New City Guide WordPress Theme Features

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Updated: February 11, 2020
New City Guide WordPress Theme Features

Reading this blog post you’ll learn how to create your own subpage with item listings and how to display your own data using City Guide WordPress theme.

What is portal theme

Best Local business WordPress directory theme includes special functions that are not included in standard WordPress themes. It allows you to add item listings to your website to create catalogue portal. Data are assigned into various categories and locations, they can be also displayed on the map with ability to search them or display only items around your current geographical location. You can also show them as list, grid or slideshow.

We periodically keep adding new features and enhancements into our very best City Guide WordPress theme. We bring you brand new blog series about features and new stuff added into the theme. Using portal theme you can start and always improve your online business. Attractive content will bring not only lot of readers but also paying customers.

In this article you find out:

  1. what’s the difference between City Guide and our older portal themes
  2. how to create page with listings and what possibilities you have to display data
  3. how to create your own layout


1. Strong features that make City Guide the Best portal WordPress theme

Because City Guide is our 3rd portal WordPress theme we have, let’s have a look at the main differences. What best portal WordPress theme features you won’t find anywhere else.

Multilingual theme with included translations – theme language change in 1 click

That means after you purchase our theme you don’t need to do any translation yourself if you wish the use one or more of the languages below. One thing you need to do is to activate language you’d like to use. You’ll save time and money, you’re website administration will be easy for all your international clients. You don’t need to open, edit and upload .po files via FTP. Multilingual and WPML ready themes are here for some time, but only AitThemes solve issues with translations for good. That’s an absolute revolution in WordPress themes market.

City Guide WordPress theme is completely translated into:

  • Albanian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Swedish


Theme built on AIT framework 2 – what does it mean exactly?

AIT Framework 2 brings you unique way how to create and build individual pages including item detail page. You can do everything using Page Builder without any programming knowledge. Flexible solution with high customisability for individual needs of your own layout. Many different ways how to display listings in combination with other elements. Sidebar configuration, columns, advertisements or other sections anywhere on your website.

2. Display listings on your website based on your criteria

In City Guide v2.2 we’ve made many small updates to various functions. We’ve improved Items element setting. From now on you can add items section with different criteria almost anywhere on your website.

List of criteria for item listing:

  • Creation Date
  • Random
  • Alphabetically
  • Top Rated

Let’s make an example on how to create a page with the newest item listings. For people that don’t have City Guide portal WordPress theme or any other our theme yet, we’ll show how to quickly create new subpage with listings first.

1. Create a new page in Pages section. We can call it Homepage and display most recent items on the very top. In Pages, click on “Add New” menu link, it’ll create you an empty page. You can write here page name, in our example it’s “Homepage”. If you’re creating multilingual website please also select particular language that page is written in. After that click the “Save and Open in Page Builder” button. This new function will automatically save your page and open it in Page Builder where you can build your whole page from individual elements.

Portal WordPress Theme create page with listings

2. If you already have some items added in your portal portal please continue. Drag&drop Items element into the middle to the position where you wish to have it. Please note that you can have this element as full width or display it beside sidebar. You can also display it inside columns and even use it several times on the same page with different settings.

Portal WordPress Theme drag and drop listings
Portal WordPress Theme listings display layout

3. You can now select which category and location you wish to display. Select “Creation Date” from Order by dropdown and set order to “Descending”. Next select number of items you wish to display and one of two available layouts: list or box

Portal Theme display item order

Save settings and it’s done. Clear cut evidence how easy and fast it is to work with our City Guide WordPress theme. In Page Builder you can add several Items elements on the same page. You can add newest items from 2-3 categories or different locations. You can also for example insert between them Advertisements element to show adverts.

Let’s have a look at what settings are available to display listings from City Guide WordPress theme that means what information you can present to your visitors.

  • Creation Date – displays newest or oldest items from your database. It’ll show items listings based on date of creation. You can create a special page with newest but also oldest items added to your site.
  • Random – randomly selected items from one or all categories.
  • Alphabetically – displays items ordered alphabetically.
  • Top Rated – if you have Reviews plugin activated, you can also display items based on rating.

Portal WordPress Theme listings display criteria


Featured listings on any page – most requested criterion to list items

The next best portal WordPress theme feature that’s included in Items element is “Display only Featured Items”. Because setting up this feature includes more steps, we’ll talk about it in separate paragraph.

Packages Settings in Theme Options

Featured items are added by user that has “Featured Items” functionality activated. Content of individual user packages can be administered in Theme Admin / Theme Options / Packages. You can create there several packages for different price. You can offer your customers more expensive package that will show their items on the top or in section with blog posts. It’s all up to you.

