ait-Themes. The reputable company that’s present on WordPress market for over 10 years & has more than 178 000 customers.

Remember: It’s always better to get WordPress theme from reliable developer – YES, even the free WordPress theme! Don’t risk the future of your website.

When you decide that you need more, simply get Citadela PRO plugin and discover new possibilities – without rebuilding your website or starting over. Just tune what you already have and make your website look even better.

More complex websites will require more blocks, such as Custom container block (block of blocks) or Services to better promote your business online. Such blocks you’ll find within Citadela Blocks plugin.

Citadela WordPress Directory plugin will let you create any business portal, online catalogue or listing website.

Better compatibility

Citadela WordPress theme is build on standard WordPress principles (no framework). This ensures better compatibility with 3rd party components.

It means that even plugins from other reliable developers should work smoothly with Citadela theme.

Vice-versa, new plugins Citadela Blocks and Citadela WordPress Directory Plugin will be compatible with any standard WordPress theme.

Changes to prices & Licences

With the release of Citadela we’re changing the way of building websites. It will be better, more flexible and constantly evolving.

Full and lifetime members of Ait-themes club are used to getting free updates and they know that all newly introduced products are available to them for free. Citadela won’t be an exception.

Citadela WordPress theme as well as 3 new plugins (Citadela PRO plugin, Citadela Blocks plugin and Citadela WordPress Directory plugin) will be FREE for all our customers with full or lifetime membership.

This applies to all new features, blocks and portal functionality added after the first release. As long as your membership is valid, you’ll be getting new products for free.

However, we’ll be making significant changes to our pricing strategy and packages available to our new customers who will join Ait-themes club in the future.

The main change will affect number of licences you’ll get per purchase.

Currently, our memberships come with unlimited licence. Once you join the club, you can build as many websites as you wish with our themes. In the future, the number of domains you can use the theme or plugin for, will be limited.

Main reason for this change is to create more suitable and more affordable option for customers who only need to create one website.

If you’d like to retain unlimited access to all our products, including new products in the future AND you want to have unlimited licence for creating as many websites as you wish, this is your last chance to buy LifeTime membership for unbeatable price.

Buy LifeTime Membership TODAY