Portal WordPress Theme featured listings package

How to turn on this functionality in Items element

Again in Page Builder on the page you edit select “On” in Items element besides “Display only Featured Items”. Only listings added by users with this option will be displayed. You can also combine it with category and location filter, simply pick your selection from drop downs.
Featured listings dispaly portal WordPress Theme

3. Build your own layout, feature that you’ll love

Make your portal website more appealing using various layout settings our theme offers. Item listings can be displayed as list or grid of boxes. You can also turn on carousel with or without automatic sliding. Each element has also advanced settings where you can set up background color or background image, custom padding or margin. You can also set title and description of given element. Background image can be position fixed or scrollable. Also these small details make City Guide WordPress theme definitely the best you can find on the market today.

Basic Settings

In Basic settings you can choose number of items you’d like to display on given page. You can select their layout, items can be displayed as list or box. You can configure how many lines of text you wish to display. You can also display item image, title and category.

Box layout listings settings portal WordPress Theme

List layout setting portal WordPress ThemeIn the next image you can see how easy it is to to define number of columns for list layout, turn on carousel or autoplay and fading effect. You can also change image format in few clients:

Similar settings are also available for Box layout, you can also set number of columns, title and description alignment and so on.

Advanced Setting

Perfect presentation of item listings can be achieved also using Advanced Settings of Item element. Let’s have a look how you can make this section stand from the others. You can set up custom background color or background image. Advanced settings can be enabled for any element.

Portal WordPress Theme Items element advanced settings image

Title and description

You can add your own title and description that will be displayed above item element. You can use HTML tags to highlight text, change color or font size. You can also drag&drop Text element before Items element and using WYSIWYG editor add your own content.

  • Bold text: <strong>Lorem ipsum dolor</strong>
  • Change color, you can use HEX number to determine color: <span style=”color: red;”>Lorem ipsum dolor</span>
  • Make the font larger: <span style=“font-size:24px;”>Lorem ipsum dolor</span>
  • More CSS settings in one span: <span style=”color: red; font-size: 24px;”>Lorem ipsum dolor</span>
  • If you use “strong”, our theme will also set your text predefined color. If you wish to change the color to your own, you need to use “span” element inside:<strong><span style=”color: red;”>Lorem ipsum dolor</span></strong>
Color background listings portal WordPress ThemeColor Background

In Element Background you can choose any color using color picker or upload your own background image.


Image in Element Background

Your items section can look very elegant. Selection of the image is also important. You need to remember the following:

Image width

If you add Item element on full width, without sidebar and without columns, you need to choose image width that is greater than width of your website. It all depends on your layout type. Your layout can be set to wide or narrow. If you have wide layout set up, your image needs to be at least 1920px. It’ll look nice also on full HD screens. If you use narrow layout, you need to use narrower image. Width of your website can be checked in Theme Options > General: Website Width.

Image Height

Image height depends on your settings. If you wish to have your image fixed, only items will move when you will scroll. If you set it to “scroll”, element will move together with background image and items. It’s good to set up number of items first and then check item height on the frontend.

Fixed background – we suggest to have image height approximately 2 times higher to make look nice on all screen sizes when you scroll.

Scroll – It’s enough to have image height like your element height. To find out element size set up number of items, number of text lines and presentation image size. Title and description of whole section. If you change background color, you’ll know exactly where Items Element starts and ends. You can now measure height of the whole section.

It can happen that if you set “Number of items listed on page” to 99 or other big number and you currently only have 10 items. You’ll set up background image based on these 10 items. If you’ll add more items into the database, background image will be shorter than Item element content. How can you deal with it? You have 3 options:

  1. You can set number of items to 10
  2. You can use image that can repeat, one after another
  3. If you’re good in graphic editor, you can add gradient at the end of the image to the color you set up as background color in Advanced settings. Background image won’t be cut, but it’ll fade into desired color.
Image size

Image size should be optimized, smaller the image is, faster your website loads. Definitely don’t go over 1MB, even 500KB is more than enough. You can also use handy web based image compression like

Image theme

Background image should be generic or represent something from you items content or category you’re showing. Image that is a bit blurred is better because it won’t distract with the text that will be above. Today you can find many professional and creative images that are suitable for that purpose. If you wish to use heavy, sharp image, you can set text background to some darker color and set text to white or light grey. Image color should also play together with rest of the website. It’s always good to set some background color for people with slower internet connection. This color will be visible before the image loads.


We’ve showed you only one element and as you can see it offers wide range of options to make your portal website more appealing. Stay tuned for next tips & tricks episode about our great page builder that’ll help you with your online business using our Best WordPress Directory themes